Conspiracies    below gives you an introduction to many different conspiracies

The world around us is filled with deceptions.  As we are lied to, we then mistakenly yield to others who have no rightful authority over us.

Court, laws, taxes, fines. The deceptions are given to us by our parents and our teachers who did not realize nor investigate what they tell us.

I think you cannot understand some conspiracies until you also understand others. They are all connected.

The Federal Reserve is a monopoly of private banks world wide, who by their unlimited power to create money, own and control government, corporations, medicine, education, news media, etc.

Government have all been converted to private corporations who only have jurisdiction over other corporations, like your NAME in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

I think you need to understand many conspiracies before you see how they are all relate, and how you must understand several pieces.

If you just investigate one conspiracy, you then can begin to understand other conspiracies like; 9-11, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City bombing, Moon Landing hoax, Sandy Hook hoax.

The more you do learn of any of these, the more easy it is to learn of the others.

No one wants to know of the conspiracies. They find it depressing and frightening.

Why would you want to know ?  If you do not understand what is truly on going, then you tend to honor, obey, pay and submit to imposters who do not have the lawful right to control, limit, tax, charge or deal with you.  We all are children of God with nearly unlimited rights so long as we do not harm or interfere with other people.

Below is a website Expose1933.  Some of the deceptions, the conspiracies are explained.  If you want to know more, you can note names, dates, facts from these articles and search the web on those topics to know more.  Most of all these "conspiracies" are clearly explained in documentaries, articles and books, most available free on the internet.

When you (or any teenager or older) will READ, THINK and TYPE (ask internet a question)

You can and should know the truth. Then you may step out of the frightening, oppressive, unlawful forces which seem to rule over you.  I did. Anyone can, but it all stems from your own knowledge.  What is popular, in mainstream, taught in school & college is a distraction to keep you from the truth.

Others deceive you so they can steal your property, rights, money and oppress and threaten you.

They can do that until, YOU learn the truth and stand in truth.  My website may have greater detail, but the linked web site below gives you quick understanding of many important subjects.  Go forth. Good luck.  God bless you for taking responsibility to correct our world.

 Expose1933 Index

Articles below have an active link at this web site:

1.  US 1933 Bankruptcy Exposed - Understand The Treasonous Take Over Of America by The Jesuit and Jewish Bankers
2.  Your Name In Capital Letters - Why is your name in capital letters on your State - Drivers - License?
3.  Gold Fringe Flag - Court Rooms have a Gold Fringe Flag - Why?
4.  The Bar - The (BAR) Association and its History

