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Wake Up - Truth Surround us. Research by Ted Elden, Public Speaker, Architect, ret. computer guru

The world is very different then main steam news and government tells us.   

Sandy Hook, Newtown, Connecticut  14 December, 2012 - Hoax ?

Dear Wolfgang Revisiting Sandy Hook (you tube)    Read Nobody At Sandy Hook Died FREE Here - PDF

Overview of full report in No One Died at Sandy Hook book, compiled from diverse research.

$ 10 billion law suit filed against NY Times & Assoc. Press for fooling America in huge hoax.

Banned Documentaries - Ep. 2: What really happened at Sandy Hook?  by Sofia Smallstrom

We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook    Crime Scene laughter, casual behavior- Sandy Hook Justice

Sofia Smallstorm Unraveling Sandy Hook (Dec 14, 2012)

Wolfgang Halbig ~ Sandy Hook Staged Government Community Capstone Exercise False Flag

Note: Donations to the families/ community total $ 131 million.

The video “We Need To Talk about Sandy Hook," lists a total of $131,009,229 in grants and donations, including the $50 million for the new school, but this is only a partial accounting. Indeed, the total amount of money raised to date cannot easily be calculated. A 2014 Connecticut report on charitable donations lists organizations such as The Animal Center, Inc., Newtown Forest Association, Inc., Sandy Hook Arts Center for Kids, and Angels of Sandy Hook Bracelets, all raising funds for Sandy Hook Elementary._

Notes below of specific things these videos reveal.

If you are curious, there are deep wells of truth.  It is amazing, with time, energy and intelligence, what truthers can discover.

Here you'll find incredible how many angles of the event have been examined in minute detail.

Sure we have national news, but WAY BEYOND THAT there are people with common sense who are interested in truth.

They desire your attention.  Listen if you will.  You learn shocking truths.

It is important to understand how truth emerges.

Our "authorities" for "their agenda" confuse and distort "news".

These videos reveal surprising truth.  Through many facts & details, you will grasp a new understanding of Sandy Hook.

Notes of above: In Conn., legislation the year before restricts public from seeing any autopsy info of child, and ALL death certificates and or crime reports.  Many Donation sites for the grieving parents were set up before the shooting occurred. State and Federal Grants gave nearly $ 10 million to the police who did their job on Sandy Hook (above their regular salaries).


Look at the Sandy Hook shooting hoax ? What did and DID NOT Happen.

Learn the duty of EMTs and clarifies who has the authority to declare someone physically dead.

Only people such as doctors or coroners have authority to declare someone dead, unless the person has been severely decapitated . Yet at Sandy Hook, the police forbid anyone, even parents, to see the dead children (if any). 

When you examine the reports of media, you can see incredible inconsistencies and things that make NO sense or could not have happened.

Perhaps media's intent is just to confuse and frighten us.

If the media can't figure out what happened, how could the public ?

No children were wounded, no bodies were ever shown, nor even to their parents.

No bodies were taken to the hospital, as is the lawful practice.

Many ambulance & a helicopter arrived, but no bodies, nor injured were carried to the hospital.

Many events happened before the shooting.

The commemorative Christmas trees honoring the dead kids were at the school site before the shooting.

Donation sites for the grieving parents were set up before the shooting.

Adam Lanza, the perpetrators, is recorded as having died the day before the event.  He had no social security number.

No 500+ surviving children nor slaughtered or wounded were shown in any news coverage that day.

Colored cars were not present, although there were 168 total cars, mainly black or silver.

Tweets about the press conferences and other related subjects were broadcast before the shooting happened.

Triage: There were the tarps put in parking lot to stack bodies requiring:

red - immediate attention

yellow - medium injury

green - slight injury

black - dead, by decapitation

yet, no child - well or injured - was shown on any tarp, nor taken to a hospital just 12 miles away.

Only 2 people said they had bullet leg wounds went to the hospital 1 hour after the supposed shooting.


