Free Energy Seminar 13-14 Nov. 2010, 380 people attending

Renaissance – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Free Energy is real, demonstrated & published by many over the years.
This particular seminar is excellent, great presenters and
you walk away with a kit to demonstrate this to your people at home. Click Seminar link

Free Energy is real, Elden is convinced.  Many have alternate ways to do this. 

Notes from this conference:

Free Energy Seminar Idaho


Free Energy Seminar, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 13-14 Nov. 2010, Resort,

hosted by Rich Friedrick ,

Renaissance Chargers ( Batter Chargers ) - 1st Speaker:


Electric Auto Assoc. EAA

Converted a car to electric,

are getting 106 miles/ gallon

Drove car to every state capitol.


Nat. Elec. Drag Racing

They converted 1972 Datsun to , and beat fancy cars like corvettes and others.


Zen Motor Cars has 700 vehicles in US



US uses 22 mil. barrels of oil annually

using 25 % of earth’s resources

for our 2 % of world’s population

US has 300 mil. people, with 2.6 cars / person

Is Oil Adiobiotic+, self regenerating under the earths surface ? Maybe, but pollution and politics is still a problem.

There may be plenty of oil, but we are not building refineries to keep up with the abundance of oil needed and available.


Electric Car

Cut the middle man out, be independent.

Today foods – each lb of food travels 1600 miles to get to your table.

It takes 17 lbs of lead to go 1 mile. ????++


[ Tesla Society ]

Whose e-mail is this ?



Car 24 – 6 volt lead acid batteries – 144 volt DC, can be AC

Keep a driving log to be aware of your use and results (to learn & improve).

Electric cars (by them) use 1400 lbs of batteries.

Warp 9 Motor

AC offers 20 % advantage, but cost more $ to build.

DC motors provide more torque.

150-200 hours to build/ convert a gasoline car to an electric car.

They can build/ convert it in 4 weeks.

Battery Chemistry: Lithium is bad politics

NiCad is possible

Lithium has 3 times the energy density of lead acid batteries, but is more expensive and has political controls.

Rick’s recharger can make some batteries seem to last forever.

Don’t over charge, not to fast, nor too hot,

Also do not run battery power at maximum.

Be gentle and forgiving on your batteries whether charging or using them to get their continual life and use.

Gordy Osmesheri converted 1 car to electric in 50 hours.

Build small as you learn, it is lower cost and commitment.

Motor cycles can run on 72 to 320 volts

Run VW with 8 batteries.


When traveling over 35 mph, then your energy is consumed in fighting wind resistance. Slower is more energy efficient.


Convert scooter to run at 35 mph or less on less then 200 volts.

$ 1,500 to convert a motor cycle for electric motor with batteries.

24 volts times 70 = 450 amps

It will start at 0 and go to 60 mph in 8 seconds

Car conversion to electric may cost $ 600- $ 3,500 at 72 to 144 volts.

Average cost to convert a car $ 8 to 15,000


Web Sites & Forums”

Energetics Inc.

Battery charger solutions

Gordy Osmesheri          or

speed, distance

Electric Vehicle

Amazon ?

Convert it

Build your own electric kits



Wheel motors on Mini Cooper

640 H for $ ¼ million from Volvo in 2 years

permanent magnet and alternator

US recycles 90 % of (car?) batteries


[ Why should blind people not skydive ?

It scares the dogs ! ]


Lithium batteries are 1/3 the weight of lead acid batteries, but they include a controller and are politically controlled.

Electric Absorbers, gas saving, pays back in 3-5 years.

Gordy does not accept money from government.

[Perhaps they come with too many stings and control]

Rich F. & Gordy converted Honda Civic to electric, then the Porsche in showroom

$ 3,000 batteries in 140 volt batter bank

50-60 mile range for a trip.

Best battery buy; get failed batteries and restore them.

Lithium batteries are much more expensive then lead acid.

If the lead acid battery is not damaged, just drained and maybe not functional, it can be restored with Rick’s rechargers


Some rechargers take a high amp circuit, high amp breaker, but new models not run to max can be run with lower amp circuits.

Renaissance Chargers

Their rechargers do not permanently convert to only new system of charging.

