How I see the world. the reality I see.

Some people, some where may see, consider, think thru. or discover event(s), information or evidence that reveals, explains, or confirms certain facts or concepts.

Some of these facts or concepts may be recorded, written, or photoed or videoed.  If we can find, consider and or use this information, we can be free from the control of governments, rulers, corporations, courts etc.

I spend time, energy, thought, resources & money to get this precious information, which I try to share in many different ways.

Some people (you?) might benefit from this information, but you might seek it in a printed book, or DVD video.  I get the info. and convert or capture it to digital files: writings, photos, videos, audios etc.

If you will learn how to see, view, read, watch the digital files I have, make, to convert, then you can benefit from this information.  With you can quickly confirm, expand and or understand any info.

My website (see my book A New Reality) also gives instructions on how to use many free programs to seek, show, read, and view this type of info.

Info. can be shared or transferred by electronic connections; via e-mail, blogs, web-postings etc.

or transferred on media: thumb drives, CD/ DVD, computer chips, hard drives. etc.

Chips are cheapest to mail, but most expensive media (please return !)

CD/DVDs are cheaper to make (keep them) but more expensive and fragile to mail.

I do not send much of the info. I have via electronic transmissions listed above, but may send it privately as mail.

You may see, copy, play anything I send, and you could also help others by copying and or sharing this info. also.  I may ask you to send that which I give you on to someone else or return it to me.

CD/DVDs are cheap to make, not counting the time to organize the info. Thumb drives, computer chips or external hard drives can carry or transfer more info. more compactly and more flexibly but many people do not know how to manage, use, share, see digital info. on media (CD/DVD, thumb drives, etc.)

People tend to not value things that are not popular (to them & their friends).  Ideas are born, yet they need people to engage in them to determine they are true and valuable.

You can aid the expansion of knowledge by your speaking & sharing info.

Beyond the info. I handle, I try to encourage and or teach people how to engage in information, in diverse forms.

I can and do move 1,000s of files thru many people, hoping that some people might benefit and or also share this information, even if they don't understand it.

I personally have developed and or achieved many useful actions which others could also copy and do freely as I do but they must learn, act and stand to succeed.

Such actions may include; mailing for 2  postage or free, stepping outside of the control of corporate courts, government, IRS and or corporations or former alleged (yet flawed) contracts.

Many limit what they do to what they think is popular and or accepted.  How do things become popular and or accepted ?  By many people learning, knowing and acting.

The early doers are considered brave, the late doers have been delayed as they have fallen to unrealized fear by lack of study.

Many live in fear rather than in knowledge.

You can gain knowledge, dispel fear, act and stand, but you must think, act, and patiently persist to prevail.

Before I encountered and engaged in much information in last decade, I was innocent, or ignorant, ignoring this type of information.  I was or lived in subconscious, unrealized fear and did not engage or act on these things, fearing there was no benefit and or that I could not prevail.

I believe in God, absolutely and that God controls all things, and that God believes in me.  I am empowered, and given courage by His direct actions on me, my life and my circumstances.

Learn to read on your screen to save much paper, physical artifacts, time & money.

Let's work with & help each other !

Only with God's help can we survive and prevail. God bless you all.

Written by the peaceful warrior,Kan.Co.,W.Va.