            Donations accumulated:

Dec 17, 2013, $ 27 million donations for Sandy Hook victim's families

Oct 6, 2013, $ 50 million State of Connecticut, to demolish and rebuilt Sandy Hook school.

Nov 18, 2013, GE gives $ 15 million for Newtown

May 24, 2013, US Educ. Dept. awards $ 1.3 million to Newtown to support recovery

Jan 6, 2014, Educ. Dept. awards another $ 1.9 million

$ 1/4 million for each child lost to a family.

$ 7.1 million federal grant to support Sandy Hook victims

$ 4.8 million State donation to Catherine Hubbard Foundation

$ 25.5 million to Sandy Hook Victims Families

$ 2.5 Million to Connecticut and Newtown Police

$ 15 M to Newtown (lasting Changes Fund)

$ 681,496 to Victim's families (EverRibbon Fund)

$ 1.3 + 1.9 M to Newtown from Dept. of Education

$ 4.3 M to victim's families & witnesses (United Way)

$ 1.2 M to Victims Families (Newtown Youth & families)

$ 12 M Victim's Families & Survivors (Sandy Hook Community Foundation)

$ 3.5 M Victim's Families & Responders (Sandy Hook Promises)


Obama promotes $ 500 M for gun ban planned legislation/ action.


More on Sandy Hook Conn. & Aurora, Colo. Shootings & Gun Control !

 When we accept the lies of others, we degrade our life and our future.


For those who are waking up, contact me.

We have many more fascinating revelations.


Blind obedience to authority, increases their power, profit and control to our ruin.


Truth (alone) will make us free.     John 8:32


ted e


NO ONE DIED at Sandy Hook- Halbig you tube


Wolfgang Halbig ~ Sandy Hook Staged Government Community Capstone Exercise False Flag


This link takes you to 44 min. into video. then watch whole video !

He states this is Capstone, a whole Community Project.

NO ONE DIED at Sandy Hook- Halbig

Wolfgang Halbig, former teacher, law enforcement, and current national school safety assessment & emergency management consultant, maintains that the so-called Sandy Hook CT shootings were a staged cooperative government - community "Capstone" exercise planned years before December 2012, for the purpose of banning commonly-used firearms and limiting free speech. Halbig asserts the incident was a financial bonanza for the Newtown community and involved parents, all involved parents moving into the CT community only between 2009-2011, and all (participants) receiving over $200K each for their involvement in the exercise. Halbig's questions to Newtown are returned with silence and contempt; threat of arrest.

Many details don't add up... record shows no report of actual shots fired; no social security numbers for the dead students; 16 state troopers pre-positioned 45-60 minutes before the alleged shootings; tax accessor's website shows the families got free houses on Christmas day when all government offices are closed; half-a-dozen charities set up for alleged victims days before the shootings; no one sued the school or the estate of Nancy Lanza; no parent wanted to see their children in the school; closed casket funerals; no EMT's allowed in the school; the shooter was a 112-pound weakling with a debilitating condition but shoots like Rambo....with 95% percent kill rate; crisis actors, and much more.

Halbig also presents the proper safety procedures that schools must follow in a code-red event and urges parents to study your local school emergency management plan.-- October 6, 2014

Ted has far more compelling information at:


    Watch these You Tubes:

Wolfgang Halbig's    Dear Wolfgang Revisiting Sandy Hook  https://youtu.be/fO6nJSSx_xw

Sophia Smallstorm's     Unraveling Sandy Hook    https://youtu.be/m1yfJDCMU64

Read James Fetzer's book, No One Died at Sandy Hook


Sandy Hook PHONY Dives Behind Car, Runs Away! Newtown HOAX Busted on LIVE TV!


David Wheeler pretends to be a Sandy Hook Sniper, without FBI badge.  He also plays, is an actor, saying he is parent of one child shot.  He travels on Air Force One with President to lobby Congress for gun control.

In broadcast video, he ducks, hides, doges being on national TV video.

Were the Sandy Hook victims really in the news in 2006?

Sandy Hook - Libor Scandal