They have Rechargers for 24-72 volts and another unit for 72-144 volt battery systems


John Bedini’s wife is Rona ++

The “Digital” Tesla Switch

2 cap pulsor

Bedini says, “I am just an analogue guy. Energy is all around us in vectors, moving in waves. We want to capture that abundant energy for our use.”


Bit’s makes the Battery Swapper that automatically changes the set of batteries to be or being charged..

His wife is Laura++

A good source of energy is 4 batteries or solar panels.

Digital rejuvenator ?

[ Hydrocap Catalyst Caps ]

48 volt, 200 watt solar batteries

drives 10 to 30 coiler to charge batteries

Deep cycle marine batteries hold greatest charge (energy dense)

Naude Visser of South Africa ??


Rich Friedrich converted to electric his car and named it after his father Peter Karl Freidrich (who was present)

You can run your house on these devices, but make house modern with LED technologies & lights, not incandescent.

Solar panels can save $ 40/ monthly

Tune devices to find their sweet spot, most production.

Peter Lindemann, Clear Tech, Inc.


   5 +

Tandem Cuellar, 30ft. of 10 gauge wire

Smaller market is not good to use

Two to five hours to recharge car batteries

Each circuit must be tuned for balanced which is not predictable

On FE Devices/ electrical devices, have neat connections and short leads to run more efficiently.


You can get 10 to 12 volts votes of electricity from a solar panel

Use a Bedini 10 Coiller Unit to charge separate banks of batteries use one batteries set of charging other battery set


Energetic forum has the circuits

Set 10 Coiller at top of data center, then spin either way.

- - - -

John Bedini’s video – kit maker

Block Point Engineering, Indiana

Steve Bryant


Steve uses Debolt cordless drill, saved 6 of 8 rechargable battery packs by recharger

When found, they ran 30 seconds to 1 minute, they now run better then when new.

The kit furnished for seminar participants today were made form injection mold just created 1 week before, but the design of the mold was created in 3 weeks prior to that.

CPU Design, Computer Aided design, the Computer Aided Manufacturing, CAM

12 pole monopole

SST Circuit in this seminar unit, it is Simplified Schoolgirl Technology

Shawnee, a 10 year old schoolgirl, built this for her science project in 2000, for her science project, when she was 10 years old.  She is now at college, but has been forbidden to compete in any other science project, as it baffles her instructions as to what is happening with the device.

Shawnee+ was never allowed to participate in a Science Fair again as it intimated her teachers.

Shawnee made a white board presentation of a workable working batteries charging unit


You can advance the master coil.

Each circuit has a transistor, 2 diodes, and a resistor

Units can turn up to 30,000 RPM. There are 380 people at this seminar.


Bedini Circuits

FE dwg.

Transistor, flat side up has these legs”

   Emitter    Base    Collector

Perpetual Motion Machines

Perpetual Motion Holder, magnet with bridge catches lighting bolt. It holds the power forever and or will release it fast or slow like a battery or a capacitor.

Info from Robert ThomasAtlanta ?

Quantum Energy Devices


- - - - - -


Black Light

Was Cold Fusion buried in 1989 ?

Light elements can have nuclear reactions.

Transmute radioactive materials is possible.

reactor: Indian Point, New York

Hypothermia in new born babies

High incidence of cancer

Nuclear energy is bad for energy source, Coal is worse, clean coal is illusion.

Resonance, and energy pulses, and what shape the power equal special geometry is

Patterson Power Cell – cold fusion

can make energy


Terms for Free Energy


zero point energy    quantum physics

Dirac Sea                  +the physics

Quantum fox and

Vacuum Energy

Radium Energy


Torsion fields                       Russian physics


Aether or ether         Ancient

Free Energy

Scroll Energy

Negative Energy      are+

George Merkl, Ph.D. Learn+



The book:

Ether Energy - Science and Technology Reborn by Laughlin ???, Nobel Prize Winner


Modern concept of the vacuum of space


U. S. Air Force Request for Proposals

Esoteric Sources of Energy

U.S. Department of Energy and

As they seek this technology, they confirmed that is Zero Point Energy is real


Thomas Valone – practical conversion of zero point energy

‘63 Debbie Amaral Russell Optical Dynamic

Hidden History of Free Energy back to John Ernst Worley Keely, Philadelphia, Penna.

