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150+ 9/11 Smoking Guns Found in the Mainstream Media Because there's a War on for your Mind


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1.       1962 - US military drafted plans (Operation Northwoods) to commit terror in US cities and kill innocent Americans to trick public into supporting war against Cuba. (ABC)

2.       March '01, X-Files spin off show depicts US plot to hijack a Boeing 727 and crash it into WTC to blame foreign terrorists to provoke war. (FOX)


3.       '99, NORAD starts conducting exercises in which airplanes are hijacked and crashed into targets which include the WTC and Pentagon. (USA Today)

4.       Oct. '00, Pentagon conducts emergency training exercises of a mock passenger plane crash into the Pentagon. (Army)

5.       April '01, NORAD requested a war games event of having a terrorist group hijack a commercial airline and fly it into the Pentagon. (Boston Globe)

6.       Aug '01, Raytheon and US Air Force successfully land pilot-less Boeing 727 using military GPS landing system that enables ground control to take control of hijacked plane.  (Der Spiegel, Raytheon)

7.       Sept. '01, 25,000 British troops ensemble in Oman near Afghanistan for Operation Swift Sword and will help US in attacking OBL. (BBC, Telegraph)

8.       US pulls the plug on Muslim websites days before 9/11. (Guardian)

9.       Sept. 7, Jeb Bush puts the FL National Guard on alert. (, WorldNetDaily)

10.   FEMA rescuer says he was deployed to NYC night before 9/11. (CBS video)

11.   FEMA was scheduled to participate in an attack drill in NYC the day after 9/11. (9/11 Commission,

12.   Sept. 11, Fort Belvoir near the Pentagon was conducting an exercise to test the security at the base in case of a terrorist attack. (Connection Newspapers)

13.   Sept 11, an airport emergency operations exercise is being conducted at Fort Myer, a mile from the Pentagon. (MDW, DC Military)


14.   Attorney General John Ashcroft stops flying commercial aircrafts three months before 9/11. (CBS)

15.   Sept. 3, author Salman Rushdie given US air ban. (Ananova)

16.   Sept. 4, an Israeli owned shipping company moves out of the WTC. (Virginian-Pilot, Real Estate Weekly)

17.   Sept. 8, Marine Aviation group moves further away from where explosion at the Pentagon will happen. (Leatherneck)

18.   Sept. 10, group of top Pentagon officials canceled travel plans for next morning because of security concerns. (Newsweek)

19.   San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown receives travel warning eight hours before attacks. (SF Chronicle)

20.   Employees at Israeli instant messaging company received text message warnings about attacks 2 hours prior. (Haaretz, Washington Post)

21.   Rumsfeld predicts terrorist attack in US 2 minutes before 1st WTC plane crash (Fayetteville Observer) and later predicts Pentagon crash minutes prior.  (Telegraph)

22.   White House staff given Cipro on 9/11, full month before first cases of anthrax reported. (Washington Post)


23.   Sept. 9, NORAD conducts operation "Northern Vigilance," planned months in advance, which deploys fighter jets to the Alaskan region. (NORAD, Toronto Star)

24.   Three F-16 jetfighters from Andrews AFB, 15 miles from Pentagon, are flown 180 miles away for training mission morning of 9/11. (Aviation Week)

25.   Andrews AFB, home to DC Air National Guard and Air Force 1 & 2, had no jetfighters on alert on 9/11. (Newsday, USA Today)

26.   US intel agency planned exercise to simulate plane crash into government building morning of 9/11. (Boston Globe, USA Today)

27.   NORAD was running war game called 'Vigilant Guardian' in which the commander in charge thought first hijacking was "part of the exercise." (Aviation Week, New York Observer)

28.   FAA bans takeoffs at 9:26 am for all civilian, military, or law enforcement aircraft (FAA, Time)

29.   Shootdown authorization was not communicated to NORAD until 28 minutes after Flight 93 crashed. (9/11 Commission, Seattle Post)

30.   Rumsfeld, Gen. Myers confirm there were total of four wargames on 9/11 from Rep. McKinney questioning. (C-SPAN)


31.   WTC landlord leased the entire WTC complex 6 six weeks before the attacks. (CBS, Washington Times)

32.   WTC officials recently took steps to secure towers against aerial attacks by installing bulletproof windows and fireproof doors in the 22nd-floor computer command center (Newsday)

33.   Two week heightened security alert at WTC is lifted and bomb-sniffing dogs are abruptly removed days before 9/11. (Newsday)

