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Fastwalkers - UFO and Alien Disclosure 2006


Union of Concerned Scientists: EPA Sealing off Information

The Union of Concerned Scientists reports that the EPA is has begun closing its nationwide network of scientific libraries, meaning that access to enormous amounts of data on hundreds of different issues, ranging from toxicology to pollution, is being ended. Not only that, according to UCS, much of the data is either being destroyed or placed in uncataloged storage, rendering it inaccessible.

The EPA is claiming that they are merely restructuring their libraries. UCS says this is not true, but rather that they are destroying data important to our understanding the many environmental threats that we face.


Federal Mafia, Irwin Schiff - download book, Pay No Fed. Inc. Tax
is being given away at the following site because the government has band it from sales.


Who Runs the World and Controls the Value of Assets? by Joan Veon

Georgia Guide Stones show NWO plant to reduce populations

Tax Protests Don't work

Mark on the Forehead



The US Government's Usage of Atomic Bombs - Domestic - WTC By Ed Ward, MD September 25, 2006

Those who have died in association with President Bush & his father

Exposing the other side of Illegal Immigration... the side our president, many in congress,
the media and especially the racist hate groups do not want us to see.

Many pages on this website contain graphic examples of hate and racism that has,
and is occurring in large cities and small towns across America.

The foul language, crude gestures, and vulgar photos will disturb most Americans. They are provided as true-life examples of what is happening almost daily in our country. We especially hope to reach those who may still believe that Illegal Immigration is harmless to our families, our neighborhoods, and our culture.  (warning, graphic, but non-believers need to see/hear)

 The Black Vault

"The Black Vault So the government's not interested in UFOs? Then why did Freedom of Information Act researcher John Greenewald turn up these FIVE THOUSAND [documents]..."

Welcome to The Black Vault

"Large UFO site, with features including scanned pages of official government documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, court documents, ..."

In conclusion:  

Since the beginning of time, men strive to concentrate wealth, power, control in the hands of fewer and fewer people.

We thought we lived in a republic / democracy, protected by our constitution.

We thought we had an Executive Branch - President, Legislators, and Courts.

None ever posed to us before that all systems fail, when we are working with false information.

The media leads our thinking, what we consider (which facts to exclude) to conclusions that benefit those in power.

Most things in America are bought and sold, beyond the market to the powers that control us in many ways.

The media has been sold out, bought up by those controlling our government and all other ways to control us.

It is far simpler to keep us uniformed that to control us with restrictive laws, guns, fences and prisons.

Never before has information been easier to find and understand with an internet connect in nearly everyone's reach.

Do you accept without question the loud media that reaches you,
or are you independently investigating things that affect your life, freedoms, finances & security.

On this web site: you will find links to others leaders much more able and knowledgeable that I.  Thru them, I think you will grown in knowledge and confidence as you approach the truth.

God Bless you for questioning your world.  Help others to see our great deceptions.


There are none so enslaved, then those who believe that they are free !