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Election Sting

Here are many important articles.  The most important articles are mixed down this page.

Trump Holds Defiant Rally While Unleashing Largest Military Airlift In Modern History

12/5/2020 - EO 13848 and NESARA! GITMO Flights are constant ! yt from 6.5 min focus on EO 13848
Voter Fraud Checklist

Donald Trump won a major voter fraud court case in this key state Nevada
The FBI got its hands on a smoking gun about voter fraud that has Democrats nervous
A shocking video proving major voter fraud just came out of Detroit

Restoring The Republic with Patrick Byrne on Comfy Sunday

Ep. 2323b - Let Your Plans be Dark as Night, When You Move, Fall Like a Thunderbolt, Drop the Hammer

Globalist are full committed to take down USA - Rinear  - Intl. Forecaster

Why people conform to what's popular, not standing on truth. AmazingPolly.net

High government offices have tried to destroy our Republic- General Michael Flynn: The People's General

A filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) shows that UBS Securities LLC arranged a private placement of $400 million with Staple Street Capital III, L.P. on October 8, 2020.  Staple Street Capital, a private equity firm located in New York, purchased Dominion Voting systems on July 17, 2018, for an undisclosed amount.

 Trump is taking down the Cabal, the Deep State. Ben Fulford.net

Sidney Powell to Newsmax TV: Plenty of Time for Trump to Overturn Election Results 7 min vid

Dec. 3rd – Trump invokes exec. order foreign interference of election, setting military response to cyber warfare

Trump Exec Orders in 2016 & 2018 set up his Sting to capture foreign interference to steal 2020 Election

Trumps speech on 2020 election Voter Fraud

War Between The White House and CIA? 6 min yt Since CIA killed Kennedy, they have tried to wipe out our Republic & Trump.
Alex Jones interviews Pieczenik bv
2 Dec '20 Trump current events

CIA Director was arrested when servers in Germany were seized as evidence of foreign election interference.

- The five SpecOps soldiers killed in Frankfurt, were shot by Ms. Haspel’s security team, and she was wounded.
- She was treated and taken on a rendition flight and quickly turned, telling everything she knows and was returned to the U.S.

Sidney Powell's Legal MOABS Evaporating the Deep State Swamp 20 min. each  Part 1   Part 2

Sidney Powell's Georgia Complain, website, Declaration of voter fraud.

Sidney Powell Files Law Suit - AM. Intelligence Media

    OperationDisclosure1.blogspot.com/  GCR Global Currency Reset is coming soon   

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Formally Introduce Resolution to Dispute 2020 Elections Results

Watch VOTER FRAUD EVIDENCE,: Giuliani attends election hearing in Gettysburg


Arrest of Cabal Agent in Japan will be a Game-changer - Benjamin Fulford 23 Nv '20

Trump and Giuliani participate in hearing on voter fraud in Pennsylvania (Nov. 25) | NT yt
Wisconsin Election Group Files to STOP Certification after finding over 150,000 Fraudulent Ballots!

#91 How the Chinese Government Targeted Hunter Biden | Christopher Balding" yt

A judge will allow the Trump campaign to present evidence of widespread fraud in Nevada which could lead to the reversal of Joe Biden’s so-called “win” in the state and may serve as an example for other states.

Judge Patricia McCullough blocks certification of Penna. ! Giuliani/ Sidney Powell detail today's filings! Az/Dominion

Lots of people in high office, in high crime, going to trial and jail

    Hacking the Voting Machines

Smartmatic Systems Have Massive End User Vulnerabilities.  Governor Kemp awarded a contract for 30,000 new voting machines to Dominion Voting Systems, scrapping the state’s 17-year-old electronic voting equipment and replacing it with touchscreens that print out paper ballots.”