34.   Occupant in WTC says weeks before attacks they had "unusual" amount of evacuations from WTC and says he thinks "they had an inkling something was going on." (Time)

35.   6:47am, WTC 7's fire alarm is placed on an 8 hr TEST mode which any alarms received are ignored. (NIST)

36.   Basement worker of North WTC North hears explosion below him, then a rumble above him, then saw severely burnt man come out of basement elevator. (CNN)

37.   CEO from South WTC is invited to early morning charity event at Offutt AFB hosted by billionaire Warren Buffett and is escorted to TV by military officers and sees 2nd plane crash into her offices. (Forbes, SF Business Times)

38.   A missile was reportedly launched from the Woolworth Building near the WTC. (NIST, WNBC, NY Daily)

39.   Rudy Giuliani says he was told South WTC was going to collapse. (ABC)

40.   WTC landlord says he gets a call from a fire chief about the WTC 7 and he recommends to him to "pull it" and after they "decided to pull," they all watched the 7 collapse. (PBS video)

41.   Four WTC rescuers say they were waited around for WTC 7 to collapse. (New York Times)

42.   The collapse of the 47 story WTC 7 skyscraper hardly gets any media attention. (New York Times)

43.   WTC 7 becomes first steel high-rise building in history to collapse solely from an alleged fire. (Chicago Tribune, Stanford Report)

44.   Passport is found belonging to alleged hijacker who's plane crashed into WTC. (CNN)

45.   Company hired to help clean up Ground Zero is control demolition experts, Controlled Demolition Inc. (Waste Age)

46.   FEMA report concludes specifics of WTC 7 fires and how they caused it to collapse remain unknown and call for further investigation. (FEMA)

47.   WTC surveillance tapes missing. (Fort Wayne Sentinel/AP)

48.   Preliminary tests show steel quality did not contribute to twin towers' collapse. (Boston Globe, Pittsburg Live)

49.   Fire in 56-story Venezuelan skyscraper spreads over 26 floors and burns for over 17 hours, but does not collapse. (CBS)

50.   WTC Ground Zero workers claim they helped FBI find 3 of the 4 black boxes from planes that struck WTC, contradicting official accounts that none were found. (Philadelphia Daily News)

51.   WTC landlord profits over $1.5 billion from his entire WTC being destroyed. (ABC, Wall St Journal)


52.   Emergency equipment for Pentagon's emergency plane crash plans were already out of storage for inventory check before Pentagon crash. (Army)

53.   Sept. 10, Pentagon medic is on the phone with FBI talking about who has command of their emergency plane crash plan. (Army)

54.   Hours before crash, a Pentagon medic was studying disaster plan based on unlikely scenario of a plane crashing into building. (Washington Post)

55.   Flight 77 is piloted by ex-Navy fighter pilot who worked on anti-terrorism strategies in same area of Pentagon hit by his plane and a passenger on board is an ex-Navy Admiral, jet fighter pilot, and American Airlines captain who also worked at Pentagon. (Newsday, Washington Post)

56.   Flight 77's radar stops near Ohio/Kentucky border and is the only one of the four hijacked planes that wasn't able to be tracked all the way. (Flight Explorer, Washington Post)

57.   Multiple fire and medical units dispatched near Pentagon minutes before crash for high-rise apt. fire that was reported out when 1st responder arrived. (Arlington County, Fire Engineering)

58.   Pentagon crash happened right in the middle of the only section being renovated to bolster it against an attack which severely limited damage and loss of life. (USA Today, Army)

59.   Rumsfeld announces Pentagon lost track of $2.3 trillion the day before it gets hit (CBS, DoD) attacks came near end of fiscal year & important budget information was located in the damaged area (Arlington County) large number of fatalities at Pentagon were civilian accountants, bookkeepers and budget analysts (Pitt Post-Gazette)

60.   Gas station and hotel's security cameras recorded Pentagon crash, but FBI arrived within minutes and confiscated films. (CNN, National Geographic)

61.   Alleged Flight 77 hijacker pilot was described as a horrible pilot and wasn't on the flight manifest. (CBS, NY Times)

62.   Live at Pentagon crash, CNN reporter says there's no evidence a plane crashed anywhere near the building. (CNN)

63.   Boy on Flight 77 is lectured by military father about dying who subsequently takes 'rare day off' from working in same area of Pentagon that son's plane will later crash into. (MSNBC)

64.   Student ID of Flight 77 hijacker reportedly found at Pentagon, still able to read his name on it. (9/11 Commission)

