Flexner Report: Rockefeller AMA, Western Medicine Takeover




Rockefeller gained world monopoly over oil, then bought control of US: medical industry and public education.


By funding only medical schools based on using petroleum products they starved all the medical colleges teaching the long established cures of natural medicine.


For want of money, doctors, clinics, hospitals, labs, many are deceived to believe lies and harm other people.


Dr. Thomas  Cowan book shows no virus entity ever made anyone sick (it is product not source) nor could and experiment ever cause a sick person to give a well person their illness.


To learn, know, speak truth, you lose friends, status, benefits and money.


Federal reserve notes, fake money, central banks control the world thru news, universities and government by hiding truth.


It is at the source, foundation where the deception was established.


Accepting public, popular news from gov., medicine, universities, clinics & news accepts their lies and control.


Those who ignore history must repeat those lessons.


By observation and reason we can escape the draconian control of treasonous liars, would be rulers.


To ignore info is to be captured by it.


Info or truth is basis of our decisions and actions.


You can know more than professionals whose income is based on their accepting some info. (Lies)


No one knows anything.

We all have beliefs based on what others say.

Most of our life is controlled by people who do not know nor care about us.


Our teachers do not intentionally lie.

They only repeat what they were taught. They never question authorities who control all of us as we accept their info.