I offer no guarantee that any of the information on any part of my web sites or from me is true, accurate, or reliable.

I personally believe it is true and reliable at the time that I found and posted it.  I may have since found other, different or contrary information. I do not necessarily update and or revised my web site with all the information that I handle. You may investigate anything you find of interest.  I try to teach people how to do their own research.  I think the strategies that I teach are far more valuable then the information that I handle.

I do research, reading, watching videos and listening to audios and interviews. I also read serious books and attend seminars.

I find, collect and investigate things that I see.

You or anyone can do similar.  You may read something on my web site and with your own time, ability and reasoning may investigate it further.

Perhaps if you find something that is on my web site also repeated, confirmed (or denied) on other web sites, books, universities, then you may have greater confidence that it is true or not true.

I find that much that circulates in popular thought and from established media, government, corporations, universities is stilted, incomplete, biased, and avoids and or ignores or discounts other information that I easily find.

This web writer, or host, is not an accredited attorney, nor doctor, nor of any profession at this time.

I simply bring forth things that I find from other people, other information.  To me it seems real or connects with other things that I already know.

What we learn or believe must be consistent with what we already know.  or we just don't believe it (or not until we have more or convincing evidence.)

Here is where I changed.

I began to investigate 9-11 in 2005, to find that 1,000s of voices, articles, evidence shows me clearly that what is popularly told by national media, government, even universities is simply not true or a great distraction from more fundamental and more obvious evidence, witnesses.

So, in any thinking, we first try to accept things in relation to what we already know. Perhaps you have friends or associates or own property or have a job, salary, benefit or know someone in the military.

You try to only deal with information that supports your beliefs.

I don't know what would cause you to look at a wider picture.

Of the people who I know, collect and bind with, we have found that people wake up or look at a larger picture of the world only when they have suffered some calamity: - death of family member, - court case, - IRS audit, - illness or cancer, etc.