New York Magazine, with circulation of millions, breaks the 9 -11 truth story !   

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New York Magazine | September 11, 2007 - Mark Jacobson , circulation: 2 million copies
highlights of article- Truth Movement  
Hit Piece: The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll


Free Fall: The speed at which the towers came down - they were almost in free fall - suggests controlled demolition rather than catastrophic collapse.

Caveman: Fundamental to the theorists' worldview is that bin Laden, living in primitive conditions half a world away, could not have orchestrated such a complex plot.

Hot Zone: The fact that people, like the women in this picture (shown in opening from crashed plane) could survive near the impact zone suggests the fires weren't hot enough to melt structural steel.

Smoke Bomb: Could this puff of smoke (several floors below crumbling building) be evidence of an internal explosion consistent with controlled demolition ?

Mystery Plane: The plane that hit the Pentagon isn't seen in any photographs. Some ask if it existed at all.

Brother Act: One of the many eerie 9/11 coincidences is that Marvin Bush, the president's brother, worked for a firm that handled security for the WTC , and United an d American airlines.

Bush's cousin, Wirt Walker, III, worked there too.

"How, if no steel-frame building had ever collapsed from fire, did there such edifices fall that day, including 7 World Trade Center, which was not hit by any plane ?

Motives: $ 500 million insurance profit made by Larry Silverstein (who leased WTC just 6 weeks before.)
WTC had never been under private ownership/ control before in it's 28 year public-held history.
Silverstein told the fire department to pull (demolish Building 7). The Fire department has neither equipment or knowledge to do this. It would have had to be set-up days or weeks in advance, yet, it was demolished on 9/11.
47 stories falling to dust in about 6.6 seconds. Impossible in a collapse !

49.3 % of New Yorkers (Zogby poll) said Yes, They believe that some of our leaders knew in advance attacks were planned on or around Sept. 11, and consciously failed to act.


This article is not a clear victory for the Truth Movement, but it concedes:

The World Trade Towers fell from controlled demolition, with explosives set inside.

Fires were not so hot, After plane hit, in that hole,

           people walked to building’s edge and looked out for rescue.

Bush’s Brother controlled WTC security

WTC Building 7 fell (exploded) without explanation

Unlikely bin Laden had anything to do with this.

There’s no evidence of jet plane hitting Pentagon.


Their article is not a clear conclusion,

but it does give serious discussion to many great errors in the 9- 11 Cover Story.


13 million web links on 9-11 Conspiracy, 4 million on 9-11 World Trade Explosives.

Millions of Americans are up in arms and protesting the Cover Story.


But the problem is far deeper than 9 -11.

We are deeply shrouded in layers of deception which news, Congress & public will not face. These are some problems from bad info: $ 300 billion war, Homeland Security, Patriot Act.  US has bombed 50 countries since WW II, CIA killed 6 million from ex Station Chiefs. Is USA out of control ?