Dominion/ Smartmatic user manual itself makes clear that the system allows for threshold settings to be set to mark all ballots as “problem ballots” for discretionary determinations on where the vote goes. Read more, inside this document: Complaint-CJ-Pearson v Kemp-11.25 2020

Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America’s Elections (2020) | HBO

Election 2020 was Rigged: The Evidence

The Great Reset Abolishes the US Constitution & English Bill of Rights

Leigh Dundas - Breaking Updates - Thanksgiving

Trump declassified all documents of the single greatest political crime in American History, the Russia Hoax. and release the Hillary Clinton email scandal - No redactions !

233 - De-Occulting the Preamble to the Constitution- Marty Leeds

How you can lawfully disconnect yourself, your family and your business from governments and the institutions of law enforcement and no longer comply with ‘COVID-19’ fascism.  David Icke talks with common law expert John Smith at https://www.commonlawcourt.com .

Mysterious Metal Monolith Discovered in Remote Area of Utah Desert

“Sidney Powell is registered as a MILITARY LAWYER and is the only one who can prosecute TREASON at a TRIBUNAL!”
November 23, 2020 The Marshall Report

“When Trump begins his second term a tidal wave of punishment will be coming their way, the likes of which has never been seen before in this country.” In a news report by Hal Turner, his sources state that Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp and the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger both allegedly took money from Communist China, perhaps to intentionally STEAL the November 3rd Election for Joe Biden.

TRUMP ~ SILENT RUNNING By Justin Bellucci 6 Min Video- Rumble
Sidney Powell and Lin Wood Hold Press Conference in Atlanta 12/2/20


War Is Coming and Soon the World will Face a Choice With Eternal Consequences. Are you Ready?
More than one MILLION marchers for President  @realDonaldTrump descend on the swamp (D.C.) in support. Best base in political history  Kayleigh McNany - twitter video
Revolutionary: Alex Jones' most Epic Speech ever at Million Maga March

Voter Fraud evidence - going to court !

Trump EO Sting ^top page

Trump will serve 4 more years, Biden and associates will go to jail. L. Lin Wood

The 2020 election took place under a Trump-declared "National Emergency" that set an Election Day trap for the "unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure"

Quantum Voting Sys. revealed in Aug. 2020

Trump Win Validated by Quantum Blockchain System Recount of Votes

Cybersecurity - Voter Fraud will be exposed and punished.

Trump Triumphs- the Sting - Voter Fraud

Hammer & Scorecard, changes ballots votes. USAF Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney

Election Sting: POTUS Trump Ready for Supreme Court

 US Army seizes Dominion servers in Germany, Trump lawyer vows, ‘I’m going to release the Kraken

INTEL: US Military Raided Scytl Servers in Germany for Evidence after Vote Switching Scandal

Trump rescues 1,000s of children

Manipulating America—The Chinese Communist Playbook
Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell: ‘We’re Getting Ready to Overturn Election Results in Multiple States’

Trump Lawyer Tweets Article Alleging Philly Mob Boss May Reveal How They Stole The Election In Exchange For Full Expungement Of His Criminal Record

Voter Fraud ^top page

11/14/2020 - Trump's EO's Sanctions Traps were set! Election crooks assets seized!

Dominion Voting Software Company Whistleblowers Come Forward; Claim Their Software Changed 3.8 MILLION Votes - Stole Election.

US Election 2020: Full List of Votes Switched or Erased by Dominion

We have Evidence of tons of shocking voter fraud. Lawsuits are filed ! ! yt Rudy Guiliani: Don't believe the media

Source reveals that the CIA ran the vote theft while Trump and the DoD documented the entire election coup

The Epoch Times

Election Outcome Unclear Amid Pending Recounts and Legal Challenges

 450,000 Ballots found cast for Biden only with no other candidate getting any vote.

Chair of the Federal Election Commission Drops Bombshell Announcement of Fraud
The top boss of all the election officials, Trey Trainor, confirms that in his professional opinion, this election is “illegitimate.”

US Elections, blockchain watermark, world wide ID system, rejects counterfeit votes.

