The Complete 9/11 Timeline consists of information from over 7,000 mainstream news stories on 9/11,
each fact immediately followed by sourcing which links back to the original news article. New York newsweekly

11 Sept. '06 the Nat. Press Club in D.C. a conference was held on behalf of 911: the Press for Truth featuring activist, Kyle Hence and the "Jersey Girls". It lasted about 55 minutes. Here's appropriate C-SPAN archive.,&ArchiveDays=100

Also, it seems C-SPAN is no longer archiving the American Scholars Symposium on 9/11 that occurred in Los Angeles on 6/24-25, featuring Alex Jones, Jim Fetzer, Webster Tarpley, and U.S. House candidate Col.
Dan Bowman.
It is currently available on Google video.
On their website, this was the most requested show in their history.

Ted: Many thanks for hosting yesterday’s event at the beautiful [ Top O Rock ] headquarters

[Here's] list of URL links to recent videos and websites of interest. First, is the website of Paul Thompson (of “Timeline” fame) about his new film released this weekend in many cities. 911: THE PRESS FOR TRUTH is not to be confused with the right wing Disneyland abc croc-u-drama played for two nights on the idiot box.

911: THE PRESS FOR TRUTH    The DVD edition should be available soon.

Alex Jones’ “Terrorstorm” is now freely available on Google video.

The sequel to JFK II, “the Assassination of JFK Jr.” is now freely available on Google video.
Much good information here, but associations with ’W’ are premised on much circumstantial evidence.

The “Century of the Self” video series features a segment about Edward Bernays.
Take the link to “Brasscheck TV”. This site is a veritable font of available broadband videos.

On a daily basis, anyone interested in ’alternate reality’ should check out
ex CIA agent the Wayne Madsen report. Especially read the most recent reports for September 8, 9, 10, 11.

Not quite so ‘under the covers’, but indispensable in revealing our contemporary and many links between corporations and government, everyone should place themselves on the investigative reporter’s mailing list of Greg Palast. His books are also well worth the read.

For several years, the webcast on Thursday evenings 9 PM ET inspired by the revelations of Mae Brussel and Col. Fletcher Prouty (USAF) has provided valuable information on the workings of the shadow government.
On “Black Op Radio”, Prof. Jim Fetzer is a frequent (but not certain) guest speaker.
Be sure to listen this Thursday for his account of activities in New York Sunday and Monday.

Jim hosts his own webcast on Thursdays at 12:00 - 2:00 PM ET (bad timing, I realize) on Republic Broadcasting Network.
Check the website for other insightful shows.

The tradition of controlling elites in western civilization, in measures beyond military coercion, stretches back into ancient times.
The brutal and rapacious Roman Empire was actually (with some exceptions) very tolerant of diverse religions, observances, philosophies, and cultures. This changed abruptly in the 4th century CE as society was about to plunge into the ‘Dark Ages‘. The last ten years has seen a revival of truth about the ancient world which had been brutally suppressed in the former century. I recommend purchase of stage and film producer Brian Flemming’s “The God Who Wasn’t There”. This account is a little overly personalized for my tastes, but the “special features” are as good as the central presentation.

“The Naked Truth”, produced about 10 years ago and available on Google Video, has poor resolution and production standards, but provides much valuable and valid anthropological information.