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1776 Nation, our laws & documents.

1776 Nation - The Documents


Mainstream media has to tell other things. The Military is in control and they’re going to keep everything dark until they clean out the world until it’s time to reveal it to everyone.

It’s a script. The Military is making all evil players visually and illegally violate the U.S. Codes in front of you the public.

Ever since January 2021, there's been NO LESS than 300 military aircraft in the sky daily, all around the world, running missions and operations

Many of those are Globemasters, Hercules, Stratotankers, which all cost $70,000 per hour to operate. Fighter Jets are $25,000 to $35,000 to operate per hour. The Doomsday Plane, the Nightwatch, the Joint STARS, are all in the $100,000 per hour plus range.

Maritime Law was put into President Trump’s Executive Order 13848 to activate on November 3, 2020.

Maritime Law means ‘no foreign goods to enter the United States.’

The reason that’s important... is that C-130 Hercules, call sign 76-3302, belongs to the New York Air National Guard. This National Guard flew to New Hampshire and back.

The only way National Guard Units operate in other states or across state lines is FEDERAL ACTIVATION.

They do NOT operate in other states for “training purposes.”

In Layman's terms, National Guard members get the nickname “Weekend Warriors”... so, apply it that way. It’s Wednesday, June 29, 2022, and there’s no hurricane or tornadoes that would classify as a National Emergency for the activation of National Guard from other states to be in Virginia.

They were visually activated January 6, 2021, and January 17, 2021, and have not been rescinded of their orders as there’s been no less than 300 military aircraft in the skies every single day since January 2021. I’m just one Vet, but I am one of many who have been watching and keeping flight logs.

“Biden” didn’t activate the National Guard. President Trump did on January 6, 2021, but even more so, wrote Maritime Law activation date of November 3, 2020, in a 2018 Executive Order.

The reason why the World Generals and Trump didn't, don't, won't, wouldn't, can't, and ain't going to tell you what they're doing...

One, it's common sense not to tell your enemy what you're doing, but it goes back to his first debate ever: Trump told the American People "you will never know what happens with the actions of our Military... it's stupid to tell the enemy what we're doing."

Two, we have the MOST LETHAL and TOP Military in the world man power and intelligence... therefore it was not needed.

This was not a Top Secret Operation as far as what you could have known and read... Every single thing happened right in front of everyone that align with our Foundation, Origin, Military Law, the Constitution, and U.S. Law.

Many heard, but didn’t LISTEN. President Trump said multiple times over and over every year.

"We have it all."

"We've caught them all."

"There's a storm coming, wait for it."

Trump warns you the people about the STORM coming! October 2017:


In 2012, Obama reversed the Mundt-Smith Act of 1948 allowing the media and press to use propaganda as "News." [ i.e. gave government permission to lie to Americans.]

In Trump’s Executive Order 13959, signed November 12, 2020, it specifically states: those who use US Stocks & Trades to knowingly fund the CCP (Communist China Party) military, those assets will be frozen effective immediately after 9:30 AM EST, January 11th, 2021.

Executive Order 13959:

Over 1,300 CEOs have stepped down since this activated January 11, 2021, 9:30 AM Eastern

Jeff Zucker, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerburg (dumping stocks), Warren Buffett (left Gates Foundation), Bill Gates and wife announce divorce, CNN whole ownership and staff change, Chris Wallace gone, Disney CEOs busted, NBC Anchors busted in sex stings, and the list continues... and is growing. In February 2021, Mark Zuckerburg started a weekly and steady dumping of assets in which he has sold $25 million in stocks to this present day. Facebook's recent "glitch" and 6 hour shutdown was not coincidence.

Forbes on Zucks Stocks:

The richest man in the world, who made his whole mission to take over and dominate Walmart in Logistics by acquiring Whole Foods and applying his logistics and supply chain model from Amazon, Jeff Bezos, STEPPED DOWN for “Philanthropy reasons” LOL yeahhhhh.

Bill Gates and his wife all of a sudden announced their divorce while Warren Buffet simultaneously left the Bill Gates Foundation.

Ever since January 11, 2021, there’s been over 1,300 CEOs resign. There’s something in the news every single day showing CEOs resigning, being arrested, busted, etc.

And here’s where it gets really, really, really good.


The other most important piece of Law is the Presidential Emergency Action Document(s) better known as a PEAD.

PEADs are between the President and the Military (Pentagon). NO ONE, not even Congress knows what is inside of them.

The Military and Trump already knew there was Election Fraud, hence the Executive Order 13848 signed in 2018 with the specific date of November 3, 2020, inside of it, Maritime Law inside of it, and a National Emergency, and other Presidential Emergencies

A little time before the Election, a PEAD was written to transfer ALL governing authority to the President of the United States upon a triggering event.

That triggering event was proof of a foreign government directly or indirectly colluding with election officials to change the results of the election.

Insert: See the mirror word: colluding.

"Under the Constitution, the old president continues to hold full power through 11:59:59, and then power shifts at noon."

So, why did "Biden" swear in at 10 AM EST?

Everything from selection of electors, January 6, and “inauguration” were the visual and illegal actions for the public to see and complete the violation of U.S. Codes of Crimes Against Humanity, Fraud and Treason committed.

In order to hold someone guilty of a crime, there must be what? Evidence. Not a single American can say there was not any evidence after all of the Executive Orders, Presidential Emergencies, Presidential Acts, National Emergencies, from 2017 to 2021.

As in the U.S. Law of the Commonwealth Act No. 671, a puppet was too, also “sworn in'' in 1941 in the

Philippines... The puppet does not mean a thing, because the Commonwealth Act No. 671 protected the Philippine people from Japan.

