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Assassination and Mrs. Paine


Paine was not innocent and naive.

Paine drove from New England to New Orleans and picked up Marina Oswald, wife to Lee Harvey Oswald and all their worldly goods.  Paine drove them to Irving Texas to live with her.

Paine got Oswald a job at Texas Book Depository just weeks before JFK shooting.

Paine was asked over 5000 question, more than any one else, by the Warren Commission interviewed.

Paine says Oswald did shooting alone to prove he could do it but Oswald never bragged or claimed credit for the shooting.

 Paine is CIA agent to promote the false idea of one lone shooter.

She was employed by CIA

I have gathered tomes of info refuting Warren Report conclusions.

See you tube 

JFK to 911 a Rich man's trick

Many people seek or accept only info that agrees with what they now know.

It is rare that we can look outside of what we know.

... but we must so look...

If we don't look, we are forgiving and encouraging the criminals