2 Common Short Cuts Save time

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This will save you time, and give you more energy to do more things.

Learn these quick and useful keystrokes.

^ = Control Key         / = Alternate Key       _ Shift Key

Hold these border keys, then pluck the letter key in the center of keyboard.

^ B old           ^ I talic           ^ U nderline

^ X delete or destroy (but remember if you want to paste)

^ V paste, I think of putting mortar down, paste what you have copied.

^ C copy

^ A All grab all of a document or web page

^ Z undo whatever you did last, you can ^z ^z ^z back thru many changes

^ Y redo what ever you undo


To select or mark a block of text: in Word processor or web page

You can left click to set anchor at some location (beginning of sentence or paragraph)

Then go down or up with the scroll bar

(sort of like that block I marked there)

Then shift left click to set the end of a block

That marks a block, and you can copy and paste to your word processor

If you copy something from a web page

and paste it to your word processor, then you can add titles, change fonts, style or sizes.

and or add or remove photos

You have control in a word processor, but you do not have control of some one else's web page

You can save your amended web page as a document or as a html file.

I have 10s of 1,000s of files.

I can find them easily with Total Commander, free from the internet.

I copy & paste e-mail address, things from and to e-mails

I copy & paste to web page address bar & much more

When you get here, youll find a very efficient computer operator

You will go home with good knowledge.

I know the tricks and I can show you some excellent (& cheap ) software.

Computers are nothing without good software.

^ = Control Key         / = Alternate Key       _ Shift Key

Hold these border keys, then pluck the letter key in the center of keyboard.

/ F ile S ave   But better is

/ F ile As, then you have the option to use the same name or change name

I save many times    File Name:    Letter to Mayor

Then I save some times as                        Letter to Mayor 1.doc           then LtM 2.doc, then as 3.doc

I call this a Progressive File Save, so if you mess up any file, you can load an earlier version adn built or add to it.

If I make a mistake I can go back to an earlier file and build again

If I finish, then I erase Mayor 1, Mayor 2

Im careful to keep all I create, and sad if I lose anything

You can copy from a program CD and or from the internet again

But your original writing, and or links etc. that is yours only, your original creative thought.

Better to save it regularly and not lose it.  It cannot be copied from some where else, you are the source.

You hate to lose your original creation, so I have tricks to careful back them up.

Learn the difference in plain text files *.txt, Rich Text File *.rtf, and

Enhanced Documents with fonts, margins, *.doc.

Then you could use bold, different fonts & sizes