Invisible Enemy

Truth is the best foundation.  The truth will make you free. John 8:32


Here is interesting article about Free Energy


It talks of a much wider problem, as to why useful information is kept from the public.


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The Invisible Enemy


There is a discussion as to why the banks, the people with the money and their involvement with governments MUST KEEP basic truths like Free Energy technology away from public awareness.


As you empower individuals (give them free energy without cost or control)

then they don't need banks, money, governments - at least not as much.


So the article points to us, the public, as part of the problem.


We are not curious and we do not demand the release of these technologies.


We accept, without protesting, that the utility companies, government, banks

are giving us the best of technologies to run our homes, cars, energy needs.


To me, the answer is always simple.


Truth is the best policy.

But to get to the truth, you have to meet people you don't know nor trust,

You have to consider information that is not familiarly to you and it said by people you don't know.


But, when you realize that YOU CAN KNOW, then your world changes.


So what is more important ?  Our daily needs, food, shelter, time with job and family,


or that we should also be involved in the pursuit of and the spread of TRUTH ?


Corporations, Banks, even universities, are all joined with media & governments to

suppress information, which hurts , enslaves us all in helping our controllers increase their profit and control while limiting our lives..


There are 100s of places where you can learn that the popular news is far from the deeper truth:


- What happened on 9-11,

- Why we have continual wars,

- Why the medical industry avoids natural and alternative (much cheaper) solutions to healing & health.


The world is run by a few greedy people. They increase their profit and control by suppressing information.  The information is NOW available to anyone who simply chooses to learn and know.


Ted Elden ,    Truth Seeker,