5.  Agenda 21 & Agenda 2030 ICLEC the International Counsel for Environmental Initiative all a part of The New World Order
6.  Black Pope - The President of the World - The Superior Jesuit General - we are his Debt slaves
7.  Federal Reserve Private Owned
- See who the owners are 
8.  IRS A Private Collection Agency
- The IRS is a Private - Collection - Agency for the Federal Reserve - Same Owners?
9.  Dual Citizen Runs White House - Dual Citizenship - Loyal to Whom?
10. Citizen vs Sovereign - Which one are you?
11. World of Commerce - You are property of the Rothschild family and the Church of Rome
12. When Guns Are Banned - What happens when Guns are banned in Australia / England?
13. Cancer Population Control - Destroy Your Health with Cancer and Disease!
14. Hidden Assets - Comprehensive Annual - Financial - Reports / (CAFR Funds)
15. Fluoride Water Exposed - Discover why you do not want it in your water at all
16. NDAA - Martial Law - "The National Defense Authorization Act" is now Legal?
17. War 1812 Lost - That is When England Burned Down The White House
18. 9/11 Exposed A Coup d' etat - Blaming it on another country, another group or a person
19. JFK Ex-Order 11110 - Find out More on Kennedy's Assassination
20. Symbolism - The Statue of Freedom - NO - Liberty and others
21. Statue (of) Liberty (Not Freedom) - Egypt The First Statue (of ) Liberty not Freedom
22. 501(c) (3) Church - What is a 501(c) (3) ? Most ALL - Churches- Are 501(c) (3) State Run (Corporations)
23.Your-Marriage-with a License - Why do we need a License for anything?
24. Jewish Kosher Tax Exposed - The Secret JEWISH KOSHER TAX That Raises Food Prices and Much More
25. Music - Music for everyone
26. Animals - Animals And Their Stories
27. The Holocaust -The  Holocaust Question is not a Question anymore?
28. Ron Paul - Is He The Man? or another Judas Goat?
29. Extra News Exposed - News stories from around the world
30. Alternative Energy - (Free) Energy - Let's Get Started Today 
31. US Dollar Collapse - The Dollar Will Be No More
32. War is a Racket - It is all about Greed and Power
33. New world Order - What is a New World Order? Who will Own it?
34. David Icke - NEW Interview June 18, 2012
35. Republic or Democracy - Overview of America - Americanism 101
36. Fun Stuff - You will have to check this out
37. Fema Camps - Internment Camps - Prison Camps
38. Constitution &13th Amendment  - With the original 13th Amendment
39. HAARP - Weather Control and Major Storms
40. Chemtrail  - Weather - Proof they are Spraying Aluminum Oxide in the Chemtrails 
41. Jordan Maxwell - Secrets Exposed
42. Santos Bonacci From Down Under - Australia
43. Fukushima  - It was planed and is part of the Agenda 21 program
44. The Act of 1871 - US Corporate Government & Congress in Treason
45. The Secret Hollow Earth - The Secret It Holds
46. Who Sank The Titanic - An Insurance Scam With a Descend to the Bottom
47. Alex Jones - The Judas Goat
48. Ebola Exposed - Another False Flag - The Shots May Make You Sick
49. Doctors Expose Secrets - About the Controlled Medical Profession
50. Soldiers Speak Out - USA Municipal Corporation at War - Is A Bankers Racket
51. School Shooting - MK Ultra - Mind Control A Most Dangerous Game
52. If The Blacks Only Knew  - Who owned the slaves and the slave ships?
53. Khazar Empire the False Jews - They are the synagogue (Church) of Satan the seed of Cain
54. Smart Meters - Their Secret Agenda of a Bigger Plan 
55. Monsanto GMO Food Exposed - Monsanto Wants No More Babies to Be Born
56. The NRA Exposed - They are a 501c3 - Tax Exempt Judas Goat?
57. The Constitutional Militia - You will never again look at this issue in the same way
58. False Flags Exposed - False Fags don't fly anymore
59. Syria War Exposed - Is a Nation Without a Rothschild Central Banks 
60. What is Next - Who is to know??
61. Race Mixing - Race Mixing will destroys a country itís people and itís culture
62. Bundy-Oregon Standoff - The Nazi Jesuit Agenda 21 plan is in full bloom it's time to Stop it Dead in its Track
63. Fracking Exposed - It is not about oil it is about destroying our water tables - Agenda 21 at work
64. Vaccines Exposed - Vaccines are Population Control - Moms, Dads - Its War - Save Your Babies
65. ISIS and WWIII Exposed -  Revealed as the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service - Puppet of the Mossad and US CIA
66. White Genocide Exposed - Did you know the white race is the world's minority race?
67. Washington DC Exposed - DC - District of Columbia is owned by Rome
68. USA Incorporated Exposed - A Municipal Corporation cannot be a Government and a Government cannot be a Corporation         Here is another website by Eric Dubay introducing many conspiracies:

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The New World Order,

Big Brother,

FEMA Concentration Camps,

Secret Societies,

The Zionist Jew World Order,

False Flags & The Hegelian Dialectic,

The Lusitania & WWI,

Pearl Harbor & WWII,

Operation Northwoods,

The Gulf of Tonkin & The Vietnam War,

The Oklahoma City Bombing,

The 9/11 Inside Job,

Media Manipulation,

The Health Conspiracy,



Engineered AIDS,

The Meat & Dairy Myth,

The Cure for Everything,

Masonic Symbology,


Time Manipulation,

The Christian Conspiracy,


Magic Mushrooms,




Geocentric Cosmology,

The NASA Moon and Mars Landing Hoaxes,


Controlled Opposition,

and much more