Truth Seekers Core Videos  These show  we have been deceived for a long time !

Government & news shape our world.  They know important truths they wont share, but millions have "Pierced the Veil of Secrecy" to find a reality few have ever imagined.  Join us in the Wake Up - Pursue Truth wherever it leads.  Use videos to awaken others.  If we dont discover these deceptions, they will cause us & our children injury & loss by ignoring them.
Titles listed have descriptions below - recommended viewing to understand events of today, Truth Seekers, Charleston, West Virginia

911 Mysteries, How WTC were destroyed on 9-11

AE 911  Calf. Architect Richard Gage,

Confronting the Evidence  Public Panel on 9-11 & Painful Questions.  Eric Hufschmidt

Crop Circles, Colin Andrews

End Game, Alex JonesEugenics since 1900s

FastWalkers Pilots, Government, military speak of UFO & Dr. Greer Disclosure Project

Freedom to Fascism - Why none need pay Inc. tax

In Lies We Trust, Dr. Lenoard G. Horowitz US Gov. develops diseases

 JFK [ assassination ] Bush Connection. 

Loose Change 2 & Justice 9-11 Powerful, simple, direct.  Created by college kids about little known facts that show the hand of governement invovled in the 9-11 attacks.  Viewed by millions.

Oil on Ice  - AK Gov. & geologist have 200 years of oil waiting

Oklahoma City Bombing - Cover-up. 

Raymond Rife Story- cures for all disease since 1930s

Suppressed Medical Discoveries Dr. Bob Beck

Terror Storm, Alex Jones decades of False Flag Ops to War

Theft by Deception By Larken Rose. 

What Ive Learned about Foreign Policy - War against the 3rd World.  Deception in religion, government, war & money

^ - - index     Confronting the Evidence, Painful Questions, Loose Change 2  What Really Happened 9-11

^ - - index     Loose Change 2 & Justice 9-11 Powerful, simple, direct.  Created by college kids about little known facts that show the hand of governement invovled in the 9-11 attacks.  Viewed by millions.

^ - - index     911 the Demolitions, broadcast video, news casts and more that clearly show that explosives were used to destroy the World Trade Towers, fired before and after the planes supposedly hit the towers, including the witness of Wm. Rodriguez, the last man out, honored by Pres. Bush, & NY Gov. as hero. Elden met him. Collection of video, seismic, aerial thermal from NASA satellites.  Other building blew up and out form center, like volcano.  Evidence of demolitions is everywhere.  Evidence of fire caused collapse is missing.

1 Introduction
2 The Myth           
3 Steel Building
4 WTC Design and Construction

5 Facts about Steel
6 Building Collapses
7 Pre-collapse Sub-basement Explosions
8 Pre-collapse Interior Blasts

  9 Pre-collapse Ground-level Explosions
10 Pre- and Mid-collapse Explosions
11 Squibs: Visible Explosions
12 Shockwave

^ - - index  Deception in all areas. Skip 1st 37 minutes about Religion, Touches 9-11, false flag operations - faked causes for war, deception in Fed. Reserve & Income Tax

^ - - index     AE 911  Richard Gage, Am. Inst. of Architect speaks in Ottawa about all the physical evidence, physical characteristics of the World Trade Tower buildings collapse from internal explosions.  Lengthy and intricately detailed presentation, 3 hours long.  Evidence of demolitions is everywhere.  Evidence of fire caused collapse is missing. 

^ - - index     Terror Storm, Alex Jones: decades of False Flag Operations someone injures a nation, leaving clues to blame an innocent nation as if they did it, to justify to citizens to retaliate in war on the accused (though innocent)

^ - - index     End Game, Alex JonesEugenics from early 20th century in Nazi Germany and beyond, stating that man must control nature and kill less desirable people to make the world better.  Many plans, justifications & heinous methods for evil under the guise of science, man imposed evolution.

