American State Nationals   from Michael Anthony

    This is an exceptional educational video. 

U.S. National / State Citizen Comprehensive Guide (Non Citizen National)


Very important process to follow in step by step on the documents. Links are underneath the video in the description box.

Click on them and download the files and follow his process step by step is very important

Carl Miller - know your Constitution

Americas Assembly


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(If people do not know their constitutional rights it's a waste of time them getting on calls and just listening in and never taking action that's the problem with this country they don't know their constitutional rights and therefore they do not know when their rights are being violated cuz they don't know their rights so therefore they just listen in and listening every week and we never get nowhere so unless people take action no action produces zero results

I'm not claiming to be a teacher I just know where the laws are at and where it all started because I learned from a former international judge who can go back in history to the 1300s the air equate Indians assess the KV trust 1666

The most important things to learn in this country right now is where it started, the enabling act what laws were enabled and who had the authority and it is the 4 founding fathers documents.

Some people have to be pointed in the right direction so I just thought to share that with you.

If anybody wants to communicate with me and wants to learn some of these things and wants to discuss some of these things I'm more than willing to share some information with them because we need more people in the assemblies that are knowledgeable and that are willing and open-minded to the knowledge because I can prove everything I say I don't share any information that doesn't have a citation or doesn't have it written in our statutes at large Public Law whatever so there's not many people willing to do that for most they're trying to charge them and I don't want to charge anybody.


Michael Anthony  (contact Ted to reach Michael A.)

I could use a couple of like-minded people open to discuss their opinions at the current knowledge level and or after reviewing information and a few videos to formulate sort of like a board of directors who analyzes information and agrees on it votes on it based on knowledge research in order to correctly change our statuses in this country. 

Without a doubt these are the documents:

1) The Enabling Act (book 1) at a law library of their choice. It will be the first 110 pages of the Enabling Act at a minimum and this is from a former international level judge who is constitutional and is teaching my private Law class.

2) Federalist papers- reading 1-81 at a minimum. 

3) Understand "Marbury v. Madison".  How it ties together with article 6 section 2 of The Constitution, Article 1 section 8 cause 3, 9, 17.

4) Constitutional Rights- study this video: The laws of the land and authority.

There is a document that they can download directly beneath in the description box of the video. What I found out also is there is a word for word transcription of the video with highlights of all the arguments along with the citations from the Constitution that we can copy and paste and create documents of authority which are fact. Once these officials know that people understand they come tomorrow rights without a doubt is when people will start winning against these people in government.

5) understanding the W-4 process. This is a four document process that takes about 15 minutes of your time to have every entity from your employers, IRS themselves, your Banks credit card agencies, credit bureaus, any entity that has used our names and social security number you can file a W-4 statement against them because it is a statement and it says it on the W-4 that you can file a 1040 return or you can file a statement but they do not tell you exactly what a statement consists of so I took a course on the W-4 and found out that's a statement it's equivalent to a 1099 a by the way therefore filing these documents requesting a W-9 from most of these entities most people can recoup funds that they paid out to these agencies because they are not paying taxes on the funds that they're extorting from us because it is double dipping by usurping your private account through your social security number and your tax exemption credits that they're getting and a collecting funds from you at the same time that are not being taxed so I hope I explain this correctly.

***** Topics I've discussed here are very important to know without going into details about all the other stuff that distracts us in this Sovereign movement. I have done a lot of research intensively been part of many groups and I say this confidently that these topics here I have found to be the heart and soul of what we need to do and should enable people to defend themselves and prove these property tax people and all the entities that are around us that have been double dipping put them in their place and stop the attacks and claims brought against us along with zeroing out all the negative information and credit reports which many people have successfully done. 

 Ted recommends this book:   Roger Sayles          Sovereign to Serf