8 Computer Maintenance

 Learning is the Key !  www.abodia.com/l 9 Sept 09- Elden


From wise computer Guru, Gary Housholder, I got this tip


These are free programs to keep your computer running smoothly, fast, reliable.


Go to www.HippoFile.com or www.SaveMyButt.com        

I clicked on the down load page to get to these links.


Ccleaner - Download and How To Instructions
Advanced Windows Care v2
Eusing Free Registry Cleaner - Download and How To Instructions
Auslogics Free Registry Defragmenter
Auslogics Free Disk Defragmenter

Spybot Search and Destroy 1.62
Spyware Blaster 4.1

Also 1 Button Check up & Boost Speed.


Then I down loaded each, installed them on my computer and use them weekly or more often.


They remove 100s of non essential (& problem items) from my computer.


Ive been using these about 6 months, probably ran them 100 times each or more.

I like them very much and they keep my computer from getting tangled up.


When you begin to understand how your computer works,

you can prevent serious problems and data loss.


Some may think that I am clever, have knowledge or ability.


I yield all credit to others. 


Total Commander (also free) and these programs are the simple reason I can get a lot done in a little time.


Learning is taking advantage of what others have done !


Ted Elden 304 344 2335


Your Thoughts are Important !


The things you find, write, images or collect on your computer are valuable.


It is easier to keep and manage them on your computer than in any other place.

It can be safe & reliable place to keep things if you maintain your computer.


(Elden has million files or more on one computer and has

maintained and expanded them for 30+ years.)


I don't remember everything, but I find things in 10 to 30 seconds on my computer,

Any topic, person, file, eBook, audio, video, graphic, photo or more


Total Commander - home

 Total Commander, a file manager replacement for Windows


It can find any file by something in the file, or file type, or date range

It can take that file and load the appropriate program to view, edit or print the file.

It can change file names and or manage back-ups easily.


This single program explains how I can manage all I know.

Of all the programs I have ever had, 100s of them, this is my most useful program..