Howard Johnson – symmetrical magnet

Hens Cooler


120 volts, 150 circuit, holding bare wires in hand and placed in water produces not shock to person.


Jean Manning attended

1986 Tesla Symposium


Eike Mueller / European Space Agency ESA, met John Bedini and he came aboard


Jim Watson of Colorado

800 pound fly wheel, put out 8 watts of power.

Jeanne met Jim Watson in 1986 conference

In 1984, Jim Watson built something for the Tesla Conference, in Colorado Springs, but his batteries were stolen from the exhibit

Jim Watson replicated Bedini Technology of 1980


Many people who achieved working units were threatened or hurt.

Did Stephen Mannof jumped from third floor window of the library or was he had thrown?

Global research and excitement, cooperation, nature’s way; spanned, spiral

The Viktor Shaumberger

Nature as my Teacher

Create order out of disorder

Math reveals space.

William Baumberger


Technology based on centrifugal force,

nature based on centripetal force. ??+



Fractal City art by


Turn off the corruption,

Turn on people power !


Mag Trans Auto, tested by ETL, 184% efficient

7000 BTU furnace

Ford Ranger electric cars

Michael – Jean’s friend

For us to gain: Unite, cooperate, create higher ethics networks

Study new energy as powerful tools for good

Dean Malone, Canadian

US Presidents Jefferson and Jackson spoke against the central bank’s controls of our currency/ money. (Fed. reserve is privately owned, world wide, by 13 banking families.)

Economic Cures they don’t you to know about.


Jim Conduit from 8th Congressional District

Costa Rico Molecular

Cure all known diseases through frequency (Royal Raymond Rife device 1930-40s – squashed by Am. Med. Assoc. controlled by Fishborne)

Energy is idea Energy is money

Blind Bernie runs a machine shop near nuclear power plant at the Hansford ?, WI Changing  ??

Jean Manning’s book at”

Break through



Jack Presto, Venice from Tim Tye in Florida


Bedini shows us his 12’ high Ferris wheel, FE generator. The devices are scalable, the larger the size, the greater the power and benefit.

BedFerWheel generates 200 amp / hour to batteries

Cycle batteries up and down in charging to restore

Of batteries:

Give them time, pay them attention.

NiCad, Nickel hydram+ Rick Fredrick

run batteries moderately for longer life

Heavy load (or discharge) harms batteries permanently.

Non working batteries can be restored to useful condition by repetitive (2-10x) charge and discharge cycles.

Lithium batteries have controllers inside.

They are easy to harm on the recharge.

EAA Gary Vienstein ? VP of EAA local chapter

Electric Vehicles: $ 500 to convert a trike, a 3 wheeled bike.

Lead acid batteries provide more energy for the $ invested.

Laws are coming that will require quiet electric cars to have sound emitting devices to warn other they are coming.

Last year there were 1.5 mil. traffic accidents, 36 involved blind people.

No accidents involved electric or hybrid vehicles.

Speaker use to have a Subaru that required filling gas tank 2 times a week.  Now, having converted to hybrid, he fills up just 1 time a month. – that is 1/8 the gasoline for similar driving.



Understanding the Lockridge Device

Speaker: Peter Lindemann, D. Sc.

Clear Tech Inc., Liberty Lake, WA

Electric Motor Society, Part 2

Powerpoint Slide show and on DVD disks


Energetic Forum

Peter has been involved for 30 years.

’89-99 Science

Bruce DePalma, Bedini

Tesla’s Radiant Energy

Aaron Muns Kani

EM Secrets 2007

Self running electric motor driving a generator

It uses a conventional electric motor and generator.

The search for oil and energy would be over with the recognition of the Free Energy devices.

Rockledge, a Solider after WW II was doing house to house search.  He found this device, and rather then turning it over to the US gov., he took it back to the NW US and replicated it, selling it to campers to have free energy lighting in their rural settings.  None yet exist today of the original or his devices. Even those who owned and used these devices are quickly dying from old age, as they are 50 years older then they were in the 1950s & '60s.

Rockledge found the original device, seemingly made from conventional parts, perhaps the starter motor of a VW car and mortified.  It uses a motor, whose coils may be altered and rewired, connected on a single axel to: - a communicator (on off contact switch), - a rotating wheel mass, and - a generator.

