Letter to West Virginia Publishers  05/19/2018


Truth will make us Free !

We live in a world of deception.  Since 1917, Congressional Record shows banks bought control of  national newspapers editorial, so they can suppress important truths. see ThoughtPrint.org

1871, the Dist. of Columbia formed a municipal corporation.  It has control over anyone living/ working in D.C. (only) but changed it's name to UNITED STATES, which is a private, for profit, foreign owned corp. who only has jurisdiction over D.C. & any who volunteer.  West Virginia is not the same as WV, WV is a federal region.  To use their words or benefits puts you in their control.


US corp. owns & controls national news, suppressing basic information of on going conspiracies is kept from the public but thru the internet, anyone can easily learn the deeper truths. 

www.abodia.com shows facts, evidence, and letters to colleges, publications, legislators that reveal these hidden truths. 

Truth will make us free. nearly

1/2 million come to my websites.

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