3 Basic Set Up - Computer Lesson 

 Learning is the Key !  www.abodia.com/l 9 Sept ’09- Elden


The most important task with a computer is to be able to do something, the 2nd most important things is to keep and not lose it, keep your original creative work, that is not copied from or kept on a disc.


1 hard drive, divide into 2 partitions & back-up

C Operating System             ea. 1-3 month

        & programs (apps)

D Data                                    weekly or daily

Your files, books, e-mails, letters, videos links,

all you create, or acquire, or put into your computer.


2nd Hard Drive to keep copies, or synchronized copies.

    Copy your operating system with special back up software.

    Copy or synchronize your data to the back up with Total Commander. 

Copy to the 2nd hard drive to back-up system or data.

Copy from the 2nd hard drive to source hard drive if you loose or mess up a file.


.           Getting to your software

Mouse is lazy,

It requires no thinking, no memory

Mouse & Hang down shows you commands

            Abandon clicking and note the keystroke for frequently used commands

            Like print, save, load, open, close.    Learn


When you use 1 keystroke, 10 or 30 times, then your fingers remember, muscle memory, faster than thinking.


Underbar, or underlined character show you the Alternate keystroke, hold alternate, then pluck the letter,


Abbreviations: ^ Control, / A lternate – Shift


Hold border keys, then pluck center keys.

Don’t do both at once, because you sometimes hit the center key first, and it goes to computer like a typed letter, rather than a control command.


Word Processing Commands

^ B old ^ U nderline ^ I talic


Most programs:

^ C opy, ^ V paste, ^ X delete

^ A ll, mark all (text & graphics on a page)

            Marking a selection

Click and drag to mark a block, better

Left Click to set an anchor, then

Right click above or below to set the end of the block.


^ Z undo the last thing you did, (many times)

^ Y Redo what you un did


Operating system when you start, then get to windows or programs


When you run a program, then the computer is talking to you.


You cannot play monopoly rules, when you are playing poker.


Your program is a set of rules, print, save, bold.


With your program you can work on files.

Like writing a text document to a word processor.


The file is meaningless without the interpreter, the program, the translator, it has codes.


Each program has a different way to find or open files.  Why learn many ways, one program will do it all.


Get your file first, it will get your program.


If you get your program first, then you have to hunt around for the file that you want.  The programs are not convenient to find files at different places on you computer.


I use Total Commander, a free program from the internet.


You can load a file, or a folder, or view a graphic, or find things by name, words within, date, or type.  It offers many different options


I can find, or load or open any file or folder

It will get the word processor or the graphic program to manipulate the file.


Folders can be empty, or have within other files and or other folders.


Links can point to a file, or folder, or a web site  www.abodia.com


You can copy text and or graphics.

You can paste them into a word processor, or from a web site to a word processor.


Set & Learn to run a program (or a file) from a keystroke


When you are in a program; like a word processor, use 1 border key and one center key.


When you are outside of a program, or want to evoke a program, use 2 border keys and then a center key.


I use ^ / W for Word program

^ / X for Explorer


MS Word can hold text, graphics, links, fonts, columns, etc.


Word Pad can only hold words, fonts, graphics and some frames


Note pad can only hold text & numbers.


If you copy into Notepad, then recopy and paste to MS Word, you leave behind all the fonts, margins, bolds, etc.


I use that to wash a text of complicated things I do not want.


When I copy from a web site that might have white text on black filed, I wash the text in Notepad, then recopy and paste to MS Word


At a web site

You can book mark it

Copy the address from the address bar and paste to a file (to remember the link)


You can copy all or part of the page and paste to a word processor page (MS word, or even notepad)


When you have copied and pasted what you want in a word processor file, then you can set anything as you want.

You can set your word processing file. 

You can not change the original web page


Maybe you only want part of the web page, or you want a different font, or you want to bold some of the font.


A web page may be there tomorrow and or for years, or it might not be available tomorrow, or might be blocked or removed.


I copy important things from web pages, because some times they are removed or blocked.




Copy & paste thru a note pad to simplify things.


You can send plain text, rtf

(Rich Text Format or html


Set Keystrokes to make your programs and or your files pop up, rather than going to the start menu, Programs, then clicking on a program.


.           Here is how:

Use Start Menu, Programs, and point to a program, like MS Word

Right click and click on properties.

At the Short Cut Key, type any letter or number.  It will assign Control + Alternate + the letter.



Then you can just type the Control + Alternate + W (your letter)

And the program jumps up.


I like to find a file with Total Commander.


Make Total Commander come up with single keystroke

Like ^ / C

Then when you are looking for a file, Alternate+ F7 is the Search Command


You can say

File Type        *.doc

Find Text       give a word or string in file

On the next page or tab

File was created in last

            2 months


Then Commander will show you file that meet your criteria


If you see the only file you want, click

Go To File     Then Click your file


If you see several that may be what you want - Click – Feed List Box, then you can one at a time test to see if you have the right file, without having to search again, if you pick the wrong  file.


Many load a program then look for a file to load and change, or add to.

I always start with Total Commander, that makes it easy & quick for me to find any file or folder.


When I find a file, like a document, I just click on the document and the computer automatically loads the appropriate program, like MS word, or mp3 player, or graphic viewer.


Total Commander lets me have, use, find 10s of 1,000 of files quick and easy.


You can take a text file  into MS Word.  Or view word files, pdfs, or even jpg images in the 2nd window of Total Commander.