The Four Year Plan to Overthrow an Elected President

Voting Software Company Whistleblowers came forward to claim their software changed 38 million votes

CAUGHT! Election data analyzed, producing detailed list of over 500,000 votes SWITCHED from Trump to Biden via voting machine software theft, with heavy fraud focused on swing states  another link

Intel on Election

Scorecard and End of Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden Nov 11, by Anna Von Reitz

Sidney Powell: “There is tons of evidence that 100s of 1,000s of ballots have to be discarded” (Video)

Former Florida Attorney General explains how Trump will win,

Shiva MIT PhD Analysis Reveals 138,000 Votes Switched from Trump to Biden in Michigan

All illegal votes being tossed out os

America or “Banana Republic”? Voter Fraud ALERT! The USA is under attack!

Voter Fraud wide spread

Voter Fraud: Conference call with Trump's lawyer & Leigh Dundas

Trump's Executive Order stops the Election

Lawsuits on the way ! MSM fully exposed !

Election Irregularities

State Attorneys General sue Pennsylvania for changing election rules

Scytl’s Dominion Voting System

Voter Fraud - Natural News


Military Intel on Voter Fraud

President Trump - Voter Fraud Sting - Exec. Order

I see Dead People At Least 21,000 Dead People on Pennsylvania Voter Rolls – Lawsuit

We have 234 pages of sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury alleging election irregularities from just ONE county in Michigan.  Allegations: Eyewitness to each:
- saw batch of ballots, 60% had SAME signature
- saw ballot batch scanned 5 times

Anti-Trump Dominion Voting Systems Security Chief Was Participating in Antifa Calls, Posted Antifa Manifesto Letter to Trump Online

WE CAUGHT THEM! Part 2: Email Inventor Dr. Shiva Finds SAME IMPOSSIBLE BALLOT RATIO Feature in Michigan Results – WE CAUGHT THEM!
Trump set up a Sting, an Exec. Order before the elections, should any tamper with the lawful voting, they will face tough penalties/ jail.
The 2020 election took place under a Trump-declared “National Emergency” that set an Election Day trap for the “unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure

Democrats Are Trying To Steal The Election In Michigan, Wisconsin, And Pennsylvania


Joe Biden secrets ^top page

Cardinal Warns Trump About The Great Reset

Joe Biden’s votes violate Benford’s Law (Mathematics) – GNEWS

Biden Crime Family. 72 page Senate report- evidence & witnesses testimonies, pdf

Joe Biden Clone Alert!! Photo Evidence

Mexican Journalist Exposes Joe Biden's Human Trafficking Compact 10-23-2020

Operation Disclosure: B|iden, O|bama, C|linton, P|elosi Tied to Voter Fraud, Child Traffic|king?

Peter Schweizer: Hunter Biden’s Flipped Business Partner Provided 26,000 Emails os

3 Red Banners in Biden logo - Chinese Communist Party
Case for Biden sainthood opened at Vatican after he raised millions from the dead to vote on election day ! (joke)

The DNC Platform


The People's House, Klaus Becker Speaker many articles

Good info:   Charlie Kirk Show        Dr. Charlie Ward    Charlie Freak
Jo Hull - Charlie Ward Loving It - 120 days until NASARA !


Covid-19 pandemic - website of 100+ of articles.    Virus Overview ^top page

Proof pandemic-was-planned Principia Scientific Intl. ?

COVID-19 Genocide from former UN staff member

The COVID-19 Genocide of 2020

Medical doctors declare that the pandemic was planned

Covid was planned to usher in the New World Order

Kary Mullis, the Inventor of the PCR Test, Explains Why Its Results Are Meaningless

  Dr. Tom Cowan says that the PCR test is meaningless because it has never been standardized and compared to an isolated virus. He says that the package insert for the PCR test by Roche states, “This test is not to be used for diagnostic purposes.” Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test who was awarded a Nobel Chemistry Prize, said that by using certain protocols for the PCR test, scientists can come up with results they want — he stated, “…with PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody.”
How medical Politics works: Dr Judy Mikovitis & Keli Rivers & Catherine Edwards talk to Charlie Ward

Landmark legal ruling finds that Covid tests are not fit for purpose. So what do the MSM do? They ignore it

Powerful LEGAL ways to defend your freedom are coming!
Governors can not make law, nor trespass on your rights. Lockdowns, masks, vaccines - these are all only voluntary.
Sherriff is highest lawful authority.
He can even arrest the governor or President if they trespass on our God given, constitutionally protected rights.

