Planning Wedding Photography
Elden Photo Extraordinaire 

During a wedding celebration, there are many precious & unique opportunities 
to gather an heirloom collection of memorable images.

A wedding can be far more than just a couple's vowels of love.
It can be a gathering & mingling of families, friends,
a moment in time on which you & 
your entire family will frequently refer.
Images in an heirloom album may be 
shared & shown to your children's children.

Let us photograph & preserve these unique and precious times.

Here're events we've photographed in wedding celebrations:

- engagement photo for newspaper & marriage announcements
- bridal showers, - family gatherings, bridal party,
- rehearsal @ church & dinner, - bridesmaids luncheon
- pre wedding: bride, maids, family & groom portraits 
in open park / landscaped areas,

- ceremony, (in still images & video !)
- post wedding groups; b & g, the bridal party
- an ensemble of the family tree !
- reception; toasts, bouquet toss, dancing, merriment,
- some frivolity at reception and unique scenes from your location.

Yes, you have gathered your special, 
most precious family & friends.

Why not compliment and preserve your greatest of days 
with extraordinary photography ?
In formal shots, capture the details of your dress & decor.
In candid images, the spontaneity, 
the spirit, the personality of these people & events,
... images to treasure for a lifetime ...

 Your wedding images are the most enduring 
& most important part of your wedding celebration.

Trust Elden Photography Extraordinaire,
Professionals & King of Candid 
to watch your day unfold to create truly 
timeless, endearing and enchanting images.

Most brides engage us for 4 to 8 hours, but we have certainly done more.
like a wedding in Washington D.C., where we were with the bride 19 hours over a 3 day weekend !
One wedding at brides families home, the parents ordered 10 Art Leather Craft Albums of 40 - 8x10's each for various family members.  This added several thousand dollars to the modest photography package initially of $ 1,000.  This was an elected option, the client must have loved the photography !

We usually do photography & video throughout the full time we are with the bride and bridal party.

Our price list lists the least amount of coverage & prints we can do 
at our lowest price,
yet we can do far more.  

For the higher base price that most studios charge
you'd be astonished at what we can create & deliver !

Your Wedding Day is Near ©
(planning’s the cure to make it dear)

Wishing, hoping, dreaming,
your wedding day is near.
Let Elden Photo catch it,
his images are dear.

Your gown & groom will gather,
your family & your friends.
A day you'll long remember,
you'll hope it never ends.

Your gown enchants, how lovely, you,
your youthful smile, shinning through.

the flowers wilt, the candles fade,
the guest disperse, gone the maids.

Let us gather photo, filled with animation,
photos and video to delight imagination.

Elden's precious photos
for time untold endure.
Preserve your wedding day,
like none you've had before !

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