9-11 Plane overlaid on Broadcast Videos

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Analysis of the Broadcast videos, similarities & differences. Were we fooled ?


Watch link above – but here is introduction.:


5 TV networks, reported on planes hitting World Trade Towers within 5 minutes of the event.

15 ? corporate officers at various locations around the city gave their window view of what they saw.

Spectators in the streets did not mention planes, but the TV executives all did.


The replayed scenes of the planes hitting the towers on that clear bright 11 Sept. morning all had foggy images of the city & planes.

Still photos show the city was in bright sun light, but the plane was always shown as a dark silhouette against a plain blank sky.

Other videos and photos from the same vantage point on the same day showed buildings in the background landscape.


Who erased all the back grounds ? within a few seconds of the actual real time the planes supposedly hit.

Learn why the TV network broadcast after 17 seconds delay - later than the real time event

The delay gives them time to make quick edits before broadcast.


This video above gives detailed fascinating study of the real voices, sounds, images broadcast to Americans on that morning. 


You cannot understand this without watching the video.

Time lapse, comparison of the different images from all 5 of the networks and the particular wording that they used, like

It looks like a controlled demolition ….  It looked like a missile, …  small private plane …

. . .

On 9/11, the US TV networks used computer generated sceneries of Manhattan. Multiple techniques of image manipulation were employed to simulate "airplanes crashing into the World Trade Center". We now have conclusive evidence that the TV networks were proactively complicit in staging this false-flag operation needed to gather public consensus to wage immensely profitable, illegal wars.

The forensic analysis of the live images leave no room for doubt : they do not depict the real-life events of the day but turn out to be entirely doctored video sequences which effectively fooled the worldwide TV audience. Thus, the live broadcasts now stored in the major TV networks' archives, constitute the most solid, verifiable and repeatable proof to expose the falseness of the official version of the 9/11 tragedy.

The subsequently released, so-called "amateur" videos were more sophisticated video composites yet all have now been exposed for what they are :digital forgeries. Most likely, electromagnetic technology commonly used in war zones (to jam electronic circuitries) prevented any private footage being recorded at the time of the tower strikes. Scores of testimonies confirm that cellphones or firefighters' walkie-talkies did not function properly in NYC that day.

Most on-the-scene witnesses reported a SMALL aircraft of some sort : Arguably, what they saw was a winged missile. The 4 purported hijacked flights, as well as the related passenger lists, turn out to have several problems as far as their authenticity is concerned : a long list of documentation (or lack of it) reveal serious discrepancies regarding NTSB, BTS and FAA data. All of the above facts, taken together, suggest that the official version of the events is fraudulent.

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9/11 : GAME OVER FOR THE GREAT HIJACK  - http://www.theSocialService.it/

The 9/11 tragedy was all about hijackings. The TV airwaves were hijacked in order to insert false images into everyone’s television set. The very same handlers of this monstrous hoax then hijacked the core of the 9/11truth movement and to this day have spent a fortune pushing half-truths, confusion  and cheap divide-and-conquer tactics. Conspiracy films à la Michael Moore were no threat to the 9/11goons - so long as the 9/11 TV broadcasts remained unquestioned.

We now know that the #1 role of the mainstream media is to mould the news to suit the powers that be. This is a global truth, not confined to the USA. We all have the power to switch that box OFF. If you just can't do it - for any reason -  train your brain to stay ON as you watch  the Television News. TV is the weapon of mass distraction ; it's high time for all to expose it for what it is. I have a dream : 500 MILLION TV SETS TURNED OFF ON SEPT 10,11,12 - 2008. Anyone on board?

I wish you all a happy viewing of September Clues - the ‘happy’ word meant in this sense : we–the-small-people should be glad and proud to have uncovered the 9/11hoax (thanks to many sharp researchers – you know who you are) in a relatively short time span. Short indeed : State-sponsored terror and false-flag operations have a history of being exposed (if ever) only after decades, by which time they have slipped into oblivion. This is NOT the case with 9/11 : most folks who planned it are still ALIVE. Yet scores of innocents on both sides keep DYING in war zones born out of the 9/11 lie. This has to stop.

SEPTEMBER CLUES is dedicated to all of the victims of 9/11. I dearly wish that families who lost loved ones would bring these findings to light with the comfort that they now - at last - have court-admissible evidence to identify and indict the culprits. Let's face it.: No one believes in "Al-Quaeda" anymore. The "War on Terror" will become folklore material to our sons and daughters ; our generation will go down in history as a foolish lot if we fail to expose this transparent scam. And now relax and rejoice : it's game over for the great hijack.

The most common reaction people have after watching September Clues : " How could such an undoubtedly well-funded operation be handled with such staggering ineptitude ? "
Let me  suggest two responses to this question :
1 : We all fell for this hoax for many years, didn't we ?
2 . Have you ever heard of 'the perfect crime' ? Well, I have not.
Simon Shack 
. . . .

I have attempted to slip into the clothes of the Chief Planners of the 9/11hoax.
Here's an imaginary yet plausible checklist/MEMO which those people might have passed around in preparation for the Day.
MEMO FOR (pre-) 9/11 : things to do
- Plant trail of evidence for Arabic patsies in flight schools, lap-dance bars, bogus money-transfers, hire cars, mislaid copies of the Koran and flight-training manuals.
- Stage five simultaneous airspace-security drills to keep NORAD, FAA etc. distracted.
- Feed decoy planes with flight data of flights 11,175,77 and 93 for FAA controllers to track. Transponders to be turned off at certain point in flight. Some decoy planes to perform fly-overs in proximity of targets to gather useful eyewitness testimonies.
- 4 high-precision JASSM AGM 158 cruise missiles to be targeted on : WTC1, WTC2, The Pentagon and an empty field in Shanksville (to simulate - for credibility - a 'miss' by the 'hijackers'). The AGM158 has a CEP of +/-8ft. Highly reliable to hit large targets.
- Rig explosives in WTC buildings to be demolished (ed : secret weapons might have been used - who's to know?). Placed shape-charges are to detonate on time with missile impacts to rip open a gash to simulate a Boeing 767's 160ft wingspan .
- Timing of the 'attack' : early morning hours in order to minimize corporate casualties.
- Activate electromagnetic jamming devices over Lower Manhattan to impede all private video cameras to film the event. Inevitable blackouts of cell-phones and fire dept. communication equipment to be blamed on various phony factors. Blackout of private TV stations to be ascribed to1st impact on WTC1 ( damage to its roof antenna.)
- Centralized TV studio will manage controlled footage of the event to be broadcast in place of the 5 main TV networks' signals. Various methods will be used to fabricate the footage, including digital 3D-landscapes, chroma-keying and geo-referenced imagery. This in order to hamper any future scrutiny and comparative analyses of the images.
- TV commentary to be performed by select group of media pros. No civilians to be allowed on air for LIVE eyewitness reports. Since missiles will most likely be perceived as 'small planes' by real eyewitnesses, this should be part of the initial reports along with a few 'large passenger plane' testimonies and other conflicting statements. Ultimately, of course, TV- broadcasts showing animations of large airliner (" flight175" ) will prevail.
- At the Pentagon, all CCTV footage in the area should be seized immediately. Unlike the WTC, a computerized simulation of a crashing airplane is deemed too complex there and only a few blurry still frames from a Pentagon parking lot should be released.
MEMO FOR (post-) 9/11 : things to do
- Produce a number of video-clips to represent material filmed by 'amateur' filmmakers. These should include views of the passenger plane actually impacting the WTC in a more convincing fashion than the live TV shots. These clips should be credited to people connected to the newsmedia/film industry with access to or know-how of video manipulation processes. This in order to protect possible exposure of any given forgery by simply accusing its alleged author of fraud (for profit) - a relatively minor offence.
- Stage a biochemical attack (to be blamed on "Al-Quaeda") by means of anthrax-tainted letters to reinforce public outrage and intimidate opposition congressmen or anyone likely to have inside-knowledge of the 9/11 plan.
- Set up and finance 9/11truth groups/forums in order to control the hordes of thinking people and their natural quest for truth. Given the inherent weakness of the official "Arabic-top-gun-hijackers" tale, all alternative theories should be allowed to flourish. The more, the better : this will serve as a 'security-valve' for the boiling pot of unanswered questions. Efforts should focus primarily on keeping the 'PLANE' myth alive - and discourage any research into the role of the mainstream media,
This draft is to be split in separate sub-sections to be circulated among key personnel strictly on a need-to-know basis.
The official 9/11 planning committee


An analysis of the broadcast (digitally reworked - faked) 9-11 video

Note that at the time of the event, all the live ? reports were only

    from people within the broadcast industry.

SEAN MURTAGH -              CNN Vice President of Finance

MARK OBENHAUS -           ABC senior producer

OMEN MOOGAN -               Fox senior producer

SID BEDINGFIELD -            CNN executive vice president

RICHARD DAIVS -               CNN executive Vice President

          of News Standards and Practices

ROSE ARCE -                      CNN producer

JEANNE YURMAN -             CNN reporter

WINSTON MITCHELL -        ABC / CNN producer

ERIC SHAWN -                     FOX TV senior correspondent

JENNIFER OBERSTEIN -   Ritz Carlton hotels

                 NBC tour operator

JANE DERENOWSKI -        MSNBC producer

DR. JAY ADLERSBERG -   ABC medical reporter

ELLIOTT WALKER -            NBC news producer

THERESA RENAUD -         wife of CBS producer

Jack Renaud (the EarIy Show)

STEWART NURICK -           waiter /intern at CBS Early Show

MARC D. BIRNBACH -        FOX TV employee

MIKE WALTER -                   USA Today reporter

JOEL SUCHERMAN -         USA Today.com editor

STEVE ANDERSON -         USA Today dir. of communications

FRED CASKINS -                USA Today national editor

JIM FRIEDLI -                        (unidentified)


   The videos at www.SeptemberClues.info explain how they cut out backgrounds and “painted in” or photoshoped the digital plane seen in the images. The live broadcast was delayed 17 seconds to make these changes, but there are numerous flaws in what they broadcast, broken video with continuous sound track, images where you see transparent people with different backgrounds.

   Another curious events, in the live coverage, there are times that all 3 networks, ABC, CBS and NBC are broadcasting the images coming from just one camera. Don’t these huge networks have their own camera men and crews ?

  We often collect or see information that confirms what we want to see.  Can we be open to consider contradictory information to determine if it might be true ?   “Our Reality” is a measure of our character.  As we feel separate / detached from the world around us, many people prefer to live in an illusion rather then learn and correct their view to reality.

   Elden shows more here:  www.abodia.com/911.Articles/9-11-Plane-overlaid-on-Broadcast-Videos.htm