Major British Newspaper Breaks Ranks and Tells the Truth About Covid-19… by Karma Singh
Something to be thankful for... From Britain by Karma Singh: The Daily Mail, Britain’s #3 daily newspaper, in an article spread over two whole pages of the Saturday edition 21st November 2020 entitled “Covid:What they don’t tell you” revealed that the whole thing is just one giant hoax. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8971669/What-DONT-tell-Covid-facts-twisted-strike-fear-hearts.html An excerpt from the article: What […]  Read more of this post

Johns Hopkins published a study saying corona is no big deal. They then deleted it. Read it here in its entirety.
"These data analyses suggest that in contrast to most people’s assumptions, the number of deaths by COVID-19 is not alarming. In fact, it has relatively no effect on deaths in the United States." -- The Johns Hopkins News Letter 11/26/20

Fauci states COVID test has fatal flaw; confession from the “beloved” expert of experts Jon Rappoport

Coronavirus is a Cover: The Planet is Being Cleansed

Eyes Wide Shut- Masked Ball - 5 million in Germany protesting wearing masks


How a COVID-19 Vaccine will affect the American people.

Dr. Schulze  - 3 Reasons Why Flu Vaccines Will NEVER Work!

Bill Gate's plan to vaccinate with micro RFID chip all people in world to control us all (animated cartoon).

According to AmazingPolly.net see her website & videos !

  YouTube closed and erased the years of work of alternative presentations from dozens of Truth Tellers like herself.

    Doing so, YouTube cut over 7+ million people away from their connection to these Truth Tellers.

    This is huge censorship.  Why ?  When the people cannot see the truth, most will accept the lies of mainstream.

Josh X & Charlie Freak Explain the Whole Truth to the False System of Maritime Admiralty Law  yt


Takedown of the Cabal's Evil Plan - YouTube        transcribed here:
    How Trump, NSA, Q-JFK Jr., Against all Odds, Took Down Cabal, Part 1 by Kat - 7.30.20 ~ Intel
    includes: pedophiles: legislators, Hollywood Celebrities, Media Moguls,
Deep State manipulating virus to shutdown world economy, force new laws, wipe out their debts and our rights.


Hunter Biden    ^top page  Hunter Biden crimes and money

Hunter Biden, Joe Biden built an international crime syndicate with ties to human trafficking organizations, prostitution, money laundering, bribery and extortion

Hunter Biden, Burisma, & corruption: the impact on the U.S. Government policy and related concerns. pdf

U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and governmental affairs

U.S. Senate Committee on finance majority staff report

Link to full US Senate report

Biden Listed as Criminal Suspect in Ukrainian Court OAN Chanel Rion yt

Rudy Giuliani Explains the Biden Family Payoff Scheme…

BIDEN CRIME FAMILY’S Payoff Scheme | Rudy Giuliani’s EXCLUSIVE Reaction

Chinese provided 3 hard drives to the US DOJ showing sex & pedophiles video, and revealing Hunter Biden's and Democratic party's huge (illegal ) activities financial transactions by Sept.24th Lude's: yt

unconfirmed: Hunter Biden flips, turns himself in, I am investigating this report


Covid    ^top page    See webpages on Covid

The Virus Hoax - How they do it - David Icke Dot-Connector

ScamDemic Flyer pdf

Bacterial Pneumonia Caused Most Deaths in 1918 Influenza [Masks cause harm]

Doctor Is In: Scott Atlas and the Efficacy of Lockdowns, Social Distancing, and Closings" yt

StopTheCrime.net - Deborah Tavares  talks of the DEW Direct Energy Weapons used to incinerate homes, cars & towns, while leaving adjacent wood forests unburned.  People in our local towns & counties are signing agreements to allow this genocide of our own citizens.