65.   Pentagon construction worker says on Larry King Live that plane that hit Pentagon had 'fewer engines' than the other 9/11 planes. (CNN)


66.   June '01, a major terrorist exercise (Mall Strike 2001) is conducted in a PA county next to the one where Flight 93 crashes. (FEMA, PittsburgLive)

67.   Flight 93 reportedly lands at a Cleveland airport, adjacent to NASA Glenn Research Ctr, due to a bomb scare after a man over Flight 93's intercom says a bomb is on board and the plane will be "returning to the airport" at about the time it is flying over Cleveland. (WCPO-TV, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

68.   Rumsfeld says Flight 93 was shot down in speech. (CNN)


69.   '94, US intel warned that terrorists might attack US using airplanes as weapons (CNN, CBS) and was warned in '95 of plot to hijack planes and attack the Pentagon and CIA headquarters. (CNN)

70.   CIA had low-level spies inside Al Qaeda three years before attacks. (Reuters)

71.   Five of the alleged 9/11 hijackers receive training at secure US military bases. (MSNBC)

72.   Jan. 2000, CIA information about 2 alleged 9/11 hijackers in San Diego is squelched before reaching FBI. (LA Times)

73.   US agents told to back off bin Laden's soon after Bush becomes president. (Ananova)

74.   June '01, convicted terrorist provided US with specific info about a terrorist attack, some was used in Aug. 6th memo. (Newsweek)

75.   June 2001, Dept. of Defense changes hijacking rules, first time since 1997. (DoD)

76.   July 2001, suspected 9/11 mastermind receives US visa despite '96 terrorist indictment. (ABC)

77.   Armed pilots banned 2 months before 9/11.  (WorldNetDaily)

78.   July '01, briefing for senior US officials warns of spectacular attacks by terrorists with little or no warnings. (CNN)

79.   Aug '01, Israeli security issued urgent warning to CIA of large-scale terror attacks. (Telegraph)

80.   Aug '01, Taliban warns US of huge attack from bin Laden. (BBC)

81.   Aug 6, CIA memo titled "Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US" warns Bush of attacks and plane hijackings in the US by OBL. (ABC, FOX)

82.   FAA chiefs received 52 warnings in 6 months time period before 9/11. (New York Times)

83.   All 4 hijacked planes were well below normal passenger loads, averaging only 27% full. (CNN, Washington Post)

84.   FBI whistle-blower says bosses ignored 9/11 warnings. (Time)

85.   FBI translator Sibel Edmonds:  'I Saw Papers That Show US Knew al-Qaida Would Attack Cities With Airplanes' (Independent UK)

86.   9/11 Commission Chairman: 'Attack Was Preventable.' (CBS)


87.   Ari Fleischer claims that Bush received no warnings about the attacks. (White House)

88.   Mayor Rudolph Giuliani bans all video and photography at Ground Zero. (Boston Globe)

89.   President Bush (White House), Gen. Richard Myers (DoD), Condoleezza Rice (CBS), Sect. Mineta and some NORAD officials all deny anybody was aware of the idea that terrorists would use airplanes as weapons. (Seattle Post)

90.   Five months after 9/11, Pentagon security photos of crash are released, but Pentagon says gov't didn't 'officially' release them. (CNN)

91.   Bush Administration oppose a 9/11 investigation. (CBS)

92.   Bush names former Henry Kissinger to head 9/11 investigations. (CNN, CBS)

93.   Bush names Homeland Security Project Co-Chair who has business link to husband of OBL's sister to head 9/11 panel. (Fortune)

94.   9/11 investigations get only $3 million budget and 16 month time frame. (Washington Times)

95.   White House refuses to release 900-page Sept. 11 congressional report. (Miami Herald)

96.   9/11 panel criticizes Defense, Justice dept's for not cooperating fully and CIA, FBI for intimidating witnesses. (ABC, Guardian)

97.   White House, CIA kept key portions of 9/11 report classified dealing with Saudi Arabia and reject Saudi requests to declassify. (Washington Post, Reuters)

98.   9/11 Commission has to interview two of it's own members about attacks. (UPI)

99.   Bush and Speaker Hastert oppose granting more time for 9/11 Commission. (Washington Post)

100.                        Bush Admin gags Sibel Edmonds from speaking to 9/11 Commission about attack foreknowledge. (Independent UK)

101.                        Bush, Cheney meet together behind closed doors with 9/11 Commission without recorders, stenographer, or being under oath. (CNN)

