US Atrocities in WW II

We have to learn some things before we can consider other things.

The modern world (governments) control education, and in many things greatly distort truth so that we the people accept & support what government now is doing.


Watched this video on Rumble:

    Gemma O'Doherty and E. Michael Jones: Knowing the Truth of WW II will set you free.

 Read this website.


Conclude what really happened in WW II is HUGELY different than most are taught or know.

After WW II ended, General Eisenhower put a barbed wire fence around 1000s or millions of German prisoners of war.  Most died of starvation, exposure, disease as they were not cared for in humane, Geneva Convention rules.

The truth will make us free. John 8:32


Governments are not just a current force, but they underlie all that we think & do as per the false narratives they teach us to justify their actions.

We have an opportunity and a duty to seek truth.

Are we stuck in what we "know" or can we learn ?

    Ted Elden