Important Discoveries - not widely known.

Once you have discovered the window to reality on 9-11, perhaps you're ready for more. 
The Good News !  New (but secret) discoveries in Science & Health

Let me lead you to incredible things on going in America.
Here is a brief outline and some bookmarks.
We are controlled by those who would hide this information.

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Amazing discoveries in Flight, Energy

Nikola Tesla developed incredible scientific break throughs about 1900.  Much of his discoveries seem to have been excluded from history and main stream history & media.  But you can unravel many of his discoveries like; anti-gravity, free energy, and much more.  Explore the world of Tesla on the internet. Tesla & Anti-Gravity  Tesla discovered, confirmed and or extracted free energy from the infinite, inexhaustible source in ether, all around us and thru the universe.  He thought Einstein's belief that energy was locked in the atom was wrong, that ether existed and that energy is all around us to be trapped and used, virtually free.  J. P. Morgan, his financer, stopped funding Tesla's technology development when he learned that Tesla planned to give his energy away free.

Consider all the research our government has been doing in Area 51 in SW US with trillions of dollars of black budget (not overseen by Congress). discussed in book Blank Check.  If energy is free, why should it not be available to everyone.  If we had this knowledge, we'd not need utility companies, and our need for governments, authorities would diminish !

Werner von Braun worked in 1939 in Las Alamos NW, then went to Germany to work with Nazi / Hitler in WW II building flying discs and returned to US to build our space program.  Did he develop flight from Tesla's anti-gravity technology ?  US has certainly spent trillions on unknown projects. In 1977,  Braun stated US plans to war with terrorist in Asia & later UFOs for deception and stealing the US tax dollar for corporate profits.  He must have been aware of Thomas Townsend Brown, who, with others developed anti gravity flight with electromagnetic, not petrol powered planes or chemical power rockets.  Yet, he lead the public NASA Space program to use chemical rockets.

Staunton Freidman, nuclear physicst, worked on nuclear flight propulsion in 1960s.  It was (supposedly) abandoned because of costs.  Yet, nuclear energy is 10 million times more powerful then chemical reactions (for rockets).  I suspect that what we see of NASA (not a civil organization but a part of the US Military) keeps the general public focused on missile flights, shuttle launches, and space station, while the real, superior and secret flight projects are developed at Area 51, and other secrete & underground bases.

What is our government & or our shadow FEMA government doing building all these underground bases across the US ?

Health   - - - -  ^

Dr. Robert Beck, Suppressed Medical Discoveries.  Dr. Beck found a 1984 patent for an electronic device to cure all known diseases.  Beck developed 3 portable, hand held devices to produce these healing frequencies, 3 units you can build yourself from parts from Radio Shack.  Health, to Beck, is not curing occasional disease, but being disease free and healthy always.  Use his devices to maintain your health.  priced from $ 40 each, or less than $ 200 for all three complimentary units.  see Bob Beck Protocols on the internet.

Dr. Wm. Reich, Viva the Little Man (DVD title) discovered orgone, a source of energy for all living and non living things.   
It is abundant, like Tesla's ether, from which we can draw free energy for health, healing, weather changes and more.
Is this similar to Asian discussion of chi energy, effected by acupuncture, message, yoga ?

FDA, Food & Drug Admin., confiscated Reich's books and burned them in 1950s and 1960s. 
What had they to fear from what he taught ?  Did his health remedies rival the food and drug industries ?

You can use orgone to heal and improve life, climate and more.  more at Educate Yourself

Others have also had great success in healing cancer, but have been suppressed or harassed.

Google or click to Educate Yourself for a great site with these subjects and more.

HAARP & Chem Trails, used by our government, to control weather and even controlling populations in effecting at least their attitudes (to make domicile) and possibly their very thoughts.  This has been on-going since 1950, thru many universities & CIA across the nation.  ChemTrails are released by flights over US which drop particles and disease causing substance into our skies.  This is not good, causing harm in many ways.  The Media, Congress and the US Air Force denies this activity, although there are 100s of witnesses and much evidence.

War - Why ? - - - -  ^

AddictedToWar.com CIA Foreign Policy shows that our US government funded CIA has killed 6 million people wide, while becoming the biggest drug runner world wide and bringing these drugs to US populations to fund their other nefarious Black Projects, outside of Congressional review, for control and profit, not for the American People.  CIA topples foreign democracies an installed puppet dictators to trade arms, drugs, resources to secret profits for our shadow government.

Tesla’s discoveries 100 years ago are similar, offering free energy, anti-gravity and many other thins that have been captured, contained and or buried by our government and powerful controlling forces.

