Mailing thru the Post Office of the united States of America
(not using the United States Postal Service - a private, foreign ? corporation )

Most current summary here:   other reference follow     Skip to Domestic Mail Manual allowing you to use this method

Study Post Office Research & History at links below
to gain to step outside of United States corporations.

Related materials here:  More on Postage  

The more that you do know, the more you can know.
Stop living in the world of assumptions, and find the truth !

Here is simple conclusion:  In both the outgoing and the return address:
Do not use zip codes, nor 2 letter state abbreviations.
Spell out all words,  not Rd. but Road, etc.

Pay minimum of 3 cents per 1/2 ounce.  Recent actual Letters Samples received at Bottom
Read more to know more.  This may sometimes fail, as not all postmen know these rules.
They may return mail to you and or forward it postage due.
Do not give up. Keep trying. What have you got to lose !

3 cent Postage - Method & Conclusion at bottom: Laws, Rates, Insignia.

3 ¢ Postage - mail letters anywhere within united States of America - US Mail Regulations at bottom

Sovereign to sovereign, as per united States Post Office rates set by Congress in 1930s ? 
US Postal Service is not our gov.  see or Google "United States is corporation"

I, Ted Elden, have successfully mailed at least 1,500+ pieces of mail, using 3 cent postage,
3 cents
per 1/2 ounce of weight from one sovereign address to another sovereign address
(with states spelled out and no zip code - no "Federal Zones").

See for more information on why this works.
People Rights sells information on low postage mail.

Some people think occasionally, US Postal Service (they are private company - not our organic government) just makes a mistake, letting my low postage through.

I've mailed 1,000+, this is not accident.   Yes, not all postmen know of this rule, and either the starting post office, or the destination post office, has 2 options if they choose not to honor this.  They can return the mail to me, or they can forward it postage due.
Occasionally they have forwarded the mail, noting on the mail - some postage due, but they leave it at the destination mail box without requiring the recipient to pay any postage.

    I researched 9-11.  I realized most we know we get from the corporate controlled media, I researched to see that most I knew about 9-11 was a Great Deception of government & media reports.  Since then, I've found many amazing things that are the opposite of what I've always thought.  In the US Tax code, they define the United States as the District of Columbia, PR, Guam, and the federal territories, not including sovereign states !. 

Most people live in a sovereign state, like Ohio, California, and are not a part of the "UNITED STATES" and therefore are exempt from paying federal income tax.  The low postage gives clear evidence that some things are under federal rule
(44 cent postage to federal territories
like Columbus OH 45121 or San Francisco CA 94123)     
but only 3 cent postage to
Columbus, Ohio
     or San Francisco, California

If you accept or admit you are dealing with a federal territory, then you are under federal rules and higher costs.

If you simply state you are mailing from and to a sovereign state, then you qualify for using the low 3 cent rates, established by the Congress of the united States of America.
     Summary; both the return address you give and the destination address must be sovereign states.

Spell out the states, don't use 2 letter Federal Districts or federal zip codes. Google "Federal Zone" to learn more.    
Google "United States is Corporation"   to be shocked.

The large envelop at the bottom contained a heavy magazine.  The normal federal postage rates was $ 1.83
I mailed it successfully for only 36 cents.  Of all I tell of this rule, most are afraid to try.

At worst, your mail comes back or goes forward postage due.  You have no big risk.
Not all pieces make it, because some postman who does not know the rule, tries to return it.

You will not go to prison, or suffer fine or harm.  Try it.
Try mailing from your sovereign address to another person at another sovereign address.

This is your ticket to begin to understand / regain freedoms you have lost
by accepting the direction / assumptions of the federal government.

On the samples below, I have intentionally obliterated
the full name & address of the recipient to protect their privacy.

United States Postal Service ( a corporation ) allows the address format below,

without Zip codes and spelling out the statesReturn to top of page

The corporate government system has to provide a remedy for those who are without (outside) its venue and jurisdiction.

I still find DMM 602 1.3e (2) in the "Domestic Mail Manual" (DMM) online at: as follows (emphasis by Me):
1.3 Address Elements

All mail not bearing a simplified address under 3.0, Use of Alternative Addressing, must bear a delivery address that contains at least the following elements in this order from the top line:

a. Intended recipient's name or other identification.

b. Private mailbox designator ("PMB" or alternative "#") and number if the mailpiece is addressed to a commercial mail receiving agency (CMRA) address.

c. Street and number. (Include the apartment number, or use the Post Office box number, or general delivery, or rural route or highway contract route designation and box number, as applicable.)

d. City and state (or state abbreviation). The city is any acceptable mailing name for the 5-digit ZIP Code serving the intended recipient as shown in the USPS City State Product.

e. ZIP Code (5-digit or ZIP + 4) where required:

1. ZIP Codes are required on Express Mail, Presorted and automation price First-Class Mail, Periodicals mail, Standard Mail, Package Services mail (except single-piece price Parcel Post), all mail sent to military addresses within the United States and to APO and FPO addresses, all official mail (penalty mail), all business reply mail, and all merchandise return service mail.

