I would love help in any way.   

Here are ways you can help me.

-          calls & mailings to invite people to come,

-          collect, edit and distribute editorial letters, many topics,

I can send to all WV newspapers, and have had several published, and launched about 100 last week.,

-          research, technologies, names, events, many more. topics,

-         library.  Ive so much information, Id love to have anyone catalog, manage, distribute, circulate & collect this information I have.

-    at meetings; food, copies, flyers, greetings, name labels, parking

People will do what you do with them (social attribute) if you encourage, interact, praise and debate.  If you just direct people and give out information, it soon is misplaced, unused or lost.

            Every sheet of paper, and penny is precious to me.  Im living on $ 7,000 annual income, and certainly have put $ 1,500 in cash in to my new library, as well as 1,300 hours into this effort.

            No one has any obligation to help me, and some wander in & out of my life as they have curiosity.


It would be great to have help, especially, if theyre dependable, reliable predictable, knowledgeable, passionate, able help.

But Ill take any help, I am not particular.

When we meet, Id love

any one to speak for a few minutes to the group on any subject.

If we have more voices, it seems of broader concern, than just something that I am doing.  These events effects all of us, soon.  Knowledge is Power, to understand, stay safe, action can avoid or delay great problems ahead.


Ted Elden                              www.abodia.com/911    Any financial support welcome, or computer supplies, etc., typing, calls or more

2 Ramu Rd.

Charleston WV 25314                        tel 344 2335    TedElden@SuddenLink.net

9-11, underground bases, No Income Tax, Animal Chips, Waco, OK City Bombing, Kennedy Assassination, secret military, US concentration camps