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Local Building demolished in 7 seconds !

Bravo ! Univ. of Chas. Pres. Welch for demonstration this morning.  

9 stories down in 7 seconds Demolitions toppled the Union Carbide Admin. Bldg.

.              in So. Charleston to the ground as recorded on video.

Like the demolitions that destroyed Charleston's Holley Hotel, and the

.              World Trade Center on 9-11-01 - pulverized to the ground:

110 stories down in 9 seconds, or 12 floors per second
Science, engineers and history shows concrete, masonry & steel cannot collapse at near free fall speed .               (speed of an object falling through air) without


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 Union Carbide. Bldg - 7 sec. demo 28.03.09 - South Charleston, W. Va.



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World Trade demolitions - easy to find on internet


Subject: Union Carbide demolition - Dow Implosion & Video slide shows, videos


Slide Show

7 seconds to collapse 9 stories Union Carbide Bldg Demolition,

.    Charleston, West Virginia




9 seconds to collapse 110 story World Trade Tower on 9-11,

.    New York City

About 12 times faster then that observed by controlled demolition. 

What could have cause this very fast fall ?

Truth Seekers meet 1st Sunday monthly at Top O Rock, 2-4 pm www.abodia.com/t   www.abodia.com/911



Videos of WTC North & South Tower collapse, and the infamous Build 7 or Solomon Building Collapse


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