102.                        FAA manager mangled, cut, and destroyed 9/11 tapes. (Washington Post)

103.                        9/11 report shows much of common wisdom about 9/11 was wrong. (9/11 Commission, Straights Times)

104.                        Alleged 9/11 mastermind and 10 other Al Qaeda suspects "missing" in US custody. (San Jose Mercury)

105.                        NORAD takes their 9/11 response timeline off website after US Senator accuses them and FAA of lying. (NORAD, Star Tribune)

106.                        Inquiry begins about unreleased 9/11 report about civilian, military response timeline and will stay unreleased until after elections. (NY Times)

107.                        Alleged 9/11 hijacker rented room from FBI informant, FBI covered fact up. (Village Voice)

108.                        Box cutters weren't allowed pre-9/11 by airlines industry. (9/11 Commission, CBS)


109.                        Of the 18 PNAC members who urged the US to remove Saddam in '98, 10 will be in the new Bush Admin. (ABC)

110.                        Sept. 10, Former Pres. and ex-CIA dir. Bush Sr. met with Osama's brother at Carlyle Group meeting in D.C. (Washington Post) and is at the White House morning of attacks. (CBS)

111.                        Sen. Graham, Rep. Goss, and other US Intel committee members have meeting morning of 9/11 with Paki ISI director who had authorized $100,000 wire transfer to Atta. (Wall St Journal, Washington Post)

112.                        Elite Israeli military commando who understands Arabic is seated near all hijackers on Flight 11. (WorldNetDaily)

113.                        Bush twice says he saw WTC plane crash live on TV at Booker Elementary. (Boston Herald, White House)

114.                        Bush proceeds with scheduled reading event after Rice tells him a commercial plane hit the WTC. (9/11 Commission)

115.                        Chief of Staff Card whispers to Bush about 2nd WTC crash and says 'America is under attack' and immediately leaves without seeing if Bush would respond. (Boston Herald)

116.                        After being told of attacks, Bush picks up book and reads with kids for 11 mins and after finishing, takes a few questions from kids before leaving. (FOX, St. Petersburg Times)

117.                        Bush gives speech at school exactly the same time he was scheduled to make speech there day before. (Federal News Service)

118.                        Solicitor Gen. Ted Olson--who has admitted the US gov't lies and helped stopped FL recount that sealed '00 Bush win--claims wife Barbara called him collect from Flight 77 twice and is sole source that hijackers used box cutters. (9/11 Commission, MSNBC, USA Today)

119.                        Israeli spies caught celebrating while filming themselves with WTC burning in background and later arrested and found with boxcutters, multiple foreign passports, maps linking them to the attack, explosives detected, and large amount of cash in their white van (ABC, The Forward, Bergen Record)

120.                        Sept. 6, large put options placed on United, American Airlines, Boeing and some purchases made through bank which used to be headed by Exec. CIA Director Buzzy Krongard. (Chicago Tribune, SF Chronicle)

121.                        Bush is never evacuated by Secret Service from School. (Globe & Mail)

122.                        Air Force Gen. Myers claims was never informed 2nd WTC crash and only became aware of it about same time Pentagon hit. (DoD)

123.                        Former Israeli PM Netanyahu is asked what 9/11 attacks meant Israeli/US relations and he replies "It's very good." (CBS)

124.                        Bush Admin allows Bin Laden family and top Saudi officials to evacuated from US before general public flight restrictions were lifted. (NY Times, Tampa Tribune)

125.                        Bush signs Airline Transportation Stabilization Act which if 9/11 victim's families except, they can't sue airlines or US gov't for any reason. (Gurdian, LA Times)

126.                        Rumsfeld says in a magazine interview that Pentagon was hit by a "missile." (DoD)

127.                        Bush refers to 9/11 as "an interesting day." (White House)

128.                        Madrid bombings happen exactly 911 days after 9/11. (News 24,


129.                        1998, PNAC calls for a war in Iraq to oust Saddam Hussein who they say threatens Israel and the world's oil supply. (ABC, PNAC)

130.                        Sept. 2000, PNAC calls to increase US defense budget, but says won't happen absent a catastrophic event like a "new Pearl Harbor." (ABC, PNAC)

131.                        Sept. 5, Rumsfeld asks the Senate to approve new '02 defense budget which has largest spending increase since the mid 80's. (DoD)

132.                        Council on Foreign Relation member Gary Hart says 9/11 attacks is chance for Bush to carry out a "New World Order." (CFR)

