Sources of information and materials on this web site.

This web site is a collection of the knowledge and information from many people.

Individually, the articles may seem unlikely, but the more you read, see the research, witness, facts, findings of many people, the more persuasive each item becomes.

Regarding origins.  I don't print or publish information here listed, I have only referenced it, sometimes there is an excerpted copy on this site, sometimes with direct links to other web sites.

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If anyone finds anything anywhere on this web site, that is specifically their [intellectual] copyrighted property and they do not want it shared thru this web site, inform me, with proof.  I will quickly remove any postings here.  I am easy to reach thru e-mail

If you see any article and you would like to read the source materials, you can do this easily by simply using a search engine like Google or Yahoo and give it a quoted string to search for the article of your curiosity.

Search a Quoted String is more clearly explained here:

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This web site rarely gives references as to source articles because it is so easy to find them, 5 seconds or less, to locate them directly with a search of a quoted phrase from within the article on the internet.  There is not just one source, but many. Look until you find a source you respect, trust, accept.

You can also search for concepts like:

conspiracy levee demolition New Orleans Katrina

The internet, people, news, organizations are not all true. They are only information from a perspective.  The more diverse your view point, the more accurate is your understanding.  Nothing can give you information as quickly or as easily the internet.