Set Off   by Fred & Nina Gutierrez- Ted's notes from 3 mp3 files from their web site

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Imagination Latin, in image of, mechanically like.

A version of bible says: God spoke & created.

The words of the mouth produce a result as surely as the hands that labor.

God spoke creation. We create from our mind. From the abundance of the heart we speak.

Know who you are, your status, that which allows you to exist. 

The Creator creates, the supreme governs the lesser, the lesser submits to the superior.

God, man, family, city, then
government, corporations (IBM, JOHN DOE)

God gave you unlimited rights, restricted under His jurisdiction. You must be moral.

US Constitution created for the people to mirror God's law.

Itís Supreme law of the land, as stated in state constitutions.

Sovereignty resides in the People, one or the many.

Any creation can not supersede itís creator, what created it.

alienable, no longer a right, just a privilege

in a lien able, Lt., can never be liened.

     Bill of Rights, Article 4

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, things, houses, effects, against unreasonable searches & seizures.

No warrant shall be issue but upon probable cause supported by oath or affirmation

particularly describing the place to be searched and the person or things to be seized.

Declaration, Articles of Confederation, Constitution, Citizens Rule Book

20 signers of Declaration of Independence said:

to this end we pledge our lives, families, fortunes, to be independent of the King.


- to freely travel, by the means common of the day, without any encumbrance by anyone, any agent, statue or code, entity, (no license required !)

- free speech (& thought)

Our rights are unlimited except if they infringe on otherís rights:

life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

- we are (to be) safe in our person, to defend our life

- we each have obligation to protect your rights, life.

     Article 7

Courts can't take anything from us without due process.

     Article 5

We have right to not testify against self.

We have unlimited right to contract.

Contract, understand, agree, in accord: - in kind parties, a man with a man, but not with a giraffe, nor with corp.

(A man can contact with a man,         a corporation can contact with a corporation  Ė
a man cannot contract with or marry a giraffe, nor contract with a corporation.)

US Law tries to make a man, John Doe, a corp. named JOHN DOE, to keep us in corp. law)

We cannot contract with unlike kind. Contract must be either between living men or between corporations.

- full disclosure  (because we are moral, we protect each other's rights)

- exchange equal consideration, of equal value. ($ for tomatoes, or trade carrots for potatoes)

- consummate by wet ink signatures by both parties.

- cannot be inconsolable contract, one that violates the law.

In moral society: (common law- Godís law)

If I cause accidental damage to your car, I must replace with same or better car - civil procedure.

If it was done with intent, then it is crime, and additional compensation must also be paid, beyond replacement value.

Article Criminal Process: We have:

- right to speedy trail, impartial jury in the place where the crime occurred,

- trial by my peers Ė unanimously ?

- right to be informed of the cause of the accusation,

- confronted with the witnesses before you.

- assistance of counsel who knows the matter better, more able to articulate

Courts of Constitution:

Article 3, Judicial Court system

Article 1 Ė for federal gov. or the corporation, not for people against other people.

Article 3 implement Article 6

If accused Ė weíre innocent until proven guilt.

I retain all my rights until proven guilt.

Article 6

Trial by jury, not Jury Trial

When life, liberty, and property are at stake, right to trial by jury.

We the People (are private people/ citizens): We create the public (service) -people elected to office to serve & protect the private people.

In the public, they have titles. Mayor, Senator, Clerk, Judge, ...

Titles are created to allow someone from the private to fill the title to function in the public to serve the private. (Clerk, Sheriff, JudgeÖ)

We, the people, create the public.  We the people are private, not public.

You cannot be born but a flesh and blood man or woman, Weíre not born with title.
We step into title, are elected or appointed to it.

We, the people, (agree) give the public servants delegation to function in their public capacity with  limited authority.

Military, attorney, state, county workers, gov. are elected or appointed officials - they are all a part of the public.

That which is created, cannot become more powerful then what created it.

A living man steps into public function in fictional capacity to serve the private.
He is then a public servant.
He should work without deceit, fraud, secrecy.

The people serving the public (should) serve to protect the rights of the private.

