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Here are 1,000+ pages and many references

I invite people to Think more clearly.

Let go of the authorities who rule your life !

Use simple logic and investigate.

You’ll find hidden things are true,

  both great discoveries that have been hidden,

  and big lies that hide evil things from news.

Many computer / internet lessons are here !

Computers can help you think faster, and remember more.


Source *:  I don't quote my sources as any one can find many sources in seconds !

Search:  Find anything on internet quickly with Thought Print ©,

with "quoted phrase" or collection of ideas, & to find sources to my articles.

Fair Use *:   Information is for educational purposes.
Contact the original copyright holder for permission to use their information.


On Fast Reading: I copy text from web sites, pdf, scanned documents.

I set font to be Arial, simple for fast reading, I make fonts large, 1 1/2 spaced lines,
and in 2 columns or thin columns for quick reading.


I often convert 1 or 100s of pages, to make it easy to read.

When I save the text to my computer with word processor, then I can bold, or highlight text in red for main points.  I can quickly find and re read main points, or share them with other people. Marking within the whole text, makes it easy to go back and read the longer text if we forget the relevance, background or applications of marked key  ideas.

More on these techniques at    Lessons for quick computer use.


Information on this web site appears to be true, as it is echoed by a crowd of witnesses.

You should confirm with your own research. Thought Print © makes research quick & easy.

You first have to see these ideas, see the truth, before you can understand it.

At first it is different then you know. You don't want to change.

But if you can read, think and type, then you can see it is true.

You don't have to change the world, but if you pass along truth, these ideas will spread, hidden patents, discoveries, cures will become available, and the great evil of our leaders will lessen.

This is the culmination of 1,000s of hours of my research. I state the best I knew when I wrote these pages.  I have no intent to confuse, distract, or deceive anyone.

Many of the "truths" I find, at first, I was certain they were not true.

I spent a long time researching, reading, considering, studying these items before
I broke away from my former thinking to realize these things are true.

Along the way, I determined certain people & their organizations like but not limited to:
- government, - main stream or popular media - news, magazines, - publishers, - corporations, - universities, and - other organizations and or people have the intent to confuse, deceive, lie and force certain information and conditions on many people.  They do that so they gaining power, wealth and control (over us).

Many people (most people ?) yield to forces around them whether they are real or imagined.

Many people do not question things, they accept things blindly without pause.

Because of this, they are easily deceived.

Many people fearto think about these subjects, thinking that would be harmful to them.

When good men do nothing, then evil flourishes, so we all have to engage in many of these subjects to bring the light of reason and truth to these issues.

You do not have to march around with a banner.  It is sufficient to first learn, inquire, consider these things. When you understand some of these are real in your life, learn of them so you can communicate, persuade and alert others of these truths.

Most people live in fear and avoid active, rational thought.

Many people have a job or role in an institution or a family member or friend in military, government, or some special place. Because of that, they think they must just accept their companies policy without question.

It takes thought, work, time & energy to step away from the deceptive voices around us, but it is necessary.

We often help the bad guys by not understanding what is on going and who is doing it.

The bad guys put many false flag events  and deceptions before us to confuse our reasoning.

Naomi Wolf, in the Shock Doctrine, shows extreme conditions cause us to leap to (false) conclusions.

Cognitive dissonance is when what we observe in the world does not fit the way we think the world works.  We walk around confused and afraid.

Deceivers cause us to act emotionally, without using careful reason, to respond to things around us.

It is easy to say I am wrong. (I did not believe (or know of) these things before 2005, when I studied 9-11 for 1,500+ hours).

I studied very hard, and diligently to look deeply at these issues. Since I find them to be opposite or removed from what media and most people think, I think it is important to bring these to YOUR attention.

Please spread the word.  Our only salvation is to bring truth to light.

The truth will make us free.  John 8:32

I welcome your comments to any subject that I touch in these web sites.