Connecticut State. Trooper Lt. Paul Vance.

I believe the original Retired St. Trooper Vance is shown in some of these images,

    but the real active actor staging Press Releases and reports of developments at Sandy Hook was John Goodman, actor.

Look at the images to see what you think.  They look and sound different.

I included 2 video clips, one of each of those I refer to.

Sandy Hook - fraud

This is the face & voice of the real

Retired Conn. State Police Lt. J. Paul Vance    the real Vance ?

State Police shooting news conference                    Goodman ?

This second video is actor John Goodman who has a different face, different voice.

Here are photos:    First photos are the original Vance, then later are Goodman.

Up to here may have been the original Lt. Vance,

Those beyond here I think are John Goodman.