'Impossible' Engine, Invented for Real

Bob Teal's Magnipulsion Engine -  Los Angeles Times,        Sun. May 30,1976 -Part 1

MADISON, Fla. (UPI) Writing a science fiction novel for his own amusement eight years ago, Bob Teal dreamed up an "Impossible machine."

Today it's working in a shed in his yard.

The 53-year-old retired electronics engine has invent­ed a motor run by electromagnets. He calls it a "magne­pulsion engine" and believes it could set the world of pro­pulsion on its ear.

'The first reaction of everyone is: 'Hey, It can't work'," Teal said- "But here it is, and it works. You've got to see it to believe it"

Teal flicks the switch. Pulsating direct current electricity from a small motorcycle battery travels through his se­cret timing device to six electromagnets, only an inch in diameter.

The magnets, in turn, start a 75-pound flywheel whirling. Tie working model of Teal's magne-pulsation engine can spin the flywheel at a maximum of 800 revolutions per minute.

He doesn't have the equipment to measure Its horse power but says "if you try to hold the crankshaft it'll tear up your hand.­

To demonstrate its usefulness, Teal has his 100-pound machine hooked up to run a table saw.

Teal's invention requires no fuel, emits no gasses [and] is very quiet in operation. It has few moving parts and needs little maintenance.

Teal's model is a crude piece of equipment held together by a woolen frame of two-by-fours and two-by-sixes.

"You should have seen my fast model which worked! Teal chortled. "It had wooden shafts, wooden rods and wooden bearings. I powered it with a flashlight battery.'

He makes a "way out guess" his engine could be mass ­produced to propel automobiles at a cost of about $300 to $400 per unit. It also could be adapted to run airplanes, boats, power plants, and many other devices, he said.

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Bob Teal's Magnipulsion Engine produced large amounts of mechanical energy using way less electricity than expected. Even the LA Times published a short article about it titled "Impossible Engine Invented for Real"