Corporate U. S. now replaced with Homeland Security Corporation
(for Profit LLC) 

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HSC has over 25 years of experience providing specialized homeland security support and training management services to all levels of government and business entities across the globe HSC has earned a solid reputation among government and private agencies seeking to improve and enhance their homeland security and support programs. HSC is an industry leader in providing high quality training to law enforcement and operations professionals all over the world.

HSC  Operations

Armed and unarmed homeland security protective forces;

Protection of government and corporate assets, including executive and dignitary protection;

Sophisticated security systems planning;
Disaster preparedness planning and incident management; and Vulnerability assessment and risk mitigation/management.

"In November 2006 HSC was sold to a group of Atlanta based investors." [Atlanta... I see the Vatican and the British Crown\'s fingerprints all over this. It seems obvious that "Homeland Security Company", "Homeland Security Corporation", and "US Department of Homeland Security" are one and the same: it\'s all a corporate shell game.]

Business Type*: CORPORATION
Profit/Nonprofit: FOR PROFIT
Status*: CHANGED
Date of Formation/Qualification: 10/18/2001
Domestic/Foreign: DOMESTIC
Place of Incorporation/Organization: DAVIDSON
FYC(Fiscal Year Closing) Month: DECEMBER
Principal Office:
Address Line 1: 102 WOODMONT BLVD.
Address Line 2: SUITE 800
State: TN
Zip: 372052221


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Video clarifies what is on going in United States

UNITED STATES is a Corporation - There are Two Constitutions

Elden Summary: This AntiTerrorist video explains what is happening. 
It is consistent with years of independent studies I've made.

Forgive any inaccuracy I make from memory,
Watch video and research for more precise dates.

In USA, in 1917, a law passed forbidding Trading with the Enemy.  Eventually J. Edgar Hoover shut down Prescott Bush (President's father / grand father) for trading with the enemy through Harriman Banking & Trust in NYC with Nazi Germany, providing Nazi funds to build for war.

In 1933, under Roosevelt's new reign, a banking holiday was declared. Congress passed new legislation - effectively the Bankruptcy of the United States, where in all people were declared "Enemies of the State".  All their future earnings, in perpetuity, all their property & all their children were declared collateral to the international bankers in exchange for Roosevelt to introduce new Federal Reserve currency into the economy thru the federal government. Rep. Traficant spoke of this again in the Congressional Record 1993 ?

A bankruptcy is a means where in one organization controls another (the Bank of England - foreign bankers.)

Declaration of Independence, Article of Confederation, US Constitution were all contracts where the citizens of the United States agreed to accept a debt to England.  The Founding Fathers were lawyers loyal to England, securing the new America to serve the financial growth of England.

A bankruptcy can only last 70 years.  When the 1789 US Constitution expired in 1869 ?, the European Bankers set up the USA for the civil war, which was not between the north and south, but between the federal government and the citizens of the united states. 
That started a new bankruptcy proceeding which lasted until 1900s.
The 1933 Bankruptcy of the United States started a new bankruptcy under the "United States" Corporation.

The United States is a corporation. 
It converted to Homeland Security LLC which is a corporation,
.    which now rules our world.

Homeland Security is not to protect us from foreign aggression, but to police the state to control populations (from dissent) for the goals of the federal government.  Rex 84, Operation Cable Splicer, Cloverleaf - see Texe Marrs to learn more.

US gov. has been building concentration camps for Americans in America since Pres. Regan 1984.  This was revealed in public TV broadcast of the congressional hearings of Iran Contra / Ollie North's testimony.  [ Elden has video copy] Many underground bases are being developed across the United States.  Chemtrails spray poison in our skies, land, water daily across the US & the world.

Elden's Warning:  I know you cannot assimilate, learn, believe many things that are different than you already know, already have been taught, for which you have many friends, associates in agreement.

I only take new information in consideration.  Most will not consider it.  When you do the research, actually finding and reading the legal cases, public documents, witnesses, etc. you can come to understand, and believe new information.

Most rely on what other authorities tell them.
That is why we are so docile, so easily deceived and controlled.

To know the truth takes time, energy, thought, logic and intensive study.  You too can "Pierce the Veil of Secrecy" to know the truth, if you invest the time & effort.

I did not come to know these things by design.  I simply followed the clues.  I considered many unbelievable things.  I did not require my source to be a high government official, or spokesman from major institution.

I only considered what they said.  Then I diligently researched the subjects, the references, the concepts and conclusions, until I was independently convinced I had better information and a better understanding than what I had known before.

Popular news and government & corporate spokes men are not trying to help you.  They are protecting and expanding their turf, control, profit, power, by dominating you, mainly by lying.

You can out step their control, domination by learning the truth.

The truth will set you free.        But you have to do the research !