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Wake Up - Truth Surround us. Research by Ted Elden, Public Speaker, Architect, ret. computer guru

The world is very different then main steam news and government tells us. 

A New Reality    12 Jan. 2016  Learn truth on 9-11, Sandy Hook, ...

Letter to - - - > > Carnegie Mellon University, President & other College Presidents

> > WVU President Gordon Gee

List of College Presidents below who received this letter.

A New Reality - pdf book         - Know Truth !, an instruction book to find truth.

www.ThoughtPrint.org        a Method to find, confirm, know truth, quick & easy.


Knowledge is based on information.

Sometimes someone may tell you or give you information, but you doubt it.


Search for a "quoted phrase" to quickly find or confirm that information from diverse sources.


ThoughtPrint describes that method.


A New Reality discusses ways to follow thoughts, concepts, ideas.

Retain what you are learning, follow clues as you explore.


By retaining and following your clues, you can follow simple rumors to deep facts.


What is popular, what the world believes is often very different then what the facts show.


Most of us are in a hurry, and just accept what we think comes form credential, esteemed, educated scholar, and experts.


Letter 12 January, 2016 to College Presidents in W. Va. & around Pittsburgh.


Is your duty to teach truth, or to simply make money, increase prestige, ignore criteria ?

College Presidents - Truth or $ ??        See list of College Presidents & their adddresses

Is money more important then truth ?
Who're Gate Keepers, suppressing truth ?

Greetings: This is important.

Here is a list of colleges presidents to whom I send this note. www.abodia.com/bk

You can ignore me, but talk to the other college presidents !.

Must you maintain the illusions that are common in public education ? or should you promote truth ?

I am not SMARTER then other people, I simply test information that comes to me. At a point, I start looking for information, and following the clues.

www.ThoughtPrint.org is MY method.

A New Reality is my book, at www.aboda.com/book

This is my base web site:


Of any extension mentioned below add it to this web site like this:  

www.abodia.com/911        There is web site index or Best Web Pages listed from www.abodia.com/t  or www.abodia.com/truth

I'm a retired architect, www.TopORock.net

I graduated from Blair Academy, Colorado Outward Bound (survival) school, Carnegie Mellon Univ. - Bach. of Architecture, I served on our state and national Nat. Council of Arch. Registration Boards, and their committees.

In 2005, I started to investigate What Really Happened on 9-11.  First an hour or 2, then 10, then 100, now over 1,500+ hours of research.  I gathered a tome of information from credentialed professionals: engineers, scholars, material scientists, pilots, etc.

What news & government told us of that event is not the basic, important facts. They are suppressed.  I speak to colleges and civic groups around our state.

Having learned that, I looked at income tax, cancer cures, truth on banking, history, law, and find them all to be a huge deception to keep most Americans under the control of the elite, who try to rule our world.  13 banking families control the equivalent of a Federal Reserve world wide, private banks in a monopoly, to control currency, governments, laws, politicians, corporations, institutes, universities, history, media: news, TV, books & movies.

Wow, what a concept !

YOU CAN KNOW.  We live in a busy, rushed world where we yield to other professionals to watch their fields, but their leaders are bought out (Universities too ?)

Do you get federal aid, grants, funding ?

Are you tied to your money, for new buildings, recruits. Do you accept some flaws in your teaching criteria ?  Is that OK because you are working on the "greater good" to give many a basic "education."

What does education mean ?  To bring more and more people to a common view point (although  that view is not ENTIRELY true), making people homogonous so governments and corporations can manage people.

Once you look OUTSIDE of your world, you will find, as I have, that teenagers can figure out the truth.

Colleges, governments, institutes stop us from thinking.

Admittedly Americans have grown apathetic. They are restless, and lethargic in the world.

The news bombards them with so much information - it LEADS them to conclusions that are NOT true.

www.abodia.com/sh          Sandy Hook, No one was killed there. Diverse sources weave together to make the proof.  There is a video by Smallstorm linked from my web page, and you can get Fetzer's book: No One was killed at Sandy Hook, from www.ThePowerHour.com Radio.

A bigger deception: The world is not a globe, but is a Flat Earth.  NASA, Moon & Mars Landing, Space Lab, Hubble, are all Hoaxes

Watch You Tube - Flat Earth Clues linked from my web page. www.abodia.com/fe

Anyone can know basic and simple truth, from their observations, investigation and or reasoning.

We are taken over by a world of crooks, that lie to us and leave us in the lie.  Is money, power, control more important to you then simple basic truth ? Where is your morality ?

I am one guy, I just read & follow clues via ThoughtPrint.  I have found most everything I study is a thin veneer to hide the deeper truth, often the opposite of the popular truth to keep the people from knowing.

YOU CAN KNOW, Anyone can.  Most people follow popular and loud or dominate voices, Americans have quit thinking.

I chose to study law (on my own) and have stepped out of many false claims on me by courts, attorneys, police. 

Common Law is alive in America.

I host weekly conference calls. Thurs. 7 to 9 pm.  I will talk to anyone, at any time, on any of 100s of subjects. I am NOT SMARTER,

I just look longer, deeper.

344,000+ hits/ people are coming thru my web sites. www.abodia.com/z Index

Judges expose deceptions of ALL CAPITAL NAME,   STATE of Common Law.  www.abodia.com/u            Probable Cause on Left

Ted of Elden, 304 344 2335

on Charleston, W. Va.    t @abodia.com

from www.TopORock.net            studio

www.abodia.com/z                       Index

Those who decimate information have high jacked knowledge.


As we don't test information, news media; TV, newspapers, books, and movie

have rushed in to take control of the know world.


We are drowning in many lies, but a teenager, who is only curious,


can find, confirm and know deeper truths then our esteemed leaders know or relate.


People think they can hold their job, family, property, if they just accept what is on going around them.


Have we have released the limit of lies.


Each of us are drowsing in lies, but we hardly know as we are so so deep in the illusions.


At this site, view 100s of pages revealing basic suppressed truths, health, technologies, government, law, history, etc.  I am not the source. You can find diverse sources via www.ThoughtPrint.org or by searching for a "quoted phrase".


You have the ability to think. If you can read, think, question (ask the internet a question),

then you can find, confirm and know many deep, suppressed secrets that keep most people living in fear & submission, paying taxes, and supporting endless wars and government programs.

All this is doing is concentrating the wealth and power into the hands of unethical, greedy, evil people, elites, who are trying to rule our world.