This PEAD and all of the other Law and Order around it, protect you.

Remember... Trump’s words from 2016 forward:

“We are draining the swamp."

 "We have it all."

"We've caught them all."

"You'll find out soon enough, wait for it"

“There’s a storm coming... Wait for it.”

"The evidence and crimes will be shown to the world and they will pay for their crimes and it will be done with FULL ACCORDANCE TO THE LAW."

The breakdown:

Our Military Intelligence knew Hillary dumped votes in 2016, but did not dump enough. They knew Biden and rhinos (Obamas, Bushes, Clintons, Rothschilds, Soros' along with cabal in other countries) were going to dump votes the night of November 3, 2020. Hence why Trump signed the most prolific, iconic, and historic Executive Order by any President in 2018 (Executive Order 13848).

The night of the Election, November 3, 2020, not only was President Trump and team sitting in the Eisenhower Building watching these massive Quantum Informations Systems operating and tracking the Fraud in LIVE time, but, Trump's Executive Orders from 2017 to 2020, proves the Military has been knowing, hence why the US and World Generals came to him in 2012 to devise a plan to retake America back from the evil hands she's fallen to for many years plus help our ally countries as well.

Our Military knows EVERYTHING. Our Military Intelligence and President Trump appointed agencies were already tracking the fraud LIVE.

Those who used their assets to fund Chinese Communist Party and Military, Ukraine, etc. which are addressed and outlined in Trump's Executive Order 13959, the declassification of Obama being paid off via Iran for Osama Bin Laden which as a false "Trade Deal" with Iran in which Obama actually gave them $150 billion to keep quiet that we didn't kill Bin Laden (Iran evacuated him).

 Biden had to illegally accept the nomination and be visually, illegally “inaugurated” to the public in order to complete treason and fraud according to:

18 US Code 115

18 US Code 2385

3 US Code 15

52 US Code 20511

18 US Code 2381

18 US Code 2384

President Trump left D.C. January 20th on Air Force One #29000 with the Nuclear Football, and has FULL control of all Presidential Aircraft and leading our government-in-exile (Commonwealth Act No. 671). AF1 29000 has been inactive since June 2021. The Doomsday Plane which has been very active this May 2022.

Therefore... until the FEDERAL Government passes a Law that “Mail-in Votes” are LEGAL... they’re ILLEGAL at this point, no matter your opinion.

Pelosi lied when she said she was calling for the "National Guard" to D.C. for the “protection of our democracy and inauguration?"

Do you really think or believe the Pentagon and Generals take orders from someone who has NO Military Rank or role with the Military?

She’s a freaking Senator. She has NO MILITARY RANK or SAY-SO in the Military anything much less orders.

When you saw those Troops enter the District of Columbia, a foreign territory in Military terminology and language, you should and could have known.

This is ALSO why it’s important to read the LAW about the United States becoming a Corporation (way above) and it being a foreign entity and the square miles.

Which is also why “Biden” became a foreign object after the PEAD activated along with Executive Order 13848 and other laws.

The Media are going to be held accountable at the Military Tribunals too. Everything from November 3, 2020, is all a script, they have to write articles that violate the U.S. Codes because they did not adhere to the Military and Trump from 2017 to November 3, 2020.


And why did the "Biden Administration" build a Capitol Building replica set (stage)? Perhaps the barriers blocking the Capitol Building that were put there by the National Guard after January 6th, before January 20th, on the 17th by the National Guard whom only the PRESIDENT can federalize to duty.

Not to mention, in that “replica”, in April 2021, why did the Press Secretary TELL YOU, right in front of you, that planes are flying above the White House?

Do you not even know the simplicities of Federal Aviation Laws?

WATCH and Listen to your “Press Secretary:”


READ the article:

https://www.usatoday.com/videos/news/have-you-seen/2021/04/16/f-22-fighter-jets-interru pt-white-house-press-conference/7255359002/

What does the Federal Aviation Regulations say about this?

No Aircraft can be 33 miles radius around D.C. much less above the White House

 the Military (Pentagon) Generals and World Generals had been planning a secret Coup since 2012.

Not only was this a Covert Operation planned from 2012 to present day. Trump not only was asked by Generals and World Generals to be the Leader... He had the Pentagon Military backing him, but also won more votes by Military members under the Pentagon meaning the soldier class than any other President... plus paid them more in salaries.

My Army MOS: Air and Missile Defense. We know military aircraft and their weapon capabilities along with all kinds of missiles etc.

We have to identify an aircraft in 5 seconds with just a tip of the wing eclipsing from a cloud and tell what it is, how fast it flies, its maneuver abilities, its weapon capabilities, what branch and country it belongs to, etc. or they consider you “dead.”

As our top experts say, “they see you before you hear them.”

Everything you’re currently “looking” at is a Script being played out in front of you... “Biden” is an actor... and Congress is acting a Screenplay in front of you to keep everything flowing.

The real cronies are in GITMOOOOOOOO

Everything from November 3, 2020, are all optics via the Military Generals and President Trump. The Military Generals have known EVERYTHING for years.

Since January 21, 2021, there’s been over 300 Military Aircraft in the skies DAILY. And everything you’ve seen via “Congress” and “news media” is all scripted until the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America, 1787 Constitution, is restored.

There’s a storm coming... wait for it.” - President Trump October 2017. No coincidence.

“The American people are going to have to experience fear, terror, panic, anxiety, stress, and regret, before they ever APPRECIATE what is about to take place.” - 4-Star General Michael Flynn.