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describes things, Ted Elden      Books on Thinking

Learning is our Life.

What do we know ?

How do we learn ?

We learn when we understand.

Learning is acquisition
 of knowledge.

What we know effects
 what we can know.

Language - the key to knowledge

News governs our world.

Change takes energy.


News - the 4th Estate
 - basis of truth

News is our basis of action -
Is it true ?

From the cradle to grave-
we seek security.

Truth is highest standard, the only true hope.

^ - - -    Learning is our Life

From our birth, we learn.  We experience new things.

.           Some we remember and their lessons.

Most of what we learn, comes from those around us;

friends, teachers, books & news fill our mind with information.

We accept it. Is the information complete or true ? Who is tests it ?


^ - - -    What do we know ?

Tabula rasa, Latin for "blank tablet"; also, John Locke's metaphor for the condition of the mind prior to the imprint of sensory experience.

To learn, gain information & knowledge, we get:

- information from others; what they say, what we read

- your own perception, sight, sound, …

- intuition or telepathy, what your subconscious mind feeds you


First impressions seal our minds, kills curiosity.


We accept information to be true, until it proves wrong (from other information) or from reality, when tested.  Much information we simply accept, carry without ever testing, do not consider that it needs testing, yet it colors our world, effecting both our thoughts & actions.


^ - - -    How do we learn ?

We deal with the world by recognizing what we know,
We learn new things  described in terms of things we already know.

Only when we can make a connection between old things and new, can we understand the new. 


Things beyond our perception, vocabulary, experience

are foreign, unreachable to us.


But by interpreting, or having things explained, in terms of things we know, we gain new understanding, we can learn

Even the new things we discover are only perceivable to us in terms of things we already know.

Language is the key.  Things can be considered, grasp if they can be described or presented in various language forms, various media; news, TV, movies, books, demonstrations.


^ - - -    We learn when we understand.

When you are faced with things vastly different that what you know, it is perplexing, beyond your reach.


When you find some one or some way to see new events in terms of things you already know, you begin to understand, - that is the process of learning – understanding.


In learning, we rely on a teacher, author, reporters, or leaders.

One to explain the meaning of something.

When the explanation is set, our first impression, it will stay with us until or unless challenged and disproved.  Usually, when something conflicts with what we already know, we won’t even consider it. 


We are sealed to our former way of thinking, our first impression.  The longer we hold a way of thinking, the harder it is to reconsider it.


When you consider new information, sometimes you have to discard old information, as the new information is more compelling, complete, consistent, important.

With knowledge comes responsibility.


^ - - -    Learning is acquisition of knowledge

Knowledge is information.  It can be recorded in a book, article, movie, or come from another person, or be in your head.

Knowledge is what is known, not necessarily complete or true.

When you consider information, you may be able to check it.  Having the information is the beginning, testing it is where it become valuable.


Depending on your source, or the situation, most just accept  information, without concern to test it.  Once accepted, they are closed to reexamine alternative information.


Not all knowledge is true or complete.  Others gain by deceiving us.

Unless we know or suspect we are deceived, it is often done without our ever knowing.


Testing information or finding more reliable sources is better than just accepting it.

By deception many would steal, cheat, enslave us.

By vigilance, awareness, reason and perception,

we can step form traps of deception.


^ - - -    What we know effects what we can know.

What we know effects what we think about, what we consider,

and what our conclusions & actions will be.

What we know effects what we can know.


Our first impressions, long held believes persist in our minds.

They are strong enough to dissuade us from

most new information that reaches us.


We simply discount the new and different things,

in preference to things that we already know.

^ - - -    Language - the key to knowledge


Say you know a words, cat or a car.
The word is not the object but is a link, a tool to consider the object.
You look at the world and see a cat.
You say to your self "There is a cat, I see a cat."
With the word and the match, you have the ability to see
( or hear, or perceive) something,
to remember it, and to recall it or tell another.
Recognize, remember, recall.
A word or symbol is tool to manipulate an idea in your mind.

The word or symbol can be written, oral, a symbol, gesture, ...
You may not know a word, but you learn one.
You see or consider a new thing. You give it a name, or accept a name from another.
The name is the operative part to let in run in and out of your mind.
Without the word, or definition, or recognition,

you cannot deal with the object or idea.
Things unnamed, pass thru your experience, undetected, unnoticed.
You can only remember or recall what was conscious.

Things beyond a label, beyond knowledge,

beyond recognition are not available to consciousness.

You get information in a form of language from:

     a book, movie, news article, TV, a person.

Most of what we learn, then know, we get from other people.


We accept information from main steam media, popular beliefs.

Is it complete, is it always true, partly true ?  Who's checked it ?