Article 4 of Bill of Rights

To function in this public capacity, they need to swear & record:

- an oath of office (to support their state and national constitution),

If you work for federal government in any capacity:

- do oath according to US Code Title 5, Chapter 33, Sub Section 33 31

An individual, except the president, elected or appointed to an office of honor or profit ...
shall take the following oath  .. to support and defend the constitution of the US (& of their stateís constitution).


USC Title 18, It is a crime to break oath, violate, felony, perjury, treason to get the private trust.

Police Stop: say to Officer,

"You are impeding my ability to freely travel.  You have violated your oath of office."

     Articles 1, 4, 5, 7, 9 of Bill of Rights.

You perjured your oath.

They take oath in public to protect the private, else they are impersonating their office and committing felony, perjury, treason, sedition.

Police Stop: Where is your: - oath of office,
- badge #, bond #, name, business card,
- whatís name of sergeant (superior) on duty.

We say: "I donít contact with the state to function as a driver. I am freely traveling thru these united States as guarantee by the US Constitution in the means of the day, exercising my right to freely travel unencumbered by any agency."

I ask again: "My 5th request for your oath of office."

Their Oath has to be filed in public place for public perusal, to verify and validate that they have a copy recorded/ filed oath of office that demonstrates they have our authority to function in the public to serve the private. If they do not have their oath, have them arrested.

     Identification Card

John Doe, 1st amendment has right to call himself anything he chooses.

Fred has Photo ID with notary of the state: Subscribed and sworn to me by Fred Jones, proven by basis of personal appearance.
Proof that there is sufficient evidence that this is the living man.

Notary Ė this is the living man, not a corporate entity.

- - tape 2 - - -

Things created by God:
Man, families Ė they are real, of substance.
They are above the line.
- - - -

Below the line are man created fictions:
government, corporations, JOHN DOE

They are created / invented by man.
US Constitution: Article 10, Section 1

No state shall require the payment of any debt in other then lawful coin.

1770s gold and silver were used rarely, people bartered back then.

Free enterprise, God gave us rights to freely enterprise, we did not need money.

Back then 15 % of all transaction only were by gold & silver. 85 % were by barter.

1906 Supreme Court; Hale vs Hinkle: Individual is guaranteed to be private in his affairs. He has no obligation to reveal anything to the state.
(We need not tell our neighbor anything about ourselves. )

We, the living, are private.

We have the right to be private:

1st Amendment Articles 4, 5, 6

Stand on your rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Officer Warning: "Unless you have a warrant for my arrest, donít come within 3 feet, or Iíll have to defend myself."

Supreme Court ruled, being in a patrol car, with badge, and body uniform and on their word does not constitute lawful authority, Only the presentation of their oath as someone who serves in the public to protect the rights of the private.

In public, everything is privilege, we have no rights.

Godís Laws is constant.

Manís Laws changes.

Fictional: titles, money, things required.

Above line: Weíre man: Give notice to others.

Below line: Are corporations, under gov't. control

Weíre subjects, must get permission from gov't.

We are free to do what is right & moral to take care of ourselves.

Today, people use money for more then 15 % of their functions.

(not by barter as long ago.)

God made everything free.

No debts can exist for sovereigns.

Everything of debt is fictional.

Live above the line, where you can win, in God's creation..

Below the line is Admiralty Court system where judge can decide everything.

Their (gov't.) contracts are limited & lopsided. Their contracts (driverís license, soc. secÖ) are structured to favor those working in the public.

In public, youíre controlled by statue & code, legal, laws of man,
but not lawful, not Godís law.

US Code, USC, 50 Titles

UCC, Uniform Commercial Code on contracts.

Title 15 Fair Debt Collection Act

Title 26, IRS

Intuition, holy spirit. God leads you to correct action, but donít ignore Him.

Public School System deceives.

Titles are fictional.

You canít be born with title; taxpayer, doctor, chemist, lawyer. 

Titles are acquired, fictional.

Birth Certificate

Ft. Knox is empty since FDR abrogated gold standard in 1933. Senators, & contingent were to audit gold that backs currency Ė None have audited since 1933 Ė gold is gone !

1933 US fed. Gov. corp. filed bankruptcy, they seized & surrendered citizens, kids, homes & property, gold, & their income into perpetuity. 

Bank of England called in the collateral for their loaning fed. reserve currency.

