7 Hot Keys

 Learning is the Key !  www.abodia.com/l - Elden


You can create a link to a file, a folder, or a program.

Put the links in Start Menu to use Hot Keys. they don't work unless in Start menu.


When a link is dragged to the start menu and into your program group,

then you can use a key stroke to call it up.


I have dragged my links to programs and files to be in the start menu,

I even make special folder for them all together in the Start Menu


When you RIGHT click on a link in the star menu and call up Properties

Then you can enter a hot key stroke.


^ = Control Key     and     / Alternate key    are assumed, but you add a letter,

A, B, # 5, whatever.


When using control, alternate, shift keys, hold the border key and pluck the center key.


Here are some of my short cuts:

^ / P Note Pad        ^ /  W MS Word        ^ / X eXplorer   


^ / B to a RTF file within Word Pad program (a file and a program)


You can also use the short cut to go directly to a file.

You make a short cut to the file, and when the computer sees the file, it first loads the appropriate program, like MS Word before opening the file.


You may have to log out and on again and or even reboot before the key stroke works.


Many people think you are smart.  Let’s use that to speed your life.


I have been using short cut keys for almost 30 years, at least


Do I think faster than other people ?

I don’t know, but I sure am a wiz at the keyboard.


If a thing is hard to do, taking long time, thought effort,

 most will not do it.


I work VERY HARD to find easier way,

then I can do many things very fast.


You probably know more than me, most do, but


I have direct contact with ¼ million files on my computer and 7,000 files on my web site.


I try to make things easy for others.


We are not separate people, we are interconnected.

The people, plants, animals – we are all interconnected.


We need to help each other.


I try to make it easy for all of us to see, communicate and understand

the important information that most should know.


Please contact me any time, phone, e-mail, visit if I can help you.


You are my advanced student – ho ho

You care, have energy, are brave and work on this stuff.


Most are reliant that our Congress, or God or someone else will solve our problems.


I think we have to work on this.


We do not necessarily have to solve the problems

But we need to see, understand, communicate and bring others into our fold.


When enough know the problems, then they will sort of dissolve and disappear,

But I think we have to see and talk of them for them to slow and be resolved.


I do not think letting bad people run wild is good idea.



Total Commander is the simple reasons that I can handle a lot of information.

It's my favorite and most used of ALL Programs.


Use it for files, documents, pdf, images, videos, audio recording, everything from one place.


When you see the relation of many things, I think you have a better understanding.


Most people do not see the vast conspiracy around us,

and they do not remember how they connect and confirm each other.


If you just want to remember names or receipts, then

Total Commander can make your life better.