2. Unless required above, ZIP Codes may be omitted from single-piece price First-Class Mail (including Priority Mail), single-piece price Parcel Post, and pieces bearing a simplified address. 

 The term: "single piece" is used because ordinary people send out letters or packages separately.  But corporations are usually the ones that send out mass mailings.  The corporate government has jurisdiction over its creations such as corporations (fictions), their services, and products.  Also, keep in mind that fictions can only deal with fictions.   Therefore, corporations usually convert Ones proper name and mailing location into a fiction.  Mail from corporations are usually sent to a fiction.  Computer database software today is set up for fictions only.  It is nearly impossible to do otherwise unless hand written.

The current definition for "single piece" is as follows and found at

single-piece rate — A postage rate available for individual pieces of Express Mail, First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, and Standard Mail (B). It is not available for Periodicals except under the rate category of basic. This type of rate contrasts with rates available for bulk mail and presorted mail.

Also, take notice that "state abbreviation" is a minor option in brackets "()" and not required. 
True state abbreviation for California is "Calif." not CA.
According to the above, most mail and packages can be sent without zip The DMM states that mail "must bear a delivery address", not a zip, unless where required under special conditions.   But most people are like sheep and follow the wrong shepherd (The wolf) or go about blindly.  They volunteer into the corporate system without research and understanding.  So who is going to save them from themselves?

The current definition for "simplified address" is as follows and found at

simplified address — An alternative addressing format used when delivery of identical mail is requested to every customer on a rural route or highway contract route, or to all post office box customers at a post office without city carrier service. Instead of listing the name and address of the addressee, the mailer may use “postal customer.” It may also be used by government agencies for official mail sent to all stops on city routes and post office boxes at post offices with city delivery service. In such cases, these formats may be used: “Postal Customer,” “Residential Customer,” and “Business Customer,” depending on the type of coverage requested.

Also see: for the statement below:

        Rural Routes and Box Holders

Residents on rural routes or with P.O. Box addresses face a greater challenge than most in getting off lists addressed to “Occupant” or “Resident.” Since the mailing label companies used by advertisers like Valpak and AdWorks are allowed to use a simplified address that only identifies the rural postal carrier route without the specific box numbers,

I am glad to see that the word "Occupant is still being used.  I do not want the word "Resident" attached to Me. 
There probably is an even better word than "Occupant."  Anyone know what that is?

The current definition for "occupant" is as follows and found at

occupant address — An alternative addressing format that uses on one of four designations (that is, postal customer, occupant, householder, or resident) rather than an addressee name at a specific street address or post office box number, or rural route and box number; and post office, state, and ZIP Code. (Compare with exceptional address and simplified address.)

The current definition for "standard mail" is as follows and found at

Standard Mail — A class of mail consisting of mailable matter that is not required to be mailed as First-Class Mail or is not mailed as Periodicals.

Standard Mail (A) — Standard Mail matter that weighs less than 16 ounces.

It comprises the subclasses of Regular Standard Mail, Nonprofit Standard Mail, Enhanced Carrier Route Standard Mail, and Nonprofit Enhanced Carrier Route Standard Mail. These subclasses include circulars, printed matter, pamphlets, catalogs, newsletters, direct mail, and merchandise.

Standard Mail (A) may be sent at presorted rates and at automation rates.

Standard Mail (B) — Standard Mail matter that weighs 16 ounces or more but not more than 70 pounds. It comprises four subclasses: Bound Printed

Matter, Library Mail, Parcel Post, and Special Standard Mail.

Most people who work for the Postal Service or Post Office do not know this information and have not read the DMM. 
We need to hold them to the written word in their DMM and educate them.

May Our heavenly Father (YHVH), in the name of Jesus (Yeshua), The Christ, Yahu'shuah the Messiah, bless each and every one of Us and be with Us in all of Our endeavors that are according to His will and for His glory.
The greatest Possession of all is having Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
Take a look at the following listed web page and discover "The Truth as I See it" about American governance:
 You will find out what they do not want you to know.   This is true with most other countries controlled and manipulated by the One World government elite.
All email sent and offered to Me is accepted for value.  All email sent by Me is private, non-negotiable, exempt from levy, confidential, and is for the intended recipient only.  I reserve all of My rights with prejudice, without recourse, and waive none.  Whatever is authored by Me is copy protected and remains as My property.  Access, disclosure, distribution, copying of and or copying by any means by any device or retrieval systems is prohibited without the explicit written permission of the author. Reliance on any of it by anyone without doing further research, proving, having proof, or verifying is prohibited.  Violations, infringements, and or offences may result in civil and or criminal actions, and or tried by common law. 

"Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God." - Thomas Jefferson

Three Cent Postage - Never to be rescinded -
Statues, Insignia, Reasons - notes from the internet

Instructions for mailing letters with 3 ¢ postage.

Laws regarding cost of postage may never be rescinded, repealed or amended, never.

The law requires all one half oz. letters - be delivered anywhere in the Continental US for 3 cents.

1) In the upper right hand corner write: return name & address, then also write this:

First Class Non Domestic
Without Prejudice
bk.12 Statutes At Large
Chapter 71 section 23
37th. Congress Session 111

2) Do not use zip code
3) Do not abbreviate states,
Spell out all abbreviations, not Rd, but Road, not Ave but Avenue        

I believe maybe USPS has copyrighted all abbreviations & claims your mail if you use them.

Use this format at top left return address, bottom, middle or right side for outgoing to address:

John Doe                (Don't use Mr. Dr., titles of nobility, English titles (under the Queen ?)
c/o 1 Main Street    c/o indicates temporary,
not a "resident" or "occupant" subject to taxes & laws
Anytown non-domestic near (30300) - 9999        9999 means non commercial mail
Ohio                                optional Republic or united States of America

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
                                                                                                                        3 ¢ postage stamp

John Doe
c/o 1 Main Avenue
Columbus non-domestic near (43307) -9999
Ohio united States of America

First Class Non Domestic
Without Prejudice
bk.12 Statutes At Large
Chapter 71 section 23
37th. Congress Session 111

                                                                                          Francis Doe
                                                                                          c/o 1 Apple Street
                                                                                          Atlanta non-domestic near (30303) -9999
                                                                                          Georgia united States of America

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Commercial mail, if you're selling or buying, and you cross state lines, then you have to pay 44 ¢
Non-commercial mail, travels as per the statues at either 2 ¢ or 3 ¢ per 1/2 ounce.

(These factors change the class of mail to "Federal Zone", and federally controlled i.e 44 ¢)

I do and when I used it got several HOT letters and threats from postal authorities. The problem with it is that DOMESTIC MAIL is sent through the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE and the 3 cent rate doesn't apply to them. Not the same Post Office. I've done some checking on the International mail sequence since you forwarded that email on Domestic v/s International mail. I went to the local office of the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE and requested an International mail, return receipt requested card. It is PS Form 2865 and MAGICALLY it is delivered by POSTAL SERVICE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! SAYS SO, RIGHT ON THE CARD. That's why breaking the "sequence" as mentioned in the e-mail, is important.

 The law cite:

12 Stat 701, CHAP. LXXI:

CHAP. LXXI.--An Act to amend the Laws relating to the Post-Office Department.

   Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Postmaster-General shall have the power to appoint and commission all postmasters whose salary or compensation for the preceding fiscal year shall at the time of such appointment have been ascertained to be less than one thousand dollars per year; and in all other cases the President shall appoint. The person appointed postmaster shall reside within the delivery of the office to which he shall be appointed.
[at 12 Stat. 705] SEC. 23. And be it further enacted, That the rate of postage on all letters not transmitted through the mails of the United States, but delivered through the post-office or its carriers, commonly described as local or drop letters, and not exceeding one half ounce in weight, shall be uniform at three cents, and an additional rate for each half ounce or fraction thereof of additional weight, to be in all cases prepaid by postage stamps affixed to the envelope of such letter, but no extra postage or carrier's fee shall hereafter be charged or collected upon letters delivered by carriers, nor upon letters collected by them for mailing or for delivery.

I have tread that the rates was 2 ¢ and that it is 3 ¢, I have tried both, some success both ways.

"12 Stat. at Law, Ch. 71, Sec. 23"

refers to. See  says two cents


Library of Congress says three center here:

Team Law forum on law & postage rates:

At 12 Stat. 705 § 23, Congress wrote:  And be it further enacted, That the rate of postage on all letters not transmitted through the mails of the United States, but delivered through the post-office or its carriers, commonly described as local or drop letters, and not exceeding one half ounce in weight, shall be uniform at two cents, and an additional rate for each half ounce or fraction thereof of additional weight, to be in all cases prepaid by postage stamps affixed to the envelope of such letter, but no extra postage or carrier's fee shall hereafter be charged or collected upon letters delivered by carriers, nor upon letters collected by them for mailing or for delivery.