Learn more of the DEW systems our US military has developed, which they show & boast about.  They are using this technology to destroy people & property in uSA pretending this is the results of climate change. Agenda 2030.

COVID-19 is not very contagious  160 articles on virus & pandemic (exaggerated numbers & panic)

CoronaVirus Pandemic is over, Bill Gates, 5 G Radiation
Wuhan Flu predicted in formerly published book. Eyes of Darkness

How they will fake success of vaccine

German doctor sues the World. Topic: The Covid Hoax.

Robert Kennedy Jr. Destroys Big Pharma, Fauci & Pro-Vaccine Movement  vid

Covid-19’s 3 Biggest Lies debunked
500 Doctors Tell Trump to End the Lockdown

Italian Doctor warning

Kary Mullis, Inventor of PCR CV-19 Test, Explains Why Its Results Are Meaningless

Dr. Tom Cowan says that the PCR test is meaningless because it has never been standardized and compared to an isolated virus. He says that the package insert for the PCR test by Roche states, “This test is not to be used for diagnostic purposes.” Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test who was awarded a Nobel Chemistry Prize, said that by using certain protocols for the PCR test, scientists can come up with results they want — he stated, “…with PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody.”

Covid Test Implants chip

Masks Debate - Jeff Berwick- Dollar Vigilante


Other Burned, Flooded, and Electrified Deborah Tavares (1hr 40m)  StopTheCrime.net is her website & you tube channel.

Movie the Trump Card by DInesh DSouza

Anna von Reitz explains our situation - Forms to change status.

What is Gaslighting ?  Free Energy- people murdered ?


Reference files    12 Presumptions of Court, US definitions, Void Ticket or Bill Education in Law

Fall of Cabal - End of World as we know it, documentary series. short pieces

Fall of Cabal - Part 3 by Janet Ossebaard

JFK to 9-11, A Rich Man's Trick, Witch on you tube, key ideas shown here.

DEFLATION to HYPERINFLATION : yt Germany 1923 history and now : what could we expect ? Start at beginning or here:  Mike Maloney
The airplane fuel hoax

An Economic Hit Man Confesses and Calls to Action | John Perkins | TEDxTraverseCity  yt

The Anarchist's Guide to Galaxy  down load pdf booklet  A World of freewill without force or threat would be a better world.

    Must government CONTROL everything ?  What is people can make their own choices without out force or threat ?

HellStorm - How Eisenhower killed millions of Germany civilians AFTER WW II was over.

Through The Looking Glass  ...and Beyond     100 year old technology, time travel ?


Exposing the cover up Hillary Iran Benghazi treason and Trump Clinton Foundation servers selling Nuclear  codes to foreign gov'ts.

The Treason Report, largest theft in history, stealing Social Networking software, treason in government to protect the thieves.

    Ted's 8 page summary of the 610 page pdf above.

_1_   _2_   & A Nation on Fire, bushfires of Australia, millions of acres on fire.

(Man made/ weather augmented) Fires in Australia destroy people, land, animals, property & similar on going worldwide

Pilgrims Society

Introduction to Conference Calls text 26 Nov.'19  Same as audio 1   2    3

Flat Earth be Afraid book by Stith- free on Kindle

Conf. calls on Tuesday at 7 pm   abodia.com/t/call

Opting Out of government:  10 Nov Sunday at 7 pm, 12 Nov l.


People's House 1 Nov 2019

311 Predictive Programming- Attack on Seattle, Space Needle, football stadium.

5G, Vaccine danger, Free Energy

Tesla Wave Cures 29 Oct conf. call

Big-Brother-merges-with-Big-Pharma-Vaccines so they can track us all anywhere.

Oct 22-23 False Flags in Europe ?

311 Attack on Seattle, 3 Nov. 2019

News 8 Oct. 2019  Many articles

New way to get information  No more e-mails !  Ted just posted to the web.