^ - - index     JFK Bush Connection.  How George Bush Senior had a hand in the JFK Assassination.  Many were involved, CIA, news media and more, the same people / families / organizations then that are still in control today of the great deceptions on the American People.

^ - - index     What Ive Learned about Foreign Policy and the War against the 3rd World.  CIA for 50 years has been stamping out democracies world wide, to set up puppet dictators, to enslave their people and trade (steal) resources; oil, drugs, produce for huge profits, while enslaving the people..

^ - - index     In Lies We Trust: Dr. Lenoard G. Horowitz shows Congressional Record, Senate Investigations, government programs & funding to develope diseases: AIDS, Ebola, cancers to depopulate nations & people, a problem run amuck in US. Tests on innocents citizens.

^ - - index     FastWalkers Pilots, Government, military speak of UFO & Dr. Greer Disclosure Project gathered 450 military & gov. employees to Natl. Press Club May 2001 all media & legislators invited. Video testimonies & transcript.  United Nations, notes 140 million have seen UFOs, There are 20,000 documented landings, Stanton Freidman, Nuclear Physicist Roswell & MJ-12.  Area 51 & US Gov. is doing much in Black Budget Projects, unseen by legislators.  Incredible hidden budgets.  Therere many new technologies; propulsion & free energy known to our secret government.  Release them to public & market to free us from oil dependence, war, global warming & destruction of planet.

^ - - index     Crop Circles, Colin Andrews studied for 20+ years; remnant radio activity, change in germination of stalks within the circle, intricate & complex geometric patterns formed in broad daylight in 20 minutes, bending stalks 90 degrees in way unknown.  Any experiment breaks stalk if bent.

^ - - index     Confronting the Evidence:  Public Panel on 9-11 & Painful Questions.  Eric Hufschmidt explains the melting point of steel, the logical and obvious facts tha tdisprove the "Offical Stories" of 9-11. Clera, direct, easy to understand.

^ - - index     Suppressed Medical Discoveries: Dr. Bob Beck & his Protocols:  Beck discovered a 1976 patent that cures all known diseases, including aids, cancer.  He devised some simple electronic devices, the size of a cell phone, you get parts at Radio Shack.  You can cure any disease at home on your own !

^ - - index     Raymond Rife Story  Rife worked with optics, to devise a micro scope that could see / observe living cells & parasites at 60,000 times magnification.  Other micro scopes introduced heat and killed what ever was observed.  After observing parasites, bacteria, he found that different frequencies would kill specific organism.  Kill the ailment you have, but not harm red or white corpuscles or your blood or body.  His discovery rocked the medial world. Banquets were held, articles were written.  All cures were discovered.  Fishborne ? controlled the stock for the AMA.  He wanted a royalty of the invention, but Rife would not give up his research and share his success.  So the AMA crushed him, destroyed his labs, his research, withdrew the published articles.  A method to cures all diseases discovered since 1930s,but have been kept form public knowledge to run the incredible health / pharmaceutical industry, cancer research for billions of dollars.  Rife Technology machines cost about $ 2,000. I am not aware of any down side, no side effects.

^ - - index     Oil on Ice:  Alaskan Governor and his geological team in interview discuss that Alaska has enough oil for 200 years of the energy needs of America.  So why are we at war, stealing oil from other nations ?

^ - - index     Freedom to Fascism:  Aaron Russo, director for the Rose, Trading Places, created this documentary to explore why  67 million people quit filing and paying income tax.  Is there rally no law that requires this ?  Interviews with former IRS Commissioner (so admitting) IRS agents, accountants, and more.  This is the first step to realizing your freedom in America. Constitution give you rights you do not know you have, You need to know and preserve.

^ - - index     Theft by Deception: by Harken Rose.  The Income Tax law has little changed in decades, but there is a concerted effort to split, change, confuse the rules about how they apply, hiding form most people, the fundamental connection to the US Constitution which excludes most "income" form being income as per the IRS definitions & requirements.  Freedom is your for the asking, just learn the laws and stand on them.

