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Forensic Architects and Structural Engineers

Impartial investigations of buildings or
  equipment failures, with supporting reports, 
supporting photographs, and illustrations.

"... I thoroughly enjoyed your testimony in my Court Room ... It was extremely refreshing to see an expert witness with your intellect and energy. Your genuine, straight forward and knowledgeable presentation was of great assistance to both the jury and me ..."
-Kanawha County Circuit Court Judge

  • 50'- 0" Radio Tower
  • 6,500 Ton Concrete Coal Storage Silo
  • Fatality from a 750' TV Tower
  • 2 Jury Trials: 1st case - the $ 35,000
    settlement offer was declined.
  • The jury awarded the claimant nothing. 1 trial lost.
  • 1 Case the claimant demanded $ 200,000.
    The jury award was $ 6,500.
  • 1 Case went to arbitration. Elden's conclusions
    were upheld.
  • 76 Cases were settled by Mutual Agreement
    214 Cases were dismissed as frivolous

The Elden's have devoted 6 decades to investigating & studying building or equipment failures
due to poor soil condition, landslide, etc.

Activities Jan. '90 to Dec. '95

  • Completed 290 Reports

  • Covering the Investigations
    of Alleged Structural Damage

    Caused By:

    Rock Blasting - Wind Storms - Flooding - Fires Miscellaneous- Land Slides - Structural Failures Pedestrian Falls

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