4 Make a link Clickable

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To make web site address a clickable link,                      make it easy for others.


If you want another person to click and follow your links, make them clickable


I have this




I know I can copy and paste that in my browser, not everyone knows that.


If you have a link that is not underlined or highlights,

just go to the end of it and type a space or a return and it will become a dynamic clickable link

shown in color and or underlined. 

If you hover over it with the cursor, it will show you the link that it will launch to.


I paste a link, then I hit the space bar at end below




Voila ! Ė now it is useful link. I donít have to copy and paste it in my browser. I just click on it.


Only if it becomes underlined, and shows it is clickable link when you hover over it is it a dynamic, clickable link