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Holocaust lies - Auschwitz - Anne Frank Fable

Robert Faurisson one of the world's foremost historians on the Holocaust, is the real deal, unlike most Revisionists who are just straw men. This group has a posers, very similar to Frank Collin or Wolfgang Hawke, Jewish con artists, parading as Neo-Nazis. The history of the KKK is another trail of Jewish intrigue.

Out of the revisionist crowd, there are actually only a handful of genuine proponents. There are Fredrick Toben, Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf, Siegfried Verbeke, Faurisson, and a few others. Faurisson's groundbreaking work on Auschwitz, Anne Frank, and Treblinka, has these Zionist monsters gunning for him.

Why did Hitler leave the French Jews alone ?  France was a very safe place in WW2

Holocaust denied by Huffschmidt - video - Jud. Inc

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FLASHBACK: Ground-Imaging Forensic Radar Exam Of WWII Treblinka Camp
The team carefully examined the entire Treblinka II site, especially the alleged "mass graves" portion, and carried out control examinations of the surrounding area. They found no soil disturbance consistent with the burial of hundreds of thousands of bodies, or even evidence that the ground had ever been disturbed. In addition, Krege and his team found no evidence of individual graves, bone remains, human ashes, or wood ashes.
To go into more detail, normal soil is deposited by natural forces in discreet and easily seen layers, called "strata". You can see this obvious layering in road cuts. This layering is also easily seen on ground penetrating radar.

excavations of any kind, whether for the foundations of a building, tunneling, canals, or mass graves, erases this layered pattern. In order to detect mass graves, one need not actually find human remains. All one needs to do is scan the area and see where the layered pattern stops. That zone, the region where the strata has been removed and then dumped back in all mixed up, shows where massive digging took place.

No such zones were found. None. The underground layers continue undisturbed right through the areas where it is claimed that mass graves existed. - M. R.