Dr Judy Wood Overview - Where Did the Towers Go ? by ted elden

Please learn of Dr. Judy Wood, of her book, web site, and video presentations.

Here are some of the observed phenomena she discusses in and around the World Trade Towers on 9/11 /2001:

- Hurricane Erin was just off the coast during the event. Why did the news not report on this major hurricane ?

- 1,400 autos in the vicinity, up to 1/2 mile away. the metal exteriors seemed burnt or distorted (electrical- magnetic energy ?) but the interior vinyl components were not damaged (by heat).

- 3,000 (hard dense) toilets were in WTC 1, and not 1 was left that could be recognized.

- Magnetometer readings from 6 stations in Alaska showed abrupt shifts in Earth's magnetic filed during each of the peaks of destruction occurred to the towers. (H.A.A.R.P ?)

- Many cars in the vicinity were flipped over, yet trees and other (delicate) things near at hand were not disturbed by wind.

- Why did the building fall down on it's foot print. Parts of the building started to fall over into the street, but mysteriously dissolved in the air with out hitting any other object.

- The WTC disappeared faster then if the buildings collapsed at free fall speed. And the building did not fall thru the air, but through 1 million tons of existing concrete and steel.

- Most of the destroyed towers dissolved in mid air, turning to dust before they hit the ground.

- 80% or more of the million tons of concrete and steel never hit the ground at ground zero. they simply were turned into dust and blew away.

- When WTC Building 7 complex fell about 5:25 pm that afternoon, it made no significant seismic impact when it should have hit the ground. There were no serious fires in that building nor did a plane hit it.

- Rail lines and tunnels under the WTC had only light damage, where supposedly a million tons of concrete and steel should have fallen on them.

- Most of the steel from the towers vanished.  Around the clock photos were taken of the trucks hauling away debris from the site.  As it had been built, 1 million tons of concrete and steel, did it take or were there 3,000 truckloads of steel driven away. There's no evidence that that much material were hauled away.

- What was observed in NYC on 9/11 seems to be a new form of energy directed at the buildings, causing them to dematerialize rapidly.

This incredible and powerful energy could be used for good or for destruction.

Wood says: "To determine what happened on 9/11, not just some, but all available evidence must be considered."

Wood not only gives the broadest coverage of all the related and observe phenomena, she also joins with others in launching a law suit against those who have the technology to execute this observed phenomena.