National news has an agenda.  They stifle debate and discussion, in a hurried world, they focus on telling you conclusions, directing your actions.


When you realize there are many alternate forms of information, talk radio, audio interview recordings, alternate news, articles, books, you can expand your understanding of events.


As you come to understand more complex things, you find greater detail, more compelling & diverse evidence & witness, more logical, factual evidence.  You must yield intellectually, to the more solid evidence.  At first, you are included to doubt conflicting information, but once you consider it, you can learn easy ways to test and confirm it in public records, court cases, alternative news sources.


We are fixed in our opinions, when we are locked to limited information.

Once we consider the information, you are not immediately swayed, but if you develop a sense of logic and a skill to investigate, you can easily break the chains with which main stream news would yoke you.


When you read the news, some event or conclusion may be reached ?  Are you curious ?

You can easily investigate thru alternative sources.

Once you find that national news is consistently unreliable, you may choose to get your news from alternative sources; American Free Press, foreign newspapers, internet sources.  


^ - - -    News governs our world.

The authorities in power want to increase their power and control.  The simplest way to gain power over others, is not by achievement, merit, but by deception.


When your subjects have grown comfortable accepting your words, your methods and authority, they lose the will to check and confirm your authority.


As we lose the will to investigate we loose our best options, without taking time to really understand, we fall into world of assumptions.

When you assume, you face the option to lose.  Most of our world is based on assumption.  Those who test these assumptions have an opportunity to out step the deception and control over them.


First impressions tend to stay with us.  It takes considerable effort, time, thought, energy to change our first impressions.


News has immediate access to locations, events, communications.  National news dominates local news.

In years past, 1,000s of news owners were more aggressive in catching a story for their readership.  Now just 9 corporations dominate national news & main stream thinking.


When distant events happen, your local news does not bother to check the distant source, but merely repeats what national news has said.

Nation news can highlight some information, and completely neglect or avoid other information.  The public is swayed on first impressions.  Few dig deeper for more facts and details.

To win an argument, from a weak perspective, the best method is to exclude the primary facts that weigh against you.


When we hold, share, accept information that’s not true,

we are driven to actions that are not appropriate.

Some information is beyond the consideration of many.

^ - - -    Change takes energy


We desire to be compatible and interconnected with people, particularly those we know and deal with.

We usually accept what our peers believe., what our press says.

As long as we have the same sources of information, our conclusions will be similar.  When you begin to reach outside your friend's circle to new ideas, new speakers, or books, your friends & associates ill rarely follow you. 

Without considering information, they can't reach your conclusions. 

Our thinking, beliefs, are based on the information we have.


     Fitting in, security, thinking like others.

People want to be liked and connected.  We want to blend in.

To be initiator of new ideas, tests your existing relationships.

For those who search deep for truth, you'll find most people cling  to what they know, the security of things around them. 

They won't  follow your new reading, new thinking, new ideas.

It takes tremendous effort to get information to others. Mass media spends incredible funds, presenting & persuading. Who has the energy to counter their loud dominate voice ? Who could prevail ?


Truth will prevail.  Lies have to be continually repeated.

Truth should grow feet and expand on it's own.

For those who choose a path of truth, you will find you need to seek afresh for those on a similar path.  Yes, you can find other truth seekers, but they are rare and dispersed.


Your choice is to live in harmony with those with little depth, or curiosity, or to find truth first, and then collect associates who are eon that path.

I chose to find truth first, after a lonely period, I now find a world alive with passionate people striving for, sharing and celebrating the truth.      How exciting and refreshing.

^ - - -    Assumption

When you assume things, you are at risk.

It takes thought and effort to discuss , investigate or confirm things, but working under assumption you risk loosing much or all.


The more predictable our pattern, finding what we assume,

the more easily it is to take advantage of us.

The longer we hold a belief, or habit,

the more we are convinced it is right, useful, best.


Change is hard for everyone.

It take much energy, tie, thought, effort to change.

Adults want guaranteed results before considering change.

The young may toy with change to serendipitously find fortune.

The mature, staid, will rigidly resist change, forgoing many advantage they can only see after they change.


Change give us freedom in the future.

Being fixed and rigid, can cause us hardship unseen except by those who have managed to change and profit.


Those who allow the assumptions,

make an easy subject for others to bully, deceives, cheat.

What is commonly done, is what most people do.

Who will be first raise the question, seek relief, find the truth ?


We are taught to hate, fear, cower.  Aim our anger and aggressions at foreigners and people outside our ranks, beyond our news, and our government.

Where, really, does the fault lie ?  Who is the source of the news ? Who owns them ? What is their real agenda ?


Beyond our government are corporations; pharmaceuticals, military industrial complex, news media - controlling mainstream thinking.