House Joint Resolution: HJR 192, if you function in the public, all your debts will be paid by the US dept. of Treasury.

Each state has a Dept. of Health & Welfare.

At birth, Doctor signs statement of live birth, sent to State, then Birth Cert. sent to US Dept. of Commerce, takes BC, has it certified by US Dept. of Treasury, in San Juan PR, closing the corp. Ė sent to US Dept. of Treasury, to be used a instrument of collateral to borrow money from the  Federal Reserve.

21 Dec 2012, Fed. Resv. will cancel charter to release all assets to United Nations, Intl. Monetary Fund, creating New World Order. This was announced in News July 2011 ?

     Capitus domus ? 

ALL CAPITAL words used for fictional entity.

Are you under the authority of everything ?

Do you function as a corp., an entity ?

Fictional Entities only.

In court, I am Ted, Iím here by special appearance, my name is spelled in mixed case, Iím defendant in error.

Unless someone is willing to sign an affidavit demonstrating I have committed a crime against them,
- provide a bill of particulars that demonstrates damages, then I have not violated any law.

Learn what is above the line,

then learn whatís below the line.

I have an obligation to defend your rights & life.

In court, itís a club, theyíre cooperating with each other: prosecuting attorney and defending attorneys, bailiff, judge, clerk.

They are all against you !

Theyíre protecting the illusion of the court !

Fredís former ideas on UCC 1, are past thinking.

Checkmate, the Sovereign wins.

Loan contracts are resold. The new owner does not have a pledge from you. The one who purchased the contract, they settled your debt.

Admiralty Law is used during war, They donít have an obligation to reveal strategies. .

(We are always living in emergency, with special war power legislation, power of gov. in force, powers they would not have in peace time. Declared wars on: - poverty, - illiteracy, - terrorism, etc.

            On receiving letter from a lawyer:

Say: If you have any further contact with me:

I am Ted. I received your letter.

Send certified copy of your filed/ recorded oath of office that demonstrates you have the authority to function on a delegation of limited authority as an attorney for the people of the state of California. ( Bond ? )

They deceive and steal thru language.

Trial by Jury is different then jury trial.

If they violate their oath, your delegation of limited authority, bound by that oath, you violate that oath, you step out from protection of the suit of armor, then they are just one of the people.

If they Violated Oath, then all that they say and do is under the scrutiny of the private, and private (you)  can come after (sue) them personally.

Then no corp. veil protects them.

Any who appears to be bias, can be disqualified as a judge.

You donít need an attorney when working above the line. We are an attorney in fact on factual basis. I donít agree to the charges,

I agree to the facts.

We donít owe the state anything.

In a lienable rights. Hale vs. Hinkle ?

I need a building permit. (subject).

I give notice to people. (sovereign).

You can choose counsel with any one on anything.  Are you a ward of the court ?

When life, liberty and property are at state, the individual has the right to due process of law in a trial by a jury of his peers.

Winston Strout does not have lawful means to discharge debt. like Acceptance for Value.

UCC (PAP Private Admin. Process)

Administrative Process,

- presentment, - notice of fault & opportunity to cure, - notice of default and certificate of dishonor, and - notary protest.

If not satisfied Ė go to court, to Rome. Invalidate their contract, get full disclosure.

Banks tighten constraints, 15 June 2011, Gov. Int. Monetary Fund tells banks to beware of:

A4V Accepted for Value, Debt Validation, Proof of Claim.

Fred has discharged $ 2.5 million in debt, backed up by titles, credit cards, house,

They guarantee Ė put up or shut up.

EFT, Electronic Funds Transfer (note this on your closed checking account check) Clear debts. Fred has done enough to prove they are lawful, effective and get the desired results.

Is there any money ? No.

Can you be paid in money ? No

Is there such thing as debt ? No.

God gives freely, so freely give.

HJR 192, Since there is no money,

how can we resolve debt ?

Those who function in public, will have debts discharged by the US Treasury Dept.

Soc. Sec. is voluntary

IRC says who is responsible to pay taxes.

Those in military, live in DC, or serve the public.

Public Law PL 48 48 112

People in public are not obligated to pay any debt.

