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This site is dedicated to those who Seek the Truth, to find & promote a peace in our life and our world.

Our Country and our times are in serious trouble.    www.abodia.com/911/h.htm    26 Nov. '06
Do you understand where this problem is coming from ?            

Top 10 revelation DVD's of '06 at page bottom Explain Reality - Borrow from Ted

See many more things on-going, outside of the public perception.
some amazing technologies, some horrific programs.

In '06, millions of others and I realized the world we see in news is far from reality.
Surprisingly, it is not hard to discern What is Really Going on.

A little research here or links form here, will give you hard evidence.  Consider it. 
Let go of your "popularly believed premises" and see the truth.  At first you will be shocked and uncomfortable, but you get over it.

To know the truth is the best place to make right decisions for your life, family, safety.

Each of us, in some part is aiding and abetting our government's hostile forces - wrecking havoc on the world, thru war and more.  Try to really understand what is going on, and please encourage others to also.

We must quiet the anger that drives us all, and stop the world wide slaughter to our troops and others.
Millions believe that we suffer greatly individually and as a nation as we let our government rage unchecked at a fictitious, exaggerated, pretend enemy, while in reality, the elite are gaining huge profits in war and rebuilding, and deceiving us in so many ways, particularly thru the controlled media.

A major problem springs from within our government, not from foreign aggressors, not outside forces.

Each American is permitting and encouraging our government's evil aggressions unless they actively resist it.

You too can know the truth with just a little investigation and reflection.
I was stunted and shocked when I realized that the media is lying to us in so many ways.

I finally came to realize their deception imprisons us, yielding our rights, funds, and lives, while the global elite grow in strength, wealth and power in this great deception.

We can do much to resist these evil actions.  The first step is to try to understand what is really going on.
This site and millions of other offer a reality not available thru our government / media controlled information channels.

May the spirit of the season allow you to Seek the Truth, so that you can be a light in the darkness, not another cold, aloof person, who permits the rage of evil and hate to rage thru our world thru your acquiescence - pretending that we, the USA, is not the primary source of the evil that rages and surrounds us.  I travel about W. Va. state speaking to civic groups about these unseen revelations.

Thanks for visiting our revelations of event in united States.

An Introduction to Truths not widely known     by Ted Elden, Architect & associates

Freedom to Fascism - view Russo film's on line - Pay no personal income taxes !
Truth --original US government & corporate government are not the same
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        Be a Patriot.  learn about subtle difference in laws, regulations that give rights and advantages.

The media exaggerates, distorts and conceal important truth from us.
Millions have figured this out.

I, Ted Elden, Architect, travel across WV, speaking to civic clubs, editorials to alert them to new realities, the news will not tell us.  I've spent $ 1000s and 1000 hours gathering information and make it easy for any to see & learn.  Here is simplified overview.  Our team, and millions of others, work to unveil / reveal these things.

Truths to Understand:     9-11, Secret Government, FEMA, New World Order, UN Forces
    Suppressed Sciences: Free Energy, Anti-gravity & more. 
Meet others working on this: Ollie, Sam, Jim, Frank, Marc, Frank, Sandy, Jennie, Frannie, Drema, Adrian, Michael, Sharon, Carol, Jay, Robert, Mary Lou,  ...

People get involved in popular, important things.  But many critical events are outside of public knowledge.

We are addicted to our information channels (news - TV), even when it is no longer consistently true.
Our media & our Congress are not acting nor considering the great on going deception.
    Individual citizens need to perceive and react.  
It is hard at first, to change your perception, but once you figure out there is great deception,
    then you can easily find and follow the truth, as we have.

