5 E-Mail Tips

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I could teach you many things, but most new things are built on other things, so you have to start before you can advance. Crawl before you Walk.


Printing my notes is OK.  I read and learn extensively and do not print things any more.

That is a limit to finding and managing. 

If you keep, review, access things in a computer – you can really go faster.


Yes, many older people are stuck in our ways, reading paper, not computer screen.


I know people like pretty lessons, not just notes.

You expressed an interest, so I push on.

Lots want to know, but they will not work,

    therefore they cannot know.


Improve your E-Mails (out-going)


We often get an e-mail like this

> text text The Quick brown fox

> jumped over the lazy

> red dog – All good men

> come to the aid of their (republican/

> Democratic) party.


Find & Replace

Find >  or > >              and

change to nothing for the document


Always change the most complicated ones first, and the lesser later.

Change << < to nothing,

then change the left over < to nothing


            You can find the paragraph markers  ¶

            I find ¶ ¶ 2 in a row and change to ++

            Then I replace the single ones from ¶ to _ (to space key) and that puts all the text together.

            Then I replace the ++ back to ¶ and I have stripped away all the short lines and now have long flowing lines, 10 seconds, up to 50 pages to change.


> text text The Quick brown fox¶

> jumped over the lazy¶

> red dog – All good men ¶

> come to the aid of their (republican/ Democratic) party¶


text text The Quick brown fox jumped over the lazy red dog – All good men come to the aid of their (republican/ Democratic) party


            You can set margins like this

text text The Quick brown fox jumped over the lazy red dog – All good men come to the aid of their (republican/ Democratic) party


The best way to rework an e-mail is to copy all or part of it and paste it into your word processor,

There you can easily set the font, and do find & replace and remove the > or other clutter.


Big Clue – click Forward before amending an e-mail. Even if you just want to reply.  You have more control over the content.


Before working on the old e-mail you want to sent to others, first click Forward the e-mail


When you are just Reply then all the attachments and or linked graphics/ photos are not included.


If you click forward, then you have all the message to deal with.


When you copy all or part and put in your word processor, you can even save it there

As a file for the future on your computer.


I can manage things much better outside of my e-mail program, directly on my computer, I have more resources, like Total Commander to find anything.


Keeping old e-mails in your e-mail folder and or at a distant place like AOL or Yahoo is a real impediment.


Yes, people start somewhere and continue, it is hard to get people to change.


I change much and often, even before I see the benefit.


I can do things in seconds that others cannot do, or will not because it would take them lots of notes and minutes or hours.


People do not do what is hard.  I don’t either, but I work hard to find an easier way, then I do a lot of it.


By the way, the best way to learn is to take my lessons and try the, even several times.

If you are stuck, call and I will help.


Most people do not learn and there fore cannot find things on the internet, and cannot communicate much or efficiently.


You have to learn, change grow to be on the cutting edge.


I have no interest to live in yesterday’s lies and continue the great illusions.


I want to join those who find and share truth. 

I do this well because I have excellent computer, logic, language and internet skills.


Any one could also do this, if they want to learn.


Mine is not the only way, but if you learn my shortcuts, then you too can do much work in little time and people will listen to your info if it is presented better.


If you have something to say to many, and prepare it well, I can post it on my web site and you can point people to the link.


I have 1,000s of pages on the web, maybe 10s of 1,000s of pages.


You should learn the

shift click method and the control A for all

These are ways to capture e-mails, web sites, word processing documents, pdfs and much more.


It is simple, but until you learn and practice it, you will think it is just for the pros and ignore it.


Take action. Try, learn practice these things, and then you will be able.


Learning is nothing, it is the repeated practice that commits them to memory.


I put my programs and files on a keystroke, explained before, so I have access to 40 ? different programs and functions with one key stroke.


I can convert a hard to read web site to an easy to read document in 30 seconds or less.

It might take 5 minutes to ½ hour to read a long documents, even a book, and I make the reading comfortable and accessible, so I can even bold or red parts as I read to refer to or make it easier for others who follow me to see the important items.


A word processor multiples your thinking, speeds your work, streamlines your communication skills.


The faster you learn / practice to type,

the faster you will think.


We normally just think when spouse, child, friend is listening.

On some new subjects we speak awkwardly or illogically until we have talked of the subjects several times.


With a word processor, the computer is always listening.  You can groom, reword, change, what you write until it flows better, is easier to understand and many will read and pass on.


Learn your word processor (It’s most powerful computer tool) and practice typing, not just clicking.


Many use drop down menus for saving or printing, common things. I don’t use them (much)


Learn the keystroke equivalent

Yes, harder at first,

You have to learn and practice.

But in the end, you will go much faster.


Do this for common commands:

^S Save, /^File Save

^P rint


Highlight / Mark a block of text

Then hold Control ^ the square brackets.

Left [ makes text smaller,

right ] makes text bigger.


Sample Text        Sample Text Sample Text

I set my keyboard so the alternate / C cause the words to be this way


Now is the time

Now Is The Time



This will work on any block, much easier then retyping.


Mark or select a block of text, then make it

^B old ^U nderline ^I talic or not.

^ = Control Key / = Alternate key_ = Shift

Hold these border keys while

you pluck the center letter keys.


Programs & files (when set as short cuts)

are enabled with ^/ and the magic key !


W for Word, Q (query) for my e-mail

X for explorer, I have 40+ programs pre set


I dazzle everyone who watches me on a computer, jumping between programs, racing thru typing and text & graphics.


I use my short cuts.  Basic lessons are good, but the short cuts are where you leap ahead of others.


Anyone could learn, the notes are here, and I’ll take calls.


People usually just do what others do and that leads to very mediocre life.


I want to excel.  Thinking and communication is my game.


Computer programs are your tools.


I often have e-mail like this

|    Title

|| Now is the time

|| for all good men

|| to come to the

|| aid of their party.




I do some click then shift click to select what I want then drag/  move it up and outside the left vertical lines.

This removes all the clutter.


Before you do this,

Hit some extra returns at the top so you have room to place the text/ graphic without the left leading blue line.


Total Commander is the next best thing after your word processor to find any file.


The best way to read on a computer is in Reading Layout with MS Word,

or set your word processor to 2 columns.


I change text font from something complicated complicated  to something simple and make it 1 ½ lines spacing.


As I read, I mark some words, paragraphs in bold or even red.


Many web sites have complicated backgrounds, or green letters on black field.

Copy to your words processor to read fast & easy.


When you learn Search.


You can find millions of books, documents, articles, and prove / know they are original and authentic


This takes 5 to 10 seconds !


One Last trick !!! remove all formatting


I take complicated text, with various fonts, colors, sizes and paste it into Note Pad, which only keeps letters and numbers. It drops fonts, bold and margins.

Then I copy all and paste back in my word processor or e-mail and it has
lost all the variations.



Sample  Before         Copy this


I change text font from something complicated complicated  to something simple and make it 1 ½ lines spacing.



After    Paste this


I change text font from something complicated complicated  to something simple and make it 1 ½ lines spacing.


More Later.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

from Ted Elden -