PL 73 10. People can be free of the debt game.

US Const. Art. 10, clause 1, states shall require the payment of debts in nothing other then gold and silver.

Health Care Bill and legislation affects people in the public.

Tax structure is apportioned (above line) or unapportioned. (below line)

IRS does not exist in reference to the sovereigns.

Use EFT Electronic Funds Transfer to clear debts.

US Coinage Act.   For sovereign:

A dollar = so much gold, silver, copper.
(a unit of weight of gold or of silver)

Below line:  for public

Dollar is US accounting measure.

Novation Contract is a new contract monthly, if accepted, it nullifies previous contract.

Name, address where provided, soc. sec. # to show you function in the public.

Power Co. sends notice to the US Treasury Dept. These people (you/ me) created debt, satisfy it. Treasury pays debt.

Then Power Co. sends you a novation.

You think you owe them, and pay them. (again !)

{Elden thinks] Companies that record/ file your soc. sec.# get paid twice, as they collect their bill against your soc. sec. #. And then again from you !

Fair Credit Billing Act how to fight back.

Get a Bona fide Proof of Claim

Bona fide in good faith without fraud or deceit.

All roads go to court, to Rome.

Challenge utility bill, you win for life.

Fred does not have a soc. sec. #.
His strawman has one.

When a person challenges Utility Bill.

1st notice I want a bona fide Proof of Claim that this account is not settled monthly by the US Dept. of Treasury or some other faction thereof.

They make no response, mere declarations.

UCC Ė must respond point by point in law.

Please provide a copy of the signed contract that obligates me to you.

Fred has sample letters.

Proof there was full disclosure on both sides.

Was there equal consideration on the contract ?

Willing signatures on both sides ?

How can you be obligated or compelled to enter into a contract when you are not granted the opportunity to negotiate your position ?

What other options do I have ?

Who guarantees options ?

The public, the politicians.

The Sherman Act prohibits monopolies.

We need to have a choice.

Admin. Process or Remedy

Proof of Claim, Notice of Fault, etc.

Go to Article 3 Court where I win.

What I demand thru the interrogative is full disclosure.

Your honor, they ask that judge, ďDismiss this case with prejudice (so it can not be presented as another case).Ē So jury cannot hear.

Utility Co. do not want to disclose what they are doing.

To Open Bank Ė there are regulations: Board of Directors, no felons as board members, ..

Banks are allowed to function to discount & negotiate promissory notes.

Who can write a promissory note ? Anyone ?

Banks cannot open a bank account at their bank, only people & corporations can open accounts. You give soc. sec. or FEIN # to prove you are part of public.

They cannot loan their own assets.

If they go out of business, they become damaged parties to the people.

They cannot loan the depositorís assets.

The bank cannot loan any money.

Banks function in Admiralty, so they do not have to reveal any of what they do.

If people want credit, people need to fill out application. With that instrument, bank sells application and then the promissory note (you thought was contract) on the market place.

Person wants a line of credit or credit card for $ 10,000.

Applications are sold for 10 times of the credit application by the signature, the remnant of the living man.

It is against the law to loan you your own money.  In admiralty law, the bank has no obligation to tell you anything.

I want the $ 100,000 (they got on selling my name, my signature).

Borrow $ 500,000 on home.

They sell the application, then they sell the promissory note too

Money Ė the funds- came from the application.

Banks Ė may sue you if not repaid for unjust enrichment. They cannot sue for breach of contract, they took personal info and gave it to others. They did Fraud. Conversion.

They sue you under statue or code.

You ask: Show me the crime ?  How were you damaged ? Dismiss with prejudice your honor, they say. We donít want interrogatives for full disclosure to come out.

We have to give you all the money, as your signature created it.

Put $ 10 in bank account and take rest out. When you sign a depositors agreement, you give them permission that anyone with legal claim can get your info and or your money.  If you have a bank account, you have already agreed if the IRS makes any claim, they can take it from your account, without notifying you in advance. Then you have to spend time & effort, and may not even get your money back.

Never put money in account, it is vulnerable.

Argentina repaired their economy Ė trading with European gold coins.

People stopped using gov. printed currency.

