index computer files

Why you should use an index program for managing the information on your computer.


I recorded an audio - that you can listen and follow these notes from the website

I seek people who might agree with me.  I try to say or show what I am thinking so that others can take a position, whether they agree with me or not.

If you agree, then we can go deeper and deeper.

My goal is to give you information or better, a process to get information, so that you can see amazing things I found.

I think are true and they will change the way we live.

Before I knew what I now know, I was helping people who are hurting me and many people, and ignoring the people who are trying to help us.

Truth should be important to us all.  The easiest way to steal from someone, is to lie to them.

Liars lie, that is their nature, but we need to raise our awareness so that we can find truth and step out of the trap of the liars.

Anyone can contact me privately in many ways, and at nearly any time.  I will try to help you.

I want you to think as I now think, and you probably want me to think as you think.  This is normal.  You know reasons for why you think about certain things as you do, but I hope that if you see the information that I gather, that you too can see we were stuck in lies, deceptions, distractions and we did not clearly, truly see a broader situation.

If you come to see or even suspect that others might have lied to you, then you should desire to find the deeper truth.

Sure it takes thought time, energy, and maybe even some cost.

You do not know what you do not know until you finally know it.

I think as you approach the deeper truth, that much of the truth is immediately recognizable as truth.

Some you have to study for a little while or even a long time.

You have the ability to determine truth, but you need information.

There are huge forces to keep you away from the truth.

People, organizations, laws, codes, money powers, many are keeping information away form you because that enables or empowers them and or their organizations.

When you decide that you can discern truth, then you should look at the information that I have.

It is OK you may have been deceive until now. I want to show you what I think is true.  Please consider my information.

I do not pretend that I know everything, or even that I have checked all my information.  I work on patterns.  When I see what is hidden, I find quick ways to fortify my position by collecting supporting information.

To that end I have collected 1/2 million files; books, videos, audios, articles, and even links.

If you take a subject: vaccinations, moon landing, courts, laws, debt, you can explore that with books, libraries, internet and or thru my files.

What I collected in 11 years Is huge and I think important.

I simply do not have the time and energy to sort thru what I have and just give you what you may want and or that you may need.

My father built one of the nicest college libraries in W. Va. It was the best for 25 years.

When he designed it, he had the opportunity to use machinery to bring a book form deep within the stacks to the user with computers and physical retrieval.

He choose NOT to have the books automatically delivered.  He choose to let the patron walk thru the stack to see the book he wanted thinking that the might find a related book near at hand that he id not think to look for.  I think my Dad made a wise decision.

I do not want to control you, don't want to give you limited info.

I want to give you much info, on 100s of subjects.  Some other people might even see what you have and ask you to give them some of my files that even you had no interest in.

I want to be sort of a distributor, sharing information broadly.

I am not a radio or TV station. I cannot persuade people of all the things I share, but if you learn how to use the index system, then you can search my materials and find treasures in my collection.

Hence the 2 programs that I want to show you tonight.

Total Commander & Index Your Files.

I thin that other people figured things out and that if I read/ watch their information, then I can get a benefit.

The trick is first to find their info, and then to read or watch it.

I have many things that are not on the internet, maybe from distant libraries, seminars, special discs, or sources.  Much I have converted.

I have so much materials I cannot send it by  e-mail, nor post to my web for other reasons.

I like you to have much of my info and to just search thru it to find what you want.

If you find something you think is good, tell others in our group or other wise, and then several of you look at it together to see if you can figure out how to use it.

Some want proof.  Anyone can get their own proof if they just search. I teach how to search and I am very flexible and also diverse in finding what most can't find, because they don't look hard enough or long enough.

Anyone can fail at anything at any time. The trick is to persist until you prevail.

I can tall you something once or many time.

So the point is the info that I have form others might help you, if you find and read it.

Do not assume that everything I say is correct. Learn how to test what you will, but I think the more that you do test the more true and convinced you are that what I show is true and useful, even though it might be very different from what you already know.

That is called learning, when you encounter something you did not know.

Some times you have to purse something that is wrong, or not true for a while before you determine it is not true or that you are going in the wrong direction.

If you come to an intersection, choose, act.

Sometime you have to consider, suppose or move on something of which you are not sure.  The deeper into the subject, people, places, events, laws, the deeper you go the more that you confirm or build confidence that you are dealing in the truth.

Many lack confidence to make something true for them.  They do not have a deep understanding and they are easily dissuaded by others.

When YOU search hard and deep, you can built a fortress of info that sustains you from all the Nay Sayers who try to make you think like them and move away from your God given rights.

I can tell you something once or 10 times.

Are you listening ?
It is easy to ignore me, causing me to repeat, repeat, repeat.

You can say you don't understand and make me work harder and harder.

I try to find way that I can talk to and or help you without so much trouble on my on part.

That is why I record slide shows, audios, web pages, videos.

You can see them any time, and or repeat any part of which you are confused.

I will take general question but your questions reveal if you have already looked at what I put on the web.

With many people I have to tech them basic computer operations, copying files, moving them, opening videos and more.

I believe that your computer or tablet or even media player can be your best teacher.

Low cost, always ready & able to help and filled with great information.

Many people are used to text books, seminars, teachers, schools.

I don't bother with all that.

I learned to search, acquire, or borrow, copy and or watch materials that most people will never see.

I have no interest to bend to others thinking (well the popular authorities, people around me and or the news media).

I do drink up great tomes of work, like from Judge Anna Reitz, David Robinson, People's Rights, Americans Bulletin and many others.


Anyone can give you information, and I have tomes of it.

But first I am trying to teach you how to use your own computer

and then I want you to learn the PROCESS to search for things.

After all that you can focus on your goals, rights, law, freedom form taxes, courts, bills, etc.


But I think you should first learn your computer, the learn my process which is clearly described in my web sites and my book      A New Reality.

I am ceasing to have conferences and so I can work on my book.


Anyone can give you information, but I think I am offering the superior position of giving you PROCESS so you can find information.


Imagine if you only read books, you would miss al the great materials on You Tube.

Imagine you only watch videos, then y9o would miss the great books by the authors above I mentioned.

So the more diverse your language skills (books, audios, videos, etc.) the broader and more true and deeper is your information source.


The life we live is based on the information that we get.

I think it is easy to see a deeper truth then most people see.

Most want to be secure, safe, and hang with the popular crowd.  As that is their criteria, they are easily deceived.

It would take me tremendous energy to persuade other people as to the way I see the world.

But when anyone looks at the information I collect, the information is compelling and will persuade them.

Since many people ignore me, as not being a viable sources,

I am no longer going to hold conference calls, except to help other people who have prepared a topic they will present & discuss.

I think I will put my efforts in to circulating my book.  The book does not tell you the answers to our problems, it only shows you how with your own intelligence, if you can

Read, Think & Type (ask the internet a question) you can see a truth that most will never see.

The truth will make us free.  John 8:32

 The best answer begins with understanding the true problem.

Good luck. Ted