^ - - index     Oklahoma City Bombing - Cover-up.  Prepared by citizen in Oklahoma City by recording live news coverage as the events unfolded from many different Channels.  Building occupants and other witnesses all clearly observed that the bomb exploded from inside the building.  Later USAF General Partin confirmed with deep research from the evidence.  2 other larger, unexploded bombs were found inside the building which would enable the Justice Dept. to determine what sophisticated team of terrorist had built the bomb.  Live coverage, aerial footage of the damaged building showed the flat street in front, with parts of the face of the Murrad Building blow across the street and into the Journal Records Building.  Then as the day progressed, national news came to the scene and slowly erased all the evidence and witness of the original observations.  Newsweek in May printed a drawing that showed a 8' deep, 30' wide crater, supposedly from the "Truck Bomb".  They could have used photos, but the photos showed there was no crater !    AFT did not go to work that morning, nor put their kids in nursery, yet they were across the street on hand for the rescue work.  All the news & trial of Timothy McVeigh avoided the primary evidence, available to all in the Oklahoma area.  The building was quickly demolished and rubble buried in secured remote area.  This was national crime scene and the evidence was illegally destroyed.  Legislator were in uproar of al this, but news suppressed the truth.  Local news is often more reliable than managed, altered, national news that carries some information to promote an agenda; gun control, controls on citizens, By deception, others rule us.  Why did notational news changed the story ?  Terrorism legislation was passed quickly after this event.  Americas - be wary of State Sponsored Terrorism, to inflate their need, increase police powers, staff, funding, control of Americans.

1,000s of insightful titles & synopsis listed at  awakens you.
Century of the Self, Secret Space, Unconstitutional, Media Deception. Illuminati, Masons & Secret Societies., Monopoly Men, Fed. Res., MK Ultra, Iran Contra, OK City bombings, Area 51, Psychic Spies, Secret & Suppressed Medical Discoveries, free energy, anti-gravity, technologies vast e-book library

When you realize that our national news is filled with lies to promote their agenda, new laws and control, you can lean how to find these truths directly yourself.  Step away for your lying news - learn how to seek truth.  Truth is the one thing that can save us from  great hardship, oppression, poverty & death, as the stock market crash, the farm foreclosures of '30s, the great wars, recessions.

Governments and corporations are joined to serve their interest for profits and reduce your freedom, rights, wealth, safety & health.
Governments are privatizing every element of their obligations, reducing your involvement, rights and conditions, while the private sector increases profit, efficiency and control.  More at

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DVD Titles Ted Eldens Top 10+ for 06, most available from, some I can loan my copy.

1.        Illuminati 1, Conspiracy, Enigma TV, Chris Everard, Who runs the world and how they control us all.

2.        911 Demolitions, proof cover story is far from the truth

3.        A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon, evidence proves we landed on Moon in 60s is Hoax

4.        Secret Space DVD Outline.doc incredible things of our astronauts sighting and methods of NASA.

5.        Crop Circles - Best Evidence, Not just boys & boards, incredible technologies & DNA changes.

6.        Free Energy - Anti Gravity Propulsion Sys, Tom Valone, NSI, ufoTV, Indy World & Vision

7.        Capitalist Conspiracy, Knowledge 2020 Media, ha

8., US CIA has killed 6 million world wide, What are we doing ???

9.        JFK- Assassination the Bush Connection- For the People

10.    Conspiracy X, Closed Doors

11.    Flying Saucers are Real d2, ufoTV Top Secret / MAJIC

12.    ChemTrails, Who is painting our skies with chemicals & harmful bio-organisms and why ?

13.    Century of Self, wmv, Madison have has promoted consumers to serve self in superficial fantasy

14.    Roll over Orwell, 1984 is Here

15.    The Corporation, legally crushes the individual for profit.

16.    Masters_of_the_Universe_Bilderberg.rm Global Banker run the world

17.    What Happened on the Moon ?