Powerful people want control. 
If people have access to free energy, better health, etc. the powerful people lose some control, income & benefit.

Hence, those in control (ruling elites, the status quo) crush new ideas and technologies.  That is prefered rather then incorporating the new technologies.  But inventors are finding ways around these controls.  NSA and former variations of that organization, for about 100 years has captured new ideas at the patent office, about 4,000 ideas / year, and taken them from their inventor, who is banned to discuss an or market his product, because, the government says that if the enemy got use of the ideas, they could us it against our government, and or it might cause confusion (free energy).  This is incredible and terrible.

Some Inventor now just publish their ideas, rather than having the government steal their patents.

Others have been forced to bankruptcy or ostracized (Tesla) to inhibit their development.

Powerful people suppress much development in thought & technology in US & the world, to increase their profits and control populations to their advantage.

Why most don't know. - Man is a social animal.  - - - -  ^

He likes to be with other people, to be accepted and appreciated.

We spend time with the people who think like us.

We can lead or we can follow.  Most follow others, accepting their reasoning & thinking. 
A few people learn and lead with new thinking.

Most people want to have control over things in their lives.

Some people want to control your life to their advantaged.

The simplest way to control people is by controlling their information, their thinking.
The next way to control you is to control your money
(interest rates, currency, Federal Reserve – which is paying interest to foreign bankers)
next to control your resources; oil, gas, energy, food, laws, environment.
and finally to control your rights & privileges, fees, licenses: driving, flying, passage, etc.

Assumptions free you from thinking and doing.
Many falsely assume others are doing what helps them.

Of all people, you are the most interested, perceptive and capable of helping yourself.

If you learn what others (governments / communities) are doing, you can find ways to get involved so you profit and or achieve mutual advantage. This takes thinking and acting, which most people avoid.

If we yield to the thinking of others, like parents, or government,
we assume they will give us good care with less action and be responsible to help us.

One year ago, someone suggested I review What Really Happened on 9-11. 
My research has opened my eyes and changed my perspective on how to learn from the world.

After reviewing over 2000 articles, I was stunned in disbelief, and found the world is very different than I had perceived it.  Yes, the government was involved In 911, at least in covering up the major events and participants, the media and echoed their inaccurate information  It probably allowed and participated in the killing of 1000s, and eventually to 60,000 in NYC, and stealing Soc. Sec. & HUD funds, and more that were buried in WTC ashes.

Our media, the 911 Commission, the 911 FEMA Report and the 911 NIST
FEMA reports all excluded critical information about 911 to hide and protect those criminals involved.

There are a few very powerful sources: people and organizations that control much more than we realized such as our national news media which is largely owned controlled by just ten corporations. They simply select what information they wish to publish up and exclude information they wish to hide.

March 2006, The New York Magazine, circulation 2 million people, published 911 Truths.  To see their statements and thousands of other pieces of information that disapprove the 911 cover story, my website highlights these findings.  www.abodia.com/911

Since I have been a reviewing this, I have come up on many other radical new ideas from different people from different people and organizations I have touched.  I, of course, at first rejected the new ideas which were foreign to the things I have known before.  But I also gave these ideas time, incubation for deliberation and patient reflection.  Surprisingly I’ve have found many of these opposite ideas to fact be true.  I have left mainstream or popular thinking.  I have found a new world of alternative thinking We’re live in a much suppressed and controlled information world, I’ve jumped ship and have sparked a new life in me.

Seek Truth    - - - -  ^

Inertia is the property for something to remain still and or keep moving in the direction it was moving.      Our minds are like this.

From first impressions, what we initially believe, and longtime harbor, nurture and continue to believe, is what we wish to continue to believe.  This is the status quo.  To actually research, investigate and rethink a subject is a avoided by most mature people.

However for the young, inquiring & energetic people, much is available just for the asking.

Be curious, be open, you too, may find information that radically changes your world.  I was certainly have.

I have touched on many subjects, that I never even considered before. There are volumes of information, testimonies, witnesses and radical new truths to be had, just for the asking. 

Seek & you will find,         knock, a door will open,         ask, you will be given, a door will open.
There are easy & inexpensive ways to gain this information, just for the asking.

Pick a theme of your interest, health, cancer,
My great discoveries were found based on key words to Google.

Clinton CIA Mena      that is a small airport in AK where all the drugs and arms moved in & out for Iran Contra, easy to find, view, understand, yet hidden from the public, media, courts.

Texe Marrs talks of the development of shadow government / FEMA Concentration Camps now in place across the US.  FEMA has spent most of their billions of dollars in building facilities, not in helping disaster areas.  FEMA’s creation overwrote most of our constitutional freedoms.

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