3 cents at this link:

This google search, showed most links say two cents

"cents, and an additional rate for each half ounce or fraction thereof" - Google Search

Here is most interesting read.  Use search engine, web site links may vary

"General Post Office" Richard Anthony - Google Search

General Post Office
    "General Post-Office by Richard Anthony [copied by] ...
General Post Office
    "1 Jul 1971 ... General Post Office. Richard Anthony ... But there was another entity, known as the general post-office, which was not for commercial ..."

USPS Copyrights abbreviations for their use.
(Changing mail from USPO to USPS for higher rates and control by DC.)

    .           From Wikipedia

    Here, the U.S. Copyright Office has clarified that works of the U.S. Postal Service, of the government of the District of Columbia, or of the government of Puerto Rico are not "works of the U.S. government" and thus are subject to copyright.

    For years, following USPS directions I changed all my address

    From               to

    Street              St.

    Road               Rd.

    Avenue            Ave.

    I did presorts, and bound zip groups for 2 % price discount.

    Now I find if I:

    -          do not use zip codes,

    -    do not use 2 letter states, and

    -          do use long words; Road, Street, Avenue, states spelled out

    I can mail for 3 cents per 1/2 oz. as set by Congress

    The USPS is not a part of the government of the united States of America,

    They are a part of the Dist. of Columbia which only controls the 10 square miles around Wash. DC. and PR, Guam, VI.

    I was conned.              Ted Elden        I’ve mailed 1,300+ pieces for 3 cents now.

    The USPS employs more people than any company in the United States except Wal-Mart.[citation needed] It employed 790,000 personnel in 2003,

    USPS Official Abbreviations - Copyrighted 1997

    Acronyms and Abbreviations

    Delivery Status Products (Copyright Records)

    To learn more about the “United States” formerly known as Dist. of Columbia.

    They do not have dominion over the continental united States of the Union,

    only over DC & PR, Guam, VI, for such purposes as postal rates and collecting income tax, and other assumed federal laws.

    This is entirely separate from the united States of America. explains further.

    I think you need to mail from a living person (sovereign) to another named person, not to just an address or a business.

I don't use Mr. Mrs. Ms. or Dr. as I fear they may also be copyrighted & controlled by the non federal USPS

Disclaimer: The author of this web site is not lawyer nor accountant nor any accredited professional on these subjects.
I just read and use common sense and deductions from obvious public records..
All information offered here is what I find.
Do your own research and or experiments. I make no promises of guarantees.
I speak from my own research & experience.

Search Federal Zone by Supreme Law firm in California

They explain how having and using a zip code and or a 2 letter state abbreviation:

puts you in the federal zone and under the jurisdiction of US (corporation); their laws, fines, postage rates, taxes a jail and more.

More of my research here: Truth Seekers    Free Energy  Research at the bottom

Sample Letters Sent & Received








Post Office Research, and General Post, and postage rates.

_ _ _

My link on Mail research: 

Mailing thru the Post Office of the united States of America

(not using the United States Postal Service - a private, foreign ? corporation )

_ _ _

Search at USPS Site for History of Post Office by USPS pub119

Sources of Historical Information on Post Offices,

Postal Employees, Mail Routes, and Mail Contractors

Publication 119 October 2006

_ _ _

Origins and History

General Post Office - Richard Anthony
Read full article here:
Here is abbreviated highlights 

The definition of the word post originally meant "any of a number of riders or runners posted at intervals to carry mail or messages in relays along a route; postrider or courier" (Webster's New World Dictionary, Third College Edition, 1988, page 1054). People, thousands of years ago, didn't write letters to one another like we do nowadays. They didn't even have paper, everything was done on clay tablets and papyrus (but that was a very expensive thing to engage in). And therefore, the posts were really set up for governmental purposes, between different rulers in their own country as well as neighboring countries. The government set it up originally.

But there was another entity, known as the general post-office, which was not for commercial purposes and it was strictly for fellowship between the brothers, and they did it amongst themselves. Paul's letters were not delivered by Caesar's men, but by brothers in Christ, and that is the general post-office. And throughout history, there's ..

Scripture explaining post & mail

Procedures: Remove your mail box and any number on your house.

Addressing & Picking Up General Post mail at the Post Office.

    all explained at the link

_ _ _

RATES OF POSTAGE            many sources on this

POSTAL CARDS, 1 cent each, go without further charge to all part of the United States, Canada and Mexico. "Supply Postal Cards."

LETTERS, to all parts of the United States, Canada and Mexico, 2 cents for each ounce or fraction thereof ...


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