Flat Earth Conspiracy by Eric DuBay - Index

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> Index

> Social Darwinism

> The Globe Earth Lie

> The Stationary Immovable Fixed Earth

> Standing Water is Flat Water

> The Always Flat Horizontal Horizon

> The Measurable Non-Curvature of the Flat-Earth

> Flat-Earth Enlightenment from Lighthouses

> Canals and Railways Attest to the Flat-Earth

> The Flat-Earth Proven by Pilots and Sailors

> The South Pole Does Not Exist!

> The Arctic and Antarctic Attest to the Flat-Earth

> The Midnight Sun Proves Universe Geocentric

> Polaris the North Pole Star

> The Moon is Self-Luminescent and Semi-Transparent

> The Sun and Moon Equal Divine Balanced Opposites

> MOON Earth

> Earth is Not a Planet, Planets are Just Stars, and Stars Are Not Suns

> Matthew Boylan, former NASA operational graphics manager

> Relativity Does Not Exist!

> Gravity Does Not Exist!

> Tides are caused by the gentle and gradual rise and fall of the earth

> A Total Eclipse of the Mind

> Circumnavigation and Disappearing Ship Hulls

> Foucaultís Pendulum "Proof" and The Coriolis Effect

> The Masonic Sun-Worshipping Globalist Cult of NASA

       (Moon Landing Hoax ??)

> Impossible Photography

> Evolution is a Lie, Intelligent Design is the Truth!

> Ape-Men Never Existed!

> Haeckel's Confession

> Haeckel's fraud

> Dinosaurs Never Existed!

> Fethers for Trex

> Giant Human Beings Existed!

> Trace of Giants found in Desert

> The Flat Earth Bible

> The Ancient Hebrew conception of Earth

> The Flat Earth Truth

> Antarctica is a giant ice wall holding in the oceans and the South Pole does not exist!

> The Globe-Earth lie or "The Flat-Earth Conspiracy" is the greatest deception in human history