133.                        Only 1 1/2 months after 9/11, the 342 page USA PATRIOT ACT is signed into law. (White House)

134.                        Dept. of Homeland Security is created to lead the fight against domestic terrorism. (CBS)

135.                        Poll Cites GOP Gains Since 9/11. (Washington Post)


136.                        1997, Taleban are in Texas for talks with Unocal about an Afghan pipeline (BBC); Feb '98, Unocal rep testifies before congress that an Afghan pipeline can't happen without a single stable Afghan gov't and asks the US to use it's influence to end conflicts there (US House of Reps); Aug. '98, Unocal suspends Afghan pipeline activities because of deteriorating political conditions there (Unocal), then drops out of Afghan pipeline consortium in Dec '98. (Unocal)

137.                        1999, US paid entire annual salary of Taliban gov'tl in hopes to secure a stable Afghan gov't to allow US companies to build a pipeline there to connect to the Caspian Sea. (SF Chronicle)

138.                        July 2000, Taliban bans cultivation of opium poppies in Afghanistan. (BBC)

139.                        May 2001, US gives $43 million to Afghanistan and becomes their largest donor two years in a row. (CNN)

140.                        July 2001, US plans an attack on OBL and the Taliban. (BBC, Guardian)

141.                        U.S. OKd a plan the day before 9/11 to topple the Taliban and expel OBL. (MSNBC)

142.                        Dec. 2002, Afghan gas pipeline deal signed. (BBC, SF Chronicle)

143.                        By 2005, Afghanistan opium production surges. (USA Today)


143.                        Bush had pre-9/11 Iraq war plan according to Treasury Dept memo (CNN), Bush made plans for ousting Saddam and for Iraq's oil before 9/11 (BBC)

144.                        Barely 5 hrs after the Pentagon crash, Rumsfeld begins strike plans against Iraq. (CBS)

145.                        Bush admin was warned statements that Iraq trained Al Qaeda in weapon making was fabricated, yet they would later use same statements as foundation for military action in Iraq (NY Times, AFP), poll later finds 70% Americans believe Saddam-9/11 link (CNN, White House), Downing Street Memo warned Saddam not a threat and US fixed intel around their war policy (London Times, Washington Post), CIA report later concludes no WMD's in Iraq as Bush used to help justify war (CNN, BBC)

146.                        White House officials say privately 9/11 was main reason for war in Iraq (ABC), Bush says US is in Iraq because of 9/11 attacks. (CNN, White House)


148.                        July '01, OBL wanted by US since '98, undergoes medical treatment at the American Hospital in Dubai and is met by the local CIA chief. (Guradian)

149.                        May '01, several alleged jackers seen at Vegas Strip clubs (SF Chronicle); Sept. 7, Atta seen 'wasted' at FL bar. (St. Petersburg Times); Sept. 10, Atta and two Arab men spew anti-American sentiments at FL strip club, spend hundreds on drinks and lap dances, and copy of Quran and business card are left behind. (USA Today)

150.                        Sept. 10, OBL undergoes kidney dialysis at Pakistani military hospital in which a "secret team" replaces regular urology staff. CBS)

151.                        CIA says 1st WTC plane crash was an attack and Dir. Tenet blames OBL for attacks even before 2nd plane crashes (ABC) and the US is claiming Osama bin Laden is behind the attacks before the day is over. (ABC, The Post)

152.                        Taliban rulers condemn attacks and says Bin Laden didn't have the means to carry out such well-orchestrated attacks. (TCM News)

153.                        7 of alleged 19 hijackers are reported alive, FBI Director admits some identities are in doubt. (BBC, LA Times)

154.                        Hijacker remains from Flight 77, 93 hijackers were identified at same military base and by a "process of elimination." (CBS)

155.                        Dec 2001, Osama bin Laden reportedly dies. (FOX, Mirror UK, NY Times)

156.                        Dec 2001, Pentagon releases poor quality video showing 'OBL' bragging about attacks, but is seen writing with right hand which FBI says he's left-handed, wearing a gold ring and watch which are forbidden in Islam, and Bush Admin uses this video to vindicate US invading Afghan. (USA Today, FBI)

157.                        Video of OBL admitting to attacks is released 4 days before '04 election and gives Bush a boost in polls. (ABC, NY Daily News, Zogby)

158.                        Secret FBI report doubts Al Qaeda can stage another 9/11-type attack and says it knows of no sleeper cells in US. (ABC)

159.                        Mohammed Atta's father says Atta called him on the phone on Sept. 12. (Guardian)  

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