Alternative to US Postal Service address

Comments on Hudok  Opting out of federal government obligations.

How to step out or remain outside of jurisdiction of courts by David Robinson, author.

    Don't get involved with their papers, not with their birth certificate.  Make your own.

Soil - the Need to Grow

Flat Earth Intl. Conf. in Dallas 14-15 Nov. 2019  only $ 40 for full conference live streaming.

Now    other items    link   


> > Freedom Conference < < NOW Anarchapulco.com Conference  February. 1, 2020 approx. date

Ted's next Conf. Call.  Monday 18 Feb. 2019.  We'll discuss above & a recent audio I shared.


Mainstream hides huge crimes so Americans can live simple lives

unaware of all the crimes & killing they support by their avoiding the alternative news.

7-Jan-19     < Most recent articles

THE WORLD MUST KNOW. #PureEvil #HellOnEarth


          10 minutes then 1 minute snuff film at end (I did not watch the last minute).


Since 2011, more than 18,000 Syrian human beings have had their organs harvested. Men, women and children.

Mainstream media has been silent. No one i...


Marty Leeds You Tube:  the evidence in the public: 

#Pizzagate: Excellent & In-depth Breakdown              https://youtu.be/_uvCrzGUjFQ

Flat Earth - The Ultimate Litmus Test                   https://youtu.be/eNVvRxQWb6g


My faith in Yahweh God gives me strength to share what I can while I can so others might see what is hidden.

13,000 sealed indictments ready to release

More New    other articles

Subrogation How to Win in Court - You Are Law- article      Audios on Subrogation
    Discussion Thurs. 8 March 2018, 7 pm eastern on our group's conference call.

News is happening fast.  I post at the top the newest.    For more news, click here:    News 2 at this website.

Notes    Notes1

Cypto Currencies - Paradigm Shift download Bit Coin booklet pdf from Hard Truth Magazine

Justinian Deception is important topic.  For 500 years they pretend our name in ALL CAPITAL letters is our obligation.  Nope ! Be Free.

Scientists at Dakila Pesquisas release documentary proving that the Earth is not round


Project Cloverleaf – Chemtrails and their Purpose

Operation Cloverleaf: The Most Dangerous Weapons Testing Program in History

9200 sealed indictments in 94 US District Courts 
Update Now Nov. 2020, I think there may be 100 or 200,000 indictments.

Are the 200+ Recently Resigned CEO's on Trump's List?   You Tube

Corporate Transnational Warlord Pirates are on the Run    Article    Published on Dec 29, 2017

The CEO's of some of the largest companies in the world have coincidentally “stepped down” at the same time that the first president in U.S. history formally announced a “national emergency” and a type of war against every criminal in America, the international corporate world, and every country and organization in the world that wishes to break U.S. laws, including the U.N. which Trump has already “called out” for its crimes and has begun to de-fund them.
Just look at the tidal waves that Trump recently caused in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, etc. by simply announcing that America was now going to be moral and honest. ...

End of Deep State, Cabal    Illuminati - peace    American History

There was no Fukushima nuclear disaster

The terrible toll from Japan's tsunami came from the wave, not radiation

Black Goo, A.I., Chemtrails, Morgellons, Programmable matter

This Black Goo is the most demonic and serious problem of which I am aware.

Dismiss Case - traffic ticket, law suit, anything you don't want in court.

Hierarchy — the pecking order of society - How to be free under Jesus.

Justinian Deception- DOG-LATIN

Judge Anna von Reitz on DOG-LATIN

4000 Sealed Indictments political/ elite pedophiles being rounded up

Biggest Sting in History pedophilia

National Lawyers Guild - Communist

Marines at Langley  Military seizes CIA documents & computers

Rothschild Banks world wide

Government admits Chemtrails

JFK Assassination Plot Exposed


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Anna von Reitz explains our situation in law

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I encourage anyone to read widely on this www.abodia.com website.