Much is very wrong in what the media tells us.  Millions have figured this out.
Popular opinion thinks 9-11 was caused by terrorist - yet the "Cover Story" is impossible and improbable.  9-11 Truth have found many things that cannot be true. Short Course at abodia.com.  Yet, our government is spending $ 300+ billion in unrelated war.  Our war is built on lies, there were no weapons of mass destruction, there's no proof
Bin Laden or al-Qaida were involved.  Alex Jones & others have clear proof in last 50 years there have been many false flag operations, where someone inflicts injury on citizens to evoke the clamor for war. 
    - 9-11, - USS Liberty, - Bay of Tonkin,
Vietnam, - Reichstag, Germany
To understand current times; Watch Terror Storm on internet, buy from Alex Jone's InfoWars.com or contact Elden for wmv CD.
911 Mysteries.com shows info., video & download proof demolitions were used to destroy many WTC buildings on 9-11

Someone has to face reality, let it be us !
Come to our meetings.  All welcome.  1st Sunday of each month at Top O Rock, 2-5 pm.
Tell others about our organization. Work with us and help each other.

We have much research, study, action to do. 
We'll all benefit.    We'll make the most progress when we work together.

    Together, we stand,     Divided, we fall.
Powerful people & forces work against us, but, by working together, we can resist, progress, succeed !

We've discovered / uncovered much on many topics.  Elden personally covers diverse topics so he can find some subject to interest anyone.  See his list of 500+ DVDs and or his 1500+ bookmarks.

We have much energy, dedication and work behind us.  Why ?
We've studied this 1000+ hours in last year, we realize deep and far reaching evil surrounds us.
The longer we delay before acting, the greater will be our obstacles and peril.
The world we knew is rapidly disappearing, but the media is not clearly telling us.  Let's learn & act !

Thanks to each for anything, anyway you might help;
  to learn, perceive our problems, to share this insight,
  to join hands, hearts, heads to act against our oppressors !

Anyone can help us in some way;
- invite others, bring knowledge, insight, articles, discs, food, snack, ice,
- help with calls, communications, contacting civic groups, letters to the editors,
- help at meetings
- help with research & statements simplifying and summarizing information,
- call in advance - come view or get or help Elden with his vast library
    of information (over 37,000 files obtained in last year).

        Overview of Related Topics:  What is our US Government doing ?

9-11 was inside job - done with cooperation (& probable help of) our government.
World Trade Center 1 & 2, especially Bldg. 7, were destroyed by internal controlled demolitions, bringing the 110 stories straight down to the ground 8.5 seconds, pulverizing all the concrete.  White clouds of exploded dust filled NYC, destruction was far beyond what fires could do, 6 weeks after clean up, molten steel was found below rubble that was watered daily to keep dust down - Incredible heat.  No airline hit the Pentagon which created the initial 18' round hole, but did not disturb the main building, not\r scar the grass.  100s of facts disprove cover story; World Trade - controlled demolition, airlines left little remains, damage not consistent with report.

What I've Learned About US Foreign Policy - AddictedtoWar.com
US CIA has killed 6 million worldwide, trading guns & drugs and exempt of US and or any laws world wide.
Do you condone this evil action, or will you stand up to change our government ? 
Is CIA the largest drug dealer in the world, bringing products to US

War is a Racket - Major General Smedley Butler, US Marine's short book
How US military made war far more for Wall Street and big corporations profits, War deals little with right or moral victory.
War concentrates money & power in hands of elite, while citizens lose life, property, rights, and plunge into debts...

What Really happened in the OK City Federal Building Bombing
Many other unexploded bombs found at the scene, some marked US Army.  Justice department said on TV report that other bombs would help them identify the criminal.  Witnesses saw many others with Tim McVeigh that morning, yet none of this reached the trial or the national news.

Congressional Record, Mar. 19, 1993, Vol 33, page H-1303, Rep. Traficant Jr. (Ohio) reminded US public US Government went bankrupt in 1933. (Still is !) This put up all US citizens, termed Enemies of the State, as collateral to borrow money thru the International Monetary Fund thru the UN.  Our personas and our property all belong to them.  We are neither free nor can we hold property.  As you title anything, your house, your car, your child, your marriage, you render it up for the control of the international bankers and lose ownership and control

Secrets of Federal Reserve Article shows Fed.Res. caused Agriculture depression of 1920, 1929 Stock Market crash, WW II and many other disasters.  The Federal Reserve is private corporation, not of US government.  They have no reserves.  US Constitution's 16th amendment for personal income tax was not ratified by enough states to become law.  It is not a legal tax.  IRS, which is outside of our government, says the tax is voluntary, but if you sign their illegal form, you can then be fined or imprisoned for other reasons.  1,000s or millions no longer pay tax and are outside of the grip of the illegal tax.  NY Times has reported on this illegal tax. 

Presidential Executive Orders voided Constitution and Bill of Rights
Many of our Constitutional Rights have been given up in Presidential Executive Orders.
The President can just issue an Pres. Exec. Order in Federal Register.
If none protest, it becomes law.  Such laws, on the books, are in direct contradictions with constitutional rights;

FEMA, the secret or shadow government, taking control thru no elected officials.
Current laws allow FEMA to seize control of all:
all transportation; cars, trucks, highways, seaports, waterways, railroads & airports
communities & housing, health, education & welfare
all food & farms, all communication, all electrical power, petro, fuels & minerals
mobilize civilians into work brigades, operate a national registration of all persons

US is spending billions, not for relief for people, (floods, natural disasters)
but in building facilities, perhaps some underground bases across the US.

US Detainment or Concentration Camps were begun under Rex-64 under Pres. Regan.  Halliburton continues to build them with nearly $ 400 billion in new contracts.  Who does our government intent to put in all these prisons in the US, but dissenters who question what our government is doing.  See also these programs: Operation Cable Spicer, Garden Plot.
Gulags For American Citizens In Final Planning Stages
Halliburton sex slave trade criminals prepare camps for political dissidents.
Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison Planet.com | March 1 2006

Texe Marrs Gulag USA Concentration Camps In America - Google Video

    "Texe Marrs Gulag USA Concentration Camps In America. info Avg: small full star small full star small full star small full star small half star 39 ratings ..."
FEMA Camp footage - Google Video
    "Covertly taken footage of a FEMA concentration camp under construction. Also featuring Black Helicopters ... Texe Marrs and Power of Prophecy 1 hr 56 min ..."
Power of Prophecy: Hunger, Thirst, and Concentration Camps

DVD Titles – Ted Elden’s Top 10+ for ’06, most available from Netflix.com, some I can loan my copy.

1.        Illuminati 1, Conspiracy, Enigma TV, Chris Everard, Who runs the world and how they control us all.

2.        911 Mysteries.com – Demolitions, detailed, scientific, engineering proof cover story is far from the truth

3.        A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon, evidence proves we landed on Moon in ‘60s is Hoax

4.        Secret Space DVD Outline.doc incredible things of our astronauts sighting and methods of NASA, Masonic & Satanic ties

5.        Crop Circles - Best Evidence, Not just boys & boards, incredible technologies & DNA changes. Andrews Collins

6.        Free Energy - Anti Gravity Propulsion Sys, Tom Valone, NSI, ufoTV, Indy World & Vision NewScienceIdeas.com

7.        Capitalist Conspiracy, Knowledge 2020 Media, ufoTV.com ha

8.        AddictedToWar.com, US CIA has killed 6 million world wide, What are we doing ???

9.        JFK- Assassination the Bush Connection- For the People, Oswald, Senior Bush, CIA, shooters, much revealed & linked

10.    Conspiracy X, Closed Doors    Technologies and development thru Pentagon's Black Budget, unseen by Congress or anyone.

11.    Flying Saucers are Real d2, ufoTV Top Secret / MAJIC  Stanton Freidman, nuclear physicist, spoke of Roswell Crash twice in Charleston.

12.    ChemTrails, Who is painting our skies with chemicals & harmful bio-organisms and why ?

13.    Century of Self, wmv, Madison Avenue has promoted consumers to serve self in superficial fantasy, for profit of few !

14.    Roll over Orwell, 1984 is Here, parallels & examples

15.    The Corporation, legally crushes the individual for profit.

16.    Masters_of_the_Universe_Bilderberg.rm Global Banker run the world

17.    What Happened on the Moon ?    All broadcasts of video & photos were shot in studio, to hide the real mission.