You pull it to start it like a gas lawn mower. (Heaviest load on a motor is start up.) When it is running, the motor, drives the axel, which powers the generator and turns the mass.  The energy generated is sufficient to continue to drive the running motor, and 300 watts of lights.

The lights (electrical load) are a (necessary) part of the circuit.

When Rockledge returned stateside, he figured how to make these, manufactured and sold them in the vicinity of Boise, Idaho for campers.



The Lockridge Device like Bedini’s device in 2007.


DC Motor, Mass, DC Generator, Elec. Load


Potential Energy Holder


Page 53, Sec. 5, 1st Edition, 1954

Counter EMF Explained

Basic Electricity by Vallenburgh

(The rewritten and later editions are less clear on this subject – dumbing down America)

As rewritten, they are subtracting knowledge from the public.


Definition of Counter EMF

“ of Electromotive Force, Effective Voltage

Normal 1 ohm, 230 volts

would burn out at 230 amp current

The counter EMF of 220 volts shows

230-220 = 10 volts effect voltage, current is only 0 amps, will not burn out circuit.



Charts – rectangle or square with diagonals drawn

In a electric motor, as speed increases,

voltage increases, but current drops,

( as there is more resistance ?)

that is the Back EMF.

Torque also drops on at higher speeds, so the device no longer accelerates after a peak speed.


1 Horsepower = 744 watts

744 watts input

634 watts derived out (useful work)

85 % efficient engine

Input compared to output energy

Gasoline engines are only 22% efficient.


On going in education, and learning, is mass hypnosis.

Selective elimination of information.

Wake up America, from your Trance.

We are like zombies in a deadened state, listening to our status quo, media, leaders.


Here is a balanced circuit.

12 volt battery to volt meter, to 6 volt resistance, to a 6 volt Back EMF.





2 pm Sunday: John Bedini

Josh Energetics

Colleen Phidar speaks that her husband uses a Free Energy generator like Bedini describes and the plants near his study are 3 times the size and growth rate as normal.

Clover 3 x taller, Rose grew from 3’ to 7’

Bedini shows energy flow 8 points of a compass.

11 o’clock to 1

2 to 4

5 to 7

8 to 10 o’clock



> <


In 1957 his Dad worked for Rockets ? making a Germanium device (transistor ?)

He was 7 years old, born in 1950

shows photos of:

G Field generator in Selma CA

Tesla Switch

Tom Bearden’s book: Towards a New Electric Magnetic Fire Energy Motor


Battery           -    -      -     -   DC Motor


scusv?           Controller -    Energizer


1984, Jim Watson called

Bedini went to Tesla Symposium

Tesla Switch, Ronald Brent

posts to Energetic Forum

Barium Magnetics – memory magnets

Jim Watson showed a drawing of magnetic


\      /

-     -

/     \




Bedini insists, to generate FE, it has to be a non linear field.

Edward Leedskalnin Coral Castle

(Elden has much research on this)

FE generator

2001 John B & Peter Lindemann showed

Push North Poles together to get a super beam, 4 times normal (energy ?)

Handle’s heights, same as King’s Chamber (ratio) height in Great Pyramid


on John Glen’s Web site, notice the astronaut’s boots (anti-gravity ?)

Why ?


It takes 42 lbs. to go thru a magnetic lock

Sweet 16 (from Coral Castle ?)

Bedini ? built an electric outboard motor

Bedini’s Ferris Wheel at 16 to 18 rpm

Starts at 5 amps, runs at 1 amp.


SG group(who are the ?)
They should have been a controlled / moderated group.

They beat off their inventors.


Howard Johnson’s neo magnetics

non linear switch


[ Steve Bryant, Bryant Manufacturing ? makes FE kits ]

1984, Bedini phi – no current

(Phi is the ratio of life, grown, energy 1.618, golden mean)

An absence of electrons, store in capacitor

Dump the charge (stored energy) at the right time, stepped charge.


Ron Cole engineer worked for NBC

He built amplifiers with Bedini.



Do like me for predictable results,

Then consider variations, change.

Don’t do change first,

as result will be unpredictable.

Do experiments and change

after learning the basic way with predictable results.


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