Above them are the owners, controller, bankers that own them.

All are working, responding to those who control them. 


Our illusion is that our government and news are for our protection, when really, they have been bought out by the owners of the news, so that the news, keeps us occupied, entertained, distracted, while the real, deep and important issues are no longer considered or examined.

^ - - -    News - the 4th Estate - basis of truth ?

Main stream media is powerful, diverse force to cover most events to most people.  They are organized to receive information from diverse locations, then analyses, simplify, and publish conclusions. Most American depend on them.


They have the power to interact with diverse people & witnesses.  We assume they untangle inconsistencies & report relevant truth.


When you examine national news –

you’ll find it different than many local reports. 

Many would assume local news is therefore inaccurate.

When you realize the magnitude & frequency of the differences,


You must conclude contemporary local news is more probably true.

National news, has for decades, become more concentrated in ownership.  Those who own our military industrial complex, pharmaceuticals, banks have bought out the main stream news & press.

They repeat or slant their reports to protect or advance their owners.  They are no longer the people's voice, the 4th estate, another term for the press. The press must be free to find and publish truth, so the "informed" public can react. 


^ - - -    News is our basis of  action. Is it true ?

If we follow a lie, we take wrong action.

Patriot organizations, talk radio, up start and splinter groups are active across America, fighting to publish important truths.


Main stream news has long been under the control of a few corporations that specifically limits what news they will repeat.

Most people have no interest in controversy, and having been given a simple explanation of things observed, they are not curious to know more deeply.  They simply accept the world around them.


A path to truth can begin simply.

When you find news you've heard simply doesn't make sense, is beyond reason, is outside of the laws of science, does not collaborate with other information, you must abandoned it.

News sets our first impression.  Who spends time to confirm, investigates. News & education are designed (by the elites who control it) to seal our mind with ideas, so that we are closed for discussion, investigation on most subjects.


Education should open our mind with reason, tools for thinking and research.  But it closes our mind, filling it with rote facts,
rather than open discussion, investigation.


Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, former Senior Policy Advisor in the US Department of Education, blew the whistle on government activities."
www.Deliberate Dumbing of America


^ - - -    Most stay with the herd.

For 50+ years, I agreed with those surrounding me. 

I came from a well to do family, attended excellent college.

I enjoyed educated colleagues in my profession. 

In 2005, I stopped to consider what really happened on 9-11. 


After intensive investigation, I found most I had assumed was just not true, I came to realize my sources for information on all subjects was not complete. I was living in a simplified, superficial world of assumptions. 

Yes, the assumptions run deep affecting most people. 


But for those with a real curiosity, there is often a back story,

a reverse story, with more depth, detail, diverse witness, evidence and public records to the unpopular perspective.  Why do others not consider alternative information sources ?


Most people aren't curious, they won't consider alternative information.  It will not pass their attention, and if it should, they are smug to hang with their friends and shun anything different, any new ideas.  Herd mentality requires each person be like others.  To most it is more important to fit in, be accepted, then to venture out, thinking and inquiring.


^ - - -    From cradle to grave, we want to be safe.

Security rules over most of us, as we are taught to be afraid, be loyal to the people and institutions that taught us. 

Shun anything different from our world.

We are smug with our college education,
our educated & intelligent friends, our access to national news.

until you find we're living in an isolated world, I'd been exempted from great truths not public, not popular not immediately available.


^ - - -    Truth is highest standard, the only true hope.


Winston Churchill said,   "“Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most times he will pick himself up and carry on.”


The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it,

ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.


A lie gets .. around the world before .. truth has a chance ...


Now beyond college, professional societies, or great friends and teachers, I encourage people to learn to think and learn to read.  A vast, exciting, world awaits you. 

Truth is most safe, durable partner to any endeavor or action.

It is readily available to any who are curious. 


Don't be bound to think like others.  Be a leader, think independently. 

Although it may ruffle feathers initially, you will attract bigger people, and endure a more lasting victory.

Main stream news closes the eyes of most people, seals the mind and opinion.  Our education system also repeats the status quo, forcing what our ruling elite want us to think, to their advantage and our loss, of freedom, property, and clear thinking.


Clear thinking is most freedom, and most urgent need.

Be a trail blazer.

Learn to seek and find the truth !

Be a leader, stand on truth.


^ - - -    Books on Thinking

Brain Power- Albrecht

Double your Brain Power- Jean Marie Stein

How to be Twice as Smart - Scott Witt

The Art of Thinking- Harrison & Bramson

Think Like a Genius- Todd Siler

Your Maximum Mind - William Proctor

Ted Elden, Charleston, West Virginia - copyright
© Nov. '08