W. Va. U. President E. Gordon Gee:   DATE August 15, 2018

Your news article is enclosed.

I understand it is easier to GOVERN people if we all think alike, know the same thing, hence school & college… i.e. University or Universal thinking  …..  but would it not be better if we are all instructed in truth !

I'm a graduate of Carnegie Mellon Univ., I served on W. Va. & National Board of Architects, and simultaneously ran architectural firms & several different businesses.

In 2005, I started to study 9-11, which I explored for 1,500+ hours to find that government, media, universities all lie about the main, obvious points.


Peter Jennings of ABC shows on 911, in NYC, to WTC, 1 million tons of concrete, steel & glass were pulverized in 9 seconds, a force unknown to the public.  Americans have abandon their obligation to think, reason, question.

Any teenager (or adult) who can Read, Think & Question (use internet) can easily find the Truth. [A New Reality, my free book explains how.] www.ThoughtPrint.org, is my website & my method in just 2 pages.

Here is my main website:  www.abodia.com

Once you solve or understand any one conspiracy, then you can solve many of them.

I collected 1/2 million files; documentaries, books, etc. that show the suppressed truths.

NASA never proved they put a man on the moon, they faked what photos & video we have and now they have destroyed that evidence.

No One Died at Sandy Hook, it was a drill, to frighten Americans to accept gun control legislation so that only government and criminal would have guns, leaving Americans defenseless.

Certainly, you have the intelligence to understand any of these issues, but you MAY have neither the important suppressed information or you MAY lack the desire or will to know these important truths.

Most people have a job, title, perks, friends, reputation.  They cannot afford to put their advantages in jeopardy by considering these unusual, unpopular ideas.

So we drum along,

Doctors destroying health, lawyers waiving our rights, professionals and experts honoring the party line, while America drop from it high worldwide ranking to be a nation of obedient, unthinking, slaves to the corporate world around us.

I am not smarter than anyone. I simply chose to look at unusual things I encountered, the more I study, the more fields open up: law, rights, government, money (Fed. Resv.?) media, universities, history, technology, science, etc.

Secret societies are a few people - illuminati, Masons, Bilderberg, Committee of 300, Skull & Bones, Council of Foreign Relations, & many more).

These people and corporate board members, media, universities, bind together making deals (conflict of interest) to increase their power, control and to suppress truths so they might rise while the rest of us fall as if these special people, these unelected priest of the corporate world should rule over us, make decisions for us and keep us blind to how all this is on going.

Rest assured that the Times, they are a changing.

Mine & other websites, You Tube, and 1,000s or millions of American are figuring this out.

I am one man. I write what I see, about 1/2 million people or hits are coming thru my website.  Truth is DURABLE.

Here are a couple of excellent You Tubes.

Revelation Movie 2018 FREE


Revelation is about loss of individual rights (from the many - to help the elites !)

Marty Leeds 2 You tubes:

#Pizzagate: Excellent & In-depth Breakdown 


Flat Earth - The Ultimate Litmus Test


There are 20,000+ sealed indictments coming against legislators, judges and or  attorneys

I have written 1,000s of pages on my website.  I've mailed 12,000+ letters for 2˘ postage as per current law.  I learn by study, NOT by following authorities & experts (who are paid for their positions - not patriots & Christians who stand on their beliefs.)

I believe absolutely in God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit.  We should do right, then God will protect us.  To compromise is to leave the care & projection of God.

God bless you, our professors, leaders, rulers.  May you all come to see the light, the truth and the Lord.

ted elden 304 344 2335 voice or text


www.abodia.com   www.ThoughtPrint.org

www.TopORock.net  my source