The Bank of England, foreign banks, required Argentina to pass law to make it illegal to use gold coins.  Banks said now we will own Argentina. That gave the banks the right to print the worthless fiat currency.

In past people bartered for 85 % of transactions. Now 95 %. Of transactions are in ďmoneyĒ not barter.

You have no protections in the corp. world.  You need permission for everything.

     Your defense:

Validate the Claim,

Admin. Process or Remedy

Sovereign says:

We donít need license.

We can engage in enterprise freely.

Be prepared to go to court.
Go for their oath of office.

Do you have an oath of office that allows you to function delegate authority as Secret Service Agent ?

Did you trespass, come on my property without permission ?

I need you supervisorís name, badge #, and employee # and their oath of office.

If they do not know, that is negligence,
a $ 10,000 fine against them personally.

Title 18, for not knowing or being unable to repeat their oath of office.

Their bond has to pay you.

When someone says I donít understand, that means they donít stand under the jurisdiction of the request.

Understand has that legal meaning, not like Comprehend, be aware of.

Tell them:

Get your supervisor on phone. Or send letter

You can mail to the head of department.
Say  Notice to agent is notice to principal,
and vice versa.

File Criminal Charges against them.

Fred called Soc. Sec. Admin.
This is soc. sec. #, how do I cancel it ?
They said: You canít cancel.

That's negligence, $ 10,000 fine against you personally. I need your name & employee #

Supervisor will not talk to Fred.

Where is your oath of office from your bond as you are demonstrating negligence.

Oath of Office is the mechanism that protects us from our own public becoming a tyranny against us, in the private.

Title 18, USC, Chapter 13, Sub section 241 & 242, Conspiracy (2 or more people) attempt to take away the rights of the people under color of law, codes, statues or any other mode is committing a crime.

Police stop, if more then one officer, itís a conspiracy, taking away my rights under the color of law. It is crime punishable by jail and fine.

Everyone in public has a bond in case they damage someone in the private.

            Affidavit of Truth

In any process, procedure or other action

if any parties attempt to take away any of your tights by trickery, deceit, or any other methods or means, that at no point in time do you ever waive any of your rights - then they will be guilty of crimes under this.

Tie their hands, bind them to their oath.

They are bound by their oath.

Rights under freedom of speech, as long as I donít infringe on the rights of other people.

     Say & Do:

I am going to record everything.

Statues and codes do not apply to the people.

We are the protectors and caretakers of the  constitution, the supreme law of the land.

Weíre the enforcers, terminators, super men and women, We are the ones who make sure that the future generations will be protected. We do that by standing up for our rights.

When you know your rights, apply them !

Article 1 Congress shall make no law regarding (inhibiting) freedom of speech, religion, press, or redress of grievances.

Article 3 Court is where you have all your rights, your protection, your playground, where you never lose.

In court, if an officer cannot cite their oath, he has vacated his position and has no authority and any and all decisions that he makes and renders are null and void.  The case has to be dismissed.

Do with Preemptive letters.

Mandatory Judicial Notice- memorandum

We are mandating that the officers of this court room (judge, clerk, bailiff, prosecuting & opposing attorneys, all officers of the court) abide by their oaths of office, serve on all officers, then it becomes Article 3 Court.

Since 1938, all court are functioning below the line, as corporations, not for sovereigns

They have combined court of equity with courts of justice.  There is no controversy before the court except those that are founded on a contract, something that you signed, driver's license, soc. security, voters registration.  If they you have/ use any of those documents, then the court considers that they have jurisdiction over you as you ar taking a benefit to be citizens of the UNITED STATES (corp.)

We can make them to Article 3 Courts !

We need to notify them.

When queried by judge or court

     Do you understand ?

(the charges, the accusation, etc.)

We, sovereign, can agree to the facts,
but not understand the charges.

We do not stand under their authority,
their charges, their statues.

I, as an individual, have the power to disqualify a judge who is partial or is not going to uphold their oath or both.

This is a court of law. You have sworn an oath to uphold the constitution. You are talking about taking away my liberties. You are disqualified.

Here are the statues and codes you are under. Yes, the individual can disqualify judge.

Federal Rule 8 B 6, if opposing counsel does not respond to any of your motions, then the case is dismissed as there is nothing to contend in court.