Total Commander Main Features††††††

Go to How to Use in middle for instructions


This program is most useful program I have and use.

It can find any file by name, or date or contents or any criteria.

I have 100,000 files, video, text, audios on my computer,

But I can find them quickly because I use TotCmdr.


Many will load a word processor and look for a file, which is hard.


I load TotCmdr, then search for my reference file, click on it and it will load the word processor or relevant program. Whether music, video, drawing, text, I use TotCmdr first to find something that is similar or that I last worked on.

That will put me in the directory or on the file to continue to work.


TotCmdr can show, view, edit, print any file.

You can say to look for file 1 day old, or 3 months,

Or only *.doc files, or in specific directories or hard drive partitions.


Simply state if you can find something that you worked on before and continue or modify it, it is simpler then starting again.


The program is free from internet; Google Total Commander to get to

If you pay a small fee the program is even more useful.

I also get the plug ins to read abodie files, word files, excel files, html file, drawings, and muic all within the 2nd window of TotCmdr


TotCmdr opens with 2 windows.My Computer opens with just 1 window.

With the 2 window, you can use the 2nd window to view

- the contents of a folder, the contents of a file, word, drawing, sound

- a sub group of files, files of recent dates, etc.


You can put other programs on the button bar, and take any file directly to any program.

like point to a text file and load it directly into your word processor.


Click on a folder and then type space, and you can see how large the folder is in bytes or MB

Rename files, move to different folders.1001 times better then using My Computer


You sort of have to learn to use the program to realize all itís wonderful advantages.The web site shows many different screens of how to use the program, contact me for an introduction.


Many think I am smart, ho ho.It is simply that I have and use this program that I have immediate access to ľ million file son 1 of my computers.Access to information does seem like knowledge.


How to Use


Click & shift Click ††††††† to mark a block

          Tot Cmd + Word, .. Directories


Right Click, Toggle on & off, highlights in red ††††† selected file


^ Control  / Alternate _ Shift††††††† abbreviations used below


/ F7 is Search              Alternate + F7

F7 or button, ††††††††††††††† create †††††† New Folder


Make template Same file name

          Jess John           *.mp3         *Lipton*.d*  doc

Find Text            Global                 

Advanced: Not Older than            (always a little bigger)

.         Date ††††††††† Last 3 days,         Last 4 months


          From Active window to view ††††† in not active window

^Q     Quick View        show text or play sound

          Toggles on & off


Ť              Makes other window be the same path as active window


.mp3 .doc  .rtf     Last names are important


To change file name, click, then slow click after pause

Then it is highlighted


Type New Name, return to lock new name

or escape to ignore name change


You can Right Click, to Rename

Click on any column to sort by that attribute

.         By name, date, size, type



^ F12          display only this mask    *Lip*.*

^ F12          delete         restores to whole list


Mark one or more files

Drag to folder, and release to copy there NO NO NO


Shift click and drag will MOVE !