Here is my simple summary.  We are being deceived by people much higher in the world than most can even imagine.

Higher in the sense that they have nearly unlimited wealth and power over most of us, thru laws, money, governments, corporations, etc.


We have been taught or conditioned to believe many things that are not true, or not the primary thing to know.


The more that you learn of these suppressed truths, the more able you are to establish your own freedom, safety, wealth, health and well being.


Beyond all, each of us should learn about and work with our Creator, to me, Yahweh, the God of the King James Bible.


What mainstream and most people know or believe is a shallow truth.

To learn a deeper truth is very important.


You may think that only news is deceptive; 9-11, Sandy Hook, Oklahoma City Bombing.

but actually nearly everything is hugely deceived:

history, law, government, medicine, cures, education, and much more.


The people who maintain power and control over us do so by keeping most people in the lie and keeping them dependent on this flawed, deceptive system.  Most of us are struggling to support, honor and obey people who are leading them into these vast deceptions.


Pray for safety and remedy.

It is possible that the new crypto currencies could be a solution.

We may be able to buy and sell , exchange, and or establish ownership or products, services, ideas, a songs, homes, cars, etc. even with people who we do not know, who are far away, thru secure authenticated ways of barter with crypto currencies.

They seem to be beyond the reach of hackers.  Read more at the link above.

Robert Fox Teaches the Law, God bless him  You Tube    Published on Dec 31, 2017

Crash Course on American Law, 1 hr. / day for 24 days, NLA.

Important You Tubes - Money, Fed. Res., JFK assassination, NASA fakery, & 100s more.

Pagan events swept into Christmas:  Jeremiah 10 2-4       Don't do as the heathens, and cut a tree, bring it into your home and decorate it with silver & gold.

More here:    www.abodia.com/new    

        There are many different ways to learn:  Internet, You Tube, my web site.

Belief and knowing is based on information.  If you avoid information, you can pretend things are not happening, but only suffer consequences later.

You can doubt or not believe things of which you have no information, but anyone can easily follow an idea until you have definite information.

Certainly unbelievable, incredible things are happening all around us. It is better to be informed to avoid lost, harm, danger,

        then to be fixed on old ideas that these new things are NOT happening.

I learn fastest by reading and keeping articles.  Videos are a way to enter a new subject, but reading can manage more detail effectively.

Here are many important You Tube videos.

Hint:  Sometime you have to read, listen, watch a lot of information before you finally realize that it is real, true, important, as you were so firm, convinced, stuck in an old way of thinking. 

On morals and behavior, we should honor God's word in the bible. 

- - -    - - -    - - -    - - -

On present activities, we should be aware of a changing, world, as suppressed information is being revealed.

There are now over 9200 sealed indictments in 94 US District Courts filed from 10/30 thru 12/22.  This can all be verified with the courts' PACER system.

This link has a pdf from PACER from each court:
Click on button "11/27 thru 12/22" for pdf of each individual court's latest docket list.
Most of the courts have all of the indictments filed on the same day, and the case numbers are sequential.
A normal year has only about 1000 sealed indictments.  This year had 9294 in 2 months.  DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!
It will be interesting to watch as they are unsealed in the coming weeks and months to see which govt officials, CEOs, Hollywood types, etc. are charged with pedophilia, rape, murder, eating babies, treason, bribery, money laundering, and so on.
See also: https://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2018/01/9200-sealed-indictments-as-of-last-week/

9200 Sealed Indictments as of Last Week

What sparked most interest were the record number of sealed “docs”

Link to back-up files: https://t.co/I4pZoZBRkP

How many are normal? 1,077 per 2009 report: https://t.co/vn0serR2cW

Updated counts are in 9,294 total@damartin32 organized the count (see team in graphic) pic.twitter.com/QIn6gT3qkn

— THESTORMHASARRIVED (@Sewapalooza) December 31, 2017

Peter the Great - You Are Now Released From All Contractual Obligations as of 5th November 2020 !

Background on truth

New Articles - Fall 2020