Here is how to get most (free) from me.

Install & test with me.

       Learn to do screen sharing.

Install Total Commander - Let me demonstrate.    See more here: Total Commander features & screen shots.

    Get the 32 bit version, not the 64 bit.  Then you have more working plug-ins, more useful.

Choose only English language

    Change where to keep ini file. Choose the program folder.


Then we can send or share any of nearly 1/2  million files as you would have ready access to any of them.  You can explore any file as you like - independent of any contact with me, unless you want my help.

Use to find most things.

Use not  SP does not keep track of what you are looking for, it is private.


Language is how we get info & knowledge.

Language is the limit to our thinking.

I have much a wider net, access to diverse language: pdf, vob, tiff, wma, mp 3 then most people, because I learned to use computers.


Join in on our conference calls Tuesdays on computer tricks, Thursdays on Law, Rights & open topics.

Come in by Skype to have greater access to our discussion, share links, files, info and notes.


Tonight's Lesson Outline - Total Commander


Skype screen sharing, Total Commander demonstrated, downloaded, installed.


How to use it to find, move, copy any file attached by any device to your computer.


You can search for something inside of a file without even knowing the file name.


Works on any hard drive, thumb drive, CD/ DVD, chip, phone, android, tablet or device.


Can give you instant access to 1/2 million (suppressed, expensive or hard to find) books, videos, etc.