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Anomalies of the September 11th Attack, Its Run-Up, and Response


While network TV went into uninterrupted "coverage" that would last a week, the most basic questions went unasked and unanswered. This was true of the entire attack, and particularly in regard to how two plane crashes resulted in the entire World Trade Center complex being pulverized to the point that it looked as if it was ground zero of a nuclear explosion. In this section we examine the collapses of the Twin Towers and Building 7 in light of their alleged cause, the 767 crashes and ensuing fires.

How could such basic flaws in the official story go un-noticed? The answer probably lies in how the attack was psychologically engineered. People were so shocked by the attack that the most basic facts could be hidden in plain sight.

The Attack on New York City

Scale and Inhumanity of Attack Hide the Most Basic Truths


What Really Happened on September 11th?

September 11th, 2001 is widely considered one of the most important days in American history. Although it is arguable how much really has changed since that day, references to it as the "event that changed everything" are ubiquitous, particularly among apologists for the theft of civil liberties, vanishing government accountability, and international aggression.

These analysis examine these subjects:

New York City, collapsing buildings, other high-rise fires, other collapses, WTC 1, 2 collapses, design parameters, role of fires, fire severity, effects on steel, collapse features, explosive events, demolition squibs, frame shattering, concrete pulverization, dust volume, steel shredding, symmetry, mushrooming, speed of fall, proofs, speed of fall, volume of dust, breakup of top, collapse theories, column failure theory, truss theory, demolition theories, basement bombs, distributed explosives, directed energy, radiant projectiles, thermobarics, simulations, Building 7 collapse, controlled demolition, WTC 6, 5 holes, Pentagon, assault location, video frames, witnesses, conclusions, pre-impact damaged, damage pattern, aircraft debris, explosive detonation, airliner approach, theories, Eastman, Bart, attack from the air, NORAD stand-down, flight mysteries, phone calls, theories, suicide pilots, home run system, flight program, bumble planes, Flight 93 shoot-down, Won-Young Kim, perpetrators, intent, minimized fatalities, maximized shock, conspiracy, Attack Scenario 404, official actions, evidence destruction, investigation prevention, 9-11 anomalies, historical precedents.


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