It is coming from the tower


It drives a huge steel beam that is twice as heavy as a large airplane over 390 feet and sinks it deep into a neighboring building.


The riddle: On what wind did the steel beam ride?

          The answer begins here:


The beam weighed 600,000 pounds.

It drove deep into the building.

It happened in Manhattan on 9-11-1

when the World Trade Center exploded

through a gigantic set of bombs.


The American government meticulously

reported that this heavy beam flew from the

tower into its neighboring building, over

390 feet away.


A basic Boeing 767-200 has a maximum

gross weight of 300,000 pounds.

To get to fly, it needs a runway

5,700 feet long.

          The huge steel beam rocketed from the

dying tower in under ten percent of that stretch.

Like it was accelerated by the sling of an

aircraft carrier.

          The government then put this information

in its public internet digital archive of the Library of Congress,


          The building is the building of American Express (World Financial Center 3),




          Its closest corner was 390 feet away from the closest corner of the twin towers,

FEMA Building Performance Report for the World Trade Center, chapter 1, maps and graphics, especially page 1-12, figure 1-9A, with scale in feet, pdf online,


 If you know of any other way how to accelerate such 600,000 pound steel beam except strong explosives, please e-mail me at stefangrossmann@t-online.de

From this web site http://www.gallerize.com/WINDY_TOWERS_OF_9-11_1.htm

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The Spire, a remnants of the WTC collapse, was about 20 stories tall.

There are videos of collapse and also still frames.  Referred to as the spire collapse.


This section of WTC core survived initial collapse. It was 20+ stories tall.

As it started to fall like a tree, it then dissolved in air.  What was that ?