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How to Opt Out from obligations of the federal government.

Learn more.  Then you can opt out:

- pay no in come tax, - travel in your transportation without license, - do business without license ?.

- be exempt from UNITED STATES Codes, and state, county & city regulations,

- regain properties lost to foreclosure.

Ted is just suggesting what you may achieve.  Read on for details

as they are all a part of the UNITED STATES Corporation.


Many people and organizations are trying to get out of the control of the UNITED STATES Corporation, or federal government.

Some face parking tickets, seeding or traffic tickets. Some face bank foreclosures on home or car or other loans. 
Many of these are actually unlawful actions.

Rather than fight the individual battles, and use these possible solutions,
accepted for value, getting into or out of IRS jurisdiction.

The actions by Phil Hudok & these people is the culmination of all freedoms,
and our release from the Federal government.

This website & links may be more important than all the individual battles of individual people.

To know and use what these people have achieved is a solution to many, many different problems.

Please read on.

Here is how you can

Opt out of the federal government.

- pay no income tax nor property tax

- travel with out driver's license, operate business without license ?  and more.

 Here Ted retyped the Opt Out Form.  Please check against the Hudok.info site where is the original form.  It must be exactly right.



Audio of tonight's (1 Oct.) conference call & links to documents, PDFs, legal documents, arbitration judgment, & other audio recordings.


We live in world of disbelief because we have not seen or hear the evidence.

The evidence is on these linked pages.

You can opt out by just completing a form.

Ted's Truth Seekers Conference Call 712 775 7085 enter 879 599 #

Calls are on Tuesday evenings 6:30 - 8 pm eastern time or New York Time.

        1, 15, 29 October 2019.


These actions are built from first understanding the nature of human relations, corporations or fictions in law, lawful actions compared to